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review 2017-06-21 00:00
A Is for Asteroids, Z Is for Zombies: A Bedtime Book about the Coming Apocalypse
A Is for Asteroids, Z Is for Zombies: A Bedtime Book about the Coming Apocalypse - Paul Lewis,Kenneth Kit Lamug Oh, my god. I loved this! A is for Asteroids, Z is for Zombies is absolutely hilarious. By the end of it I was in stitches. (Somewhat disgusted stitches, but stitches nonetheless.) Paul Lewis and Kenneth Kit Lamug have very twisted minds, and it shows through in this delightful picture book. There is every sort of end you could imagine mentioned in this book, including one about a certain little orange man that made me goggle and then giggle. I have to assume if he ever found out it existed, he'd go on an "Off with their heads!" rampage.

Wonderfully illustrated in primarily black, white, and red, A is for Asteroids, Z is for Zombies isn't for the squeamish either. There's guts and blood and all sorts of not very nice things on display. My favorite part, though, might just be the little illustrations in the lower corner of the pages showing the dad's reactions to what he is reading. That made the whole thing even funnier.

Folks, this is definitely not a kid's book. (At least not a *little* kids book.) Middle Grade+ might be okay with it, but even then it depends on the kid.

Kudos to the author and illustrator for creating a fantastic little picture book that every adult with a dark sense of humor should definitely pick up!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Netgalley for review consideration.
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review 2016-03-31 19:31
Janus: Zombies vs. Dinosaurs
Janus: Zombies Versus Dinosaurs, Book 2 - James Livingood,Randal Schaffer,Paperbackward

Note: While this is Book 2 in the series, it works fine as a stand alone.

I really enjoyed Pale Rider so when the author offered me a review copy of the sequel, I jumped at the chance. Sad to say, I didn’t find this installment as interesting. Janus is a zombie leader and he controls his pack of zombies through instinct. He also uses this power, instinct, to control a non-zombiefied deer or elk (I forget which), which he rides upon. The zombies are definitely different than the ones we saw in Book 1, being able to group together like this and be lead by a strong ‘personality’. However, I found the whole instinct power not well flushed out and difficult to believe in. Yep, I can totally believe in zombies and genetically created dinosaur-looking beasties, but I had a hard time with this instinct. Mostly, it was because of the elk. Wild animals have their own agendas – eat, sleep, fornicate, repeat. Elk aren’t big fans of rotting meat smell either. So Janus is using his power, instinct, to keep this elk in line, by negating the elk’s own instincts to run? That’s where Janus’s power gets to squishy and ill-defined for me.

The character, Pale Rider, is a reluctant leader in his town. He settles disputes and folks seek him out for advice on difficult fencing situations. He has a young daughter and he deeply misses his wife. Janus has recognized him as the human leader and if Janus wants to ‘free’ these humans from their boring lives, giving them the gifts of instinct and freedom, he must take out Pale Rider. The story sets up early for a good Western-type showdown and I really enjoyed the building of suspense.

Then we have Heche, who is like a mad scientist. She creates new dinos to sell to the local farmers. They are used in putting up fencing, taking down trees, and farming. I really like the basics of her character – she’s a seeker of knowledge both in books and through her work. However, this is another area that isn’t really clear. Does she have a lab with petri dishes and sterile equipment? Or is more like a wizard’s barn, full of smelly potions and unidentified bits of dried animals? I would have liked a bit more on this front because it ties into other questions I have. How far has civilization fallen? There’s a reference to contact lenses and it’s unlikely someone whipped those up, even if the town has a watchmaker. Is it 6 months since the zombie calamity or 6 years? If it’s 6 months, then contact lenses are still around. If it’s 6 years, then no, not realistic.

Book 1 was pretty sparse on the ladies and Book 2 does better but there are definitely not enough females around to save humanity. Heche has the most lines, but that’s perhaps 10-20 lines, though we get some quality time in her head. Pale Rider’s young daughter also has a role. Then there are 2 female zombies (why so few?) and maybe a few human ladies tossed in here and there. As usual, I like to see more ladies in post-apocalyptic stories. How else will we rebuild?

OK. So, bad to the goodness. We do get a showdown at the end and there were some twists. The author took the story beyond what I expected. These zombies are more like feral beasts than shuffling corpses; they are not so easily beaten. Heche creates a fantastical beast that comes in handy. And then there’s that thing that happened right at the end that has me craving to know where things will go from here. It’s all very dramatic at the end and very satisfying.

I received a copy of this audiobook at no cost (from the author) in exchange for an honest review.


The Narration: Randal Schaffer’s performance was OK. When the characters were talking, he imbued them with emotion. The rest of the story he read in a monologue that made me wonder if he was bored with the book or not.

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text 2014-02-14 23:11
Reading progress update: I've read 80%.
Red Rising - Pierce Brown

Uuuuuhhhh. I have a bad feeling about this.



Darrowwww ask her who her father is ask her who her father is.


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text 2014-02-14 17:28
Reading progress update: I've read 29%.
Red Rising - Pierce Brown

I truly thought this book was about zombies.


Why the efff did I think this book was about zombies?



I really need to start reading summaries...

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quote 2013-10-31 14:32
I stopped as I thought of poor Jack on my bathroom floor, just another victim of Dr. Phil.
Married With Zombies - Jesse Petersen

Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen

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