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text 2018-01-18 18:42
Reading progress update: I've read 89 out of 537 pages.
A Rational Arrangement - Rowyn Ashby

I'm still reading this, I just haven't sat down with my e-reader for long stretches of time in a while.


So, I knew going in that this would feature a poly relationship, but I didn't know the specifics. I still don't 100% know the specifics, but here's how things seem to be shaping up:


Nik's family is aristocratic but suffering from money problems, and they're trying to fix that by marrying Nik off to a wealthy young woman. One of their top choices happens to be Wisteria. Wisteria is already resigned to the idea that she'll end up in a loveless marriage. Bare minimum, she'd at least like it to be an honest one, and she'd like to occasionally have sex with a willing partner. The marriage contract she wrote up lays out the possibility for her and/or her husband to have lovers, as long as everybody is discreet and she and her husband are honest about it with each other.


Wisteria doesn't have a lover in mind for herself. However, Nik already has a secret lover: Lord Justin Comfrey. Their relationship has to be a secret because same sex relationships are more than frowned upon by society. Justin really wants to help Nik with his money problems, but Nik finds that idea, combined with their sexual relationship, to be distasteful.


At this point, it looks like Nik might end up marrying Wisteria because of familial pressure and because he also kind of likes her as a person. He and Wisteria will arrange things so he gets to continue his relationship with Justin. What I'm not sure about is how things are going to go with Wisteria. She's attracted to Nik, but so far he isn't attracted to her. Maybe that will change?

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text 2018-01-18 13:04
Reading progress update: I've read 96 out of 384 pages.
Schilf: Roman - Juli Zeh


Sebastian = Faust


Oskar = Mephisto, der Faust zugleich verführt und bei der Suche nach der absoluten Wahrheit überflügeln will -- er braucht jemand, den er besiegen kann.


Dass das Krankenhaus hinter der Entführung von Liam stecken soll, glaube ich keine Sekunde.  Das geht auf das Konto des Obermanipulators Oskar.  Geh zur Polizei, Sebastian.


Die Physik ist window dressing.  In Wirklichkeit geht es um ein schnödes Machtspiel.

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text 2018-01-17 07:26
Reading progress update: I've read 310 out of 336 pages.
Princess Prince - Tomoko Taniguchi

There's an artist named Bob with short curly hair. He's painting Lori and Matthew's portrait. Guys, I think Bob Ross has a cameo in this manga.

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text 2018-01-17 04:31
Reading progress update: I've read 290 out of 336 pages.
Princess Prince - Tomoko Taniguchi

This still ranges from mediocre to "oh no." Right now I'm reading a mediocre story that I don't think has anything at all to do with Princess Prince. Bandits kill all the adults in a town, but surprisingly none of the children. One of the children finds an enchanted sword and kills all the bandits. He's now older and has been invited to the castle.


One particular lady is interested in him, but he only has eyes for his sword:


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text 2018-01-16 01:31
Reading progress update: I've read 236 out of 336 pages.
Princess Prince - Tomoko Taniguchi

Guessing on the page number.


This turns out to be a collection of short but mostly related stories. So far it has touched on issues of gender, sexuality, and racism, but all in a superficial way. Brandon loving Matthew is just an ongoing joke, it looks like Lawrence's secret love for Jenny is never going to be resolved, and I cringed during the part where Matthew fell in love with Janice, a girl with dark skin. Janice

came to the kingdom of Gemstone hoping to bathe in water that would lighten her skin and thereby make her beautiful. D-:  Matthew and Janice's romance doesn't work out because Gemstone turns out to be horribly racist, so Janice leaves to find her mother's people.

(spoiler show)


Oh, and Matthew and Lawrence's father is gross. He's forgotten that he's the one who ordered Lawrence to be raised as Lori. His wife died in childbirth, so he picked the baby that looked most like her and had him raised as a girl. Now he dresses "Lori" up to look just like his wife, and I'm so creeped out.

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