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text 2018-02-17 13:34
Best Tactical Knives

• Small Blades:
• Medium Blades:
• huge Blades:

big Blade
Constant blade knives with a massive blade are mainly used for specific capabilities in survival, from cutting branches for firewood to filleting a fish. A folding knife with a huge blade moreover has specific abilties. From lowering wood with a observed blade, clean huge activity animals or self-protection. they're harder to cover, convey and maneuver in comparison to smaller blades. An example of a huge regular-blade knife is a machete, frequently utilized by survivalists to GOOD PENS reduce away overgrowth and searching. A folding knife with a massive blade is known as a Mega-folder and is classified with the aid of using any folding knife that has a blade longer than four.25 inches.

Blade fabric is critical because it determines the electricity and versatility of the blade. A folding knife is probably made with an expansion of stainless steels while normal-blade knives are made with carbon steels. beneath is a list of substances maximum commonly applied in fixed-blade and Folded knives.

fixed blade knives are most generally made of 42oHC metallic, 154CM, S3oV, excessive-Carbon steel, Cryogenic warmth treatment and 13C26 Sandvik. All Steels with variable tiers of hardness and moldability.


Folding knives are more typically made with materials which incorporates ATS-fifty five, circle of relatives members-2, BNG10, Co-precise, M390, and CPM-2oCV. Folding knives are made from tool metal or chrome steel relying on the use supposed for the knife. One can be more hard and further proof in opposition to corrosion than the opposite but the whole factor is taken into consideration on the identical time as developing a blade.

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url 2018-01-30 20:19
Checkout the authors attending Southern Kentucky Book Fest 2018
The Raven King (The Raven Cycle, Book 4) - Maggie Stiefvater
A Series of Unfortunate Events (Books 1-10) - Lemony Snicket
Sweet Tea and Sympathy - Molly Harper
Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs - Molly Harper
All the Dirty Parts - Daniel Handler
Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater
The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater

Direct links to some authors familiar to me:




Source: sokybookfest.org
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review 2018-01-04 18:34
I loathed this. You need to read it.
Nice Try, Jane Sinner - Lianne Oelke

 Disclaimer: reviewing digital proof via NetGalley; final version may differ.


This is one of those hard-to-pin-down reviews. I almost put down the book in the first pages, and dragged myself through the first half, and finally adjusted by the second. The voice and format are distinctive, so if you like them in the first place, it'll help. Basically, it's one of those so-real-it-hurts contemporary fiction pieces that capture all the things about teens that makes people avoid them. Snark and superiority, carelessness and endless appetite for causing misery and pushing other people's buttons, willful destruction etc.


High school dropout Jane Sinner is depressed, bored, and checked out of life when she comes across a flyer for a student production; a reality TV roommate show at the local community college. It's a chance to move out of the family home and cut down on conflict with her parents, so she jumps at the chance. Cue snarky thoughts and meaningful silences, passive-aggressive housekeeping battles and pranks, and low-key hijinks, all chronicled in a distinctive journal-and-interior-thoughts format that often reads like a script.


It's painful - and all too familiar. Oelke captures an authentically nihilistic voice, unironic Canadian culture (note the outward politeness, while massively pranking and internally back-talking others). Bizarrely, one of the most unique elements is Jane's background as a church kid, and her experience of questioning and discarding her parent's religion once she realizes she doesn't know God or believe in any of it. Lots of Canadians, and even more Americans, have at least some exposure to North American Christian culture/religion, and yet it never makes it into books outside of the Christian Lit aisle. The way aimlessness and lack of goals/direction, dismal future outlook and relational/romantic ineptness are handled are likewise on point.


At the risk of spoilers, this isn't a heartwarming teen special about overcoming depression/finding a dream/fitting in/adjusting etc. The plot picks up as the tension rises in the reality show Jane participates in, and there are some good twists as it nears the finish line that keep tension high and provide a moderate level of catharsis. The next chapter of Jane's life struck me as unrealistic and too convenient, but maybe it fits well in the world of reality TV/pop entertainment anyways.


I wouldn't call this an enjoyable book (and definitely not a clean one - older teens and adults only for foul language, substance abuse, and some sexual situations), but it does an excellent job at capturing a certain experience of our time. It's the sort of book you may or may not want to read, but you absolutely should spend some time with.

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review 2017-12-07 18:37
Review of A Race is a Nice Thing to Have by Janet Helms
A Race Is a Nice Thing to Have: A Guide to Being a White Person or Understanding the White Persons in Your Life - Janet E. Helms

This was a book that looked at how White People view themselves in society and how that can often lead to a natural racism.  It is an academic text and to be honest, it was not easy to get through even though it was short.  There were many important points in here, but I feel like I have read them all in many other places.

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review 2017-09-01 01:44
great story and characters
Too Damn Nice (Choc Lit): A wonderful romance. The perfect summer read! - Kathryn Freeman

Lizzie’s parents had died and her brother Robert had been in the car and now laid in a coma it was still the early days but the doctors weren’t very hopeful that Robert would ever lead a normal life again. Lizzie’s parents had been coming to see her. Nick was at the funeral and at Lizzie’s side. Lizzie flinched but Nick kept his arm around her to offer the comfort he knew she needed. . Nick had lost his own parents when he was young through a faulty gas  fire in the master bedroom during his first school summer holiday. Lizzie’s parents were like a second set of parents to Nick. When the cop had asked Lizzie if there was anyone they could call her mind went right to Nick and of course he had come to her. Even though there was the memory of his rejection between them. Then Lizzie decided to go back to the states shortly after the funeral Nick told her it was too soon but she went anyway to leave Nick to tie things up for her.  Nick drove Lizzie to the airport. Lizzie couldn’t think or function. Her mind was numb. Lizzie begins to live a different kind of life and soon it is spinning out of control as Lizzie was consumed with depression on losing her parents Two years ago Lizzie left NYC where her parents had died and moved to LA. Charles had been Lizzie’s trainer and ends up her boyfriend but creates a sexual scandal with pictures released of Lizzie and him and a third man. Lizzie remembered having a couple of drinks with  Charles then another man appeared a friend of Charles, Lizzie had drank  only two glasses of wine but she started to feel funny. Charles got her a room in the hotel and Lizzie doesn’t remember anything else. Nick has tried to move on with his life and has a girlfriend named Sally. But Nick had never gotten over Lizzie when she wouldn’t answer her phone or texts Nick flew out to be with Lizzie. Lizzie hears someone at her door and it is Nick. Nick brings Lizzie back to the UK with him and she is also staying with him. What is going to happen with Lizzie staying with Nick?

I really loved this story and felt it was well written. I loved the plot and pace. I wish Lizzie and Nick had told each other how they felt about each other before Lizzie ever went to the states. Instead of Lizzie asking Nick to help her get rid of her virginity and him rejecting her. But I so loved how Nick was always there for Lizzie. Even if she tried to turn him away and he was the one she always thought of to turn to. Even when Nick had tried to go on with his life he ran to Lizzie’s side when she was in trouble and took her home. I was so happy when Nick showed up at Lizzie’s apartment even though she hadn’t contacted him or let him contact her. This was just a great read, a great romance and I loved it. I loved the character sand ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.

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