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review 2017-11-10 01:11
The Obituary Writer
The Obituary Writer - Ann Hood
When I read an obituary, I am expecting it to contain certain information. When Vivien writes an obituary, she isn’t concerned about dates and events, she wants to capture the whole individual. Vivien sets the stage for the survivors in her home, serving them comforting beverages and snacks as they talk freely about their loved ones. Vivien has a talent and individuals seek out her comfort. Vivien is seeking comfort herself when her lover goes missing after a natural disaster. She cannot let go of what they once had and she yearns to reconnect with him. If only she could have what she provides to others.
Let me introduce you to Claire. Claire is married and has what her mother would say, “everything that should make her happy” but the problem is, Claire is not happy. Claire’s life should be stable but Claire is living on the edge, afraid of what will happen when her lover is revealed and when the baby she is carrying is delivered. These two women are living decades apart but they will soon collide, a meeting that gave me chills.
I listened to this novel on audio and l loved the narration. Her soothing voice was perfect for this novel. I understood why Vivien was so popular amongst her clients, for she took her job seriously and she wrote from her heart what her clients expressed about their loved ones. Personalizing some of the obits with phrases that she knew, you could feel the love that she wanted to share with her readers. I liked the drama that surrounded Claire’s life. She was taught by her mother how to be the perfect wife and she had the perfect Beaver Cleaver set up but this was not the life that Claire wanted. It was missing something. Claire was fighting an inner turmoil of being content or going after what she wanted. This battle raged within her and was one that she could not ignore. This novel was better than I had expected and I was glad that I picked it up.


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url 2017-11-08 23:59
A Character’s POV = A Character’s Truth

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url 2017-11-05 16:15
Ties that Bind and Define – The Family of Your Protagonist

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text 2017-11-04 23:59
 If you're looking for a new book, check out The Weight of Shadows
The Weight of Shadows (Shadow Series) (Volume 1) - Karl Holton
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review 2017-10-25 23:45
Mollie Jo Joseph: Accepting The Unexpected Book review by Eve's Bookish World
Accepting the Unexpected - Mollie Jo Joseph

What should I say about this book?! It is a little diamond! If I had to use some words for it, these would be: fresh, funny, glamorous, stylish, adorable but even serious as it has to do with a really important issue. Depression.

Let's take it from the start. I love chick lit. You know I do, I told you that at my last post. I love the humorous ways it deals with some problems and issues, either these are relationships, or anything more serious. This one has to do with depression. Depression is a serious medical illness. It is a state of low mood (melancholy), that affects a person's thoughts, activities, feelings and generally life. It makes us feel sad, anxious, hopeless and having a low self-esteem. The great trap is that sometimes the person who is under the affect of depression, cannot even recognize it, unless someone else make it clear to them, and most of the times it is hard to admit and accept it.

Our story has to do with a British young lady, Leila, who works at a great magazine and is in a relationship with James, a man that travels a lot and never has enough time for her. After some situations she decides to break up with him and make up her life... READ MORE ON Eve's Bookish World

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