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review 2016-12-30 00:03
Not A Hero: A Bad Boy Marine Romance - Sarah Robinson Miles and Tobin had been Marines for eight years and were now at long last going home. Miles and Tobin were on a plane and Tobin was getting drunk. Tobin’s drinking had increased since Afghanistan. Miles doesn’t blame Tobin after what they had seen. Miles had been town royalty from the small town both he and Tobin were from. Miles had been the all star H S quarterback, prom king, and class president. Miles father - Walter would not be meeting Miles at the airport as his health was failing as he had cancer. Walter’s nurse Zoe lives in the house to take care of Walter and has the spare bedroom as hers. Walter has shared many of his memories of Miles with Zoe and she had remembered Miles from school even if she was two years below him. Zoe had crushed on Miles in H S like a lot of other girls. Zoe and Miles flirted with each other but Zoe decided Miles was a complication that she didn’t need. Miles had PTSD but could not share until he could he would not heal. Zoe had a lot of her own demons at one time but got the help she needed so she did understand some of what Miles is going through. I loved this story. It had an excellent plot and was well written. This story was raw and real and I could see this happening in today’s world. I loved how Zoe forgave Miles for when he lashed out at her. I hated to see Miles pain. I didn’t like when Miles pushed Zoe away and felt he wasn’t good enough for her.. But I could understand why he acted out as he did. Yet was so very sad when Walter passed away I choked up here as well as in other parts of this story. This story also made me smile at times. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.
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review 2016-11-14 06:38
Not a Hero by Sarah Robinson
Not A Hero: A Bad Boy Marine Romance - Sarah Robinson

This wasn't my first rodeo about an ex-military guy (although I've heard there is no such thing as a former Marine) suffering from one form of the other of PTSD, but this was the first case where I just didn't care what happened to the guy. Would he drink himself to oblivion, would he hack everybody up with a kitchen knife, would he get the girl...Barely 18% into the book, I couldn't care less. Whether it was the characterization, the voice, the narrative style, I don't know, I simply didn't care.

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text 2016-09-09 14:35
BOOK TOUR & #GIVEAWAY - Not a Game by Cardeno C.
Not a Game - Cardeno C.

An accidental meeting and a misunderstanding lead to a life-altering connection.

An accidental meeting and a misunderstanding lead to a life-altering connection.

A new job, a new city, and hopefully a new life. When chubby gamer Oliver Barnaby receives a job offer from the best boutique game developer in the country, he leaves his family and his less than spectacular existence in Oklahoma without a second’s hesitation. Determined to change more than his career and his geography, Oliver implements a plan to finally land a boyfriend. Step one is improving his skills in the bedroom.

A life that looks perfect on paper, but feels empty in reality. Attractive, successful, charismatic Jaime Snow has a life other people envy. His already booming business is growing. He isn’t lacking in friends. And he has no trouble finding a date. But there’s an emptiness in Jaime’s heart and a hole in his life that only the right man can fill.

An accidental meeting, a misunderstanding, and falling in love. When Oliver and Jaime end up at the same bar at the same time, they each see something they want in the other. Going to bed together that first night is easy. Building the lifetime relationship they both desperately crave will require trust, time, and a little misunderstanding.

Source: archaeolibrarianologist.blogspot.de/2016/09/book-tour-giveaway-not-game-by-cardeno-c.html
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review 2016-08-20 12:04
I don't think D. H. Lawrence liked women much.
Lady Chatterley's Lover - D.H. Lawrence

This is a terrible, racist book. That's where the only remaining shock factor lies.


Recommended reading to no one.

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review 2016-07-31 18:05
Inception for bad books
The Blind Assassin - Margaret Atwood,Margaret Atwood

...maybe you'll climb out of it at some point but the smart ones drive off the bridge right at the beginning.


Oh, wow. That turned out more meta than I intended.


Anyhoo. The first chapter is called The Bridge, it's only two pages long and it's the only good chapter in this book of 521 pages. There were a handful of good observations or amusing passages here or there, but nothing resembling a coherent, well written, good story. And I wasted all three weeks of my holiday reading it. So. Boring.


I have an itch to read The Handmaid's Tale at some point, so I won't say I won't be reading Atwood ever again. But it's a close thing.

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