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url 2017-08-16 17:40
My Previous Book Reviews

I started by own book review blog on blogger.com as my New Year's Resolution before I ever found out about this website.  I plan to share all of my reviews on both platforms now, but I would LOVE to have people check out my previous posts.




Here's to many more books, many more reviews, and sharing the joy of reading!

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text 2017-01-01 02:54
To A New Year!!

Hi all! I missed you guys! I know I've been scarce lately. I originally took a hiatus because I had the most awful writers block & coupled with the Booklikes issues, I was having a hard time getting anything done. Writing reviews started being more of a chore for me then it was fun so I felt a much needed break was in order. 


Then as they say...when it rains it pours and I had a number of personal things pop-up, culminating with my father unexpectedly passing on the 10th of this month followed my grandmother passing, not unexpectedly, on the 26th.


So it's been a hell of a month and I normally don't share much personal stuff but when I lost my father, I lost a friend too and he deserves a mention. Whatever better place there is out there, I hope he and my grandmother are both in it and we'll all meet again one day. 

Reading has always been soothing for me and has carried me through many nights in the past so as I ring in this New Year's, I'm going to turn to my loyal books, fellow bloggers and friends, catch up on some reviews and read the night away....

May this year be better then the last!

Happy New Year's!! 




 P.S. I'm glad to see BL is up and running again, or is it? I've been having problems all evening trying to connect and post this.  : (

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review 2016-11-29 19:37
Somewhere Warm: A New Year's Eve Short Romance - G.G. Andrew

Zoe goes over to Evan's house to retrieve her friend's box.  Evan is the ex to her friend.  They hit it off and Zoe is not sure who to believe.


This is a short story about trusting your instincts and enjoying the holiday somewhere warm.  I was pleased overall with the amount of substance packed in such a small package.  The story felt stilted to me in some parts, but overall was a sincerely sweet book.  I give this story a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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text 2016-04-22 14:49
Goal Setting - Healthology

I randomly came across this helpful and inspiring little list of ways to improve your goal setting, technically is health based but the idea is transferable. 



To improve your chances of actually achieving your New Year’s resolution this year, make sure your goal has the following characteristics:


  1. It is simple, realistic and achievable for you.
    Perhaps your initial New Year’s resolution of losing 20kg is actually a long term goal. It might be more achievable to set more of a short term goal (e.g. to lose 5kg within the next 2 months) as your work towards your long term goal weight.
    Is never drinking soft drink ever again a realistic goal if you currently consume 2L cola each day? Although this is a fabulous goal to have, perhaps you could start by initially halving your consumption of soft drinks and reducing it further thereafter.
  1. It is measurable.

    How are you going to measure your success if your resolution is to ‘eat healthier’? Perhaps a more measurable goal would be to ‘eat 2 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables each day’ or to ‘only consume 1 small takeaway meal per week’. If you can’t measure your success you won’t ever be able to objectively determine whether you’ve achieved your goal or not.

  1. It includes a measure of time.
    Following on from a goal being measurable, it’s always a good idea to set yourself a time limit of when you expect to be able to achieve your goal. Perhaps you could set a short term goal and a longer term goal for 2016.

For example, ‘I will lose an average of 0.5kg per week over 12 weeks to arrive at my short term weight reduction goal of 6kg.’ Or ‘I will be able to complete 20 push-ups in a row by 30 June 2016’.



There are also some other fantastic idea's such as:

  • Eat a small handful of nuts every day as a healthy snack (e.g. to replace your sweet biscuit at morning tea) 
  • Reduce the sugar you add to your tea/coffee by half
  • Consume breakfast every morning (it can be as simple as a homemade smoothie using 250ml milk and blending with a banana)



Personally I found it surprisingly motivational. Here's the link to read the rest!!

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text 2016-01-21 22:22
(Belated) Bookish New Year's Resolutions

2016 is my year of the un-deadlines and easygoing-ness.


Just because I enjoy reading everyone's progress updates and reviews -- I want to be more active posting those.


Deadlines and self-pressure on ARCs, review copies, complicated challenges, the usual way I do group reads and Buddy reads, readathons -- nope.


I am likely to do a couple of easy challenges because I'd likely read the books anyway and  they require little beyond listing book read.  So far that's 16 in 2016 and I've Started So I'll Finish 2016 - The Saga Continues.


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