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review 2014-11-19 16:23
Where I Belong by J. Daniels
Where I Belong - J. Daniels

3 stars


Oh dear. Where should I start?


So many loose ends.



We have a female main character of twenty-three, whom we know nothing about. Okay, she looked after her mother. What else? Did she have a job? Did she go to college? Why is she suddenly so eager to surrender her v-card to an absolute stranger after holding on to it for so long?


After 223 pages, I still have no idea.


Furthermore, I found the story quite dull after reaching the point where Ben and Mia turned into a couple. The other book I was reading at the time won the competition for most thrilling hobby, so this one ended up on hold for a while.


Now onto the good stuff.


Nolan is just the cutest child ever. Points for creating him are in order.


And Ben. The daddy. He is most definitely mouth-watering.



I'd have some of that for breakfast, lunch, dinner and (hourly) snacks.


I was expecting better from the author of "Sweet Addiction". That book rocked my world big time.

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review 2014-10-19 15:36
Resist by Lilly Avalon
Resist - Lilly Avalon

3 stars


This is Mariana's reviews: western movie edition.


The Good:


Devlin is an attractive bastard, supposedly including a luscious ass in the package... Plus other attributes...



Also, he's not described as a womanizer. At last, a romance book in which the guy isn't an asshole who miraculously finds his redemption in an oh-so-different woman!



The Bad:


Everything happened too fast. Yes, I am aware that this is a novella, but still, a little more context and build-up wouldn't hurt. I mean, Allegra doesn't know a single thing about Devlin, except that he's her boss's nephew.


The Ugly:


Are you kidding me with that ending?



I get that this book is part of a series, but having the main couple go at it like rabbits for hours and then having Allegra dismiss it all like that is NOT acceptable.


So there you have it. Unexceptional, but enjoyable novella about a man and woman who surrendered to the throes of passion. (Did I just write that? Geez, what a cheesy line)


**ARC kindly provided through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

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review 2014-10-18 15:53
Just a Little Crush, Renita Pizzitola
Just a Little Crush - Renita Pizzitola

3,5 stars


I'll make this short and sweet. Like the book itself.


Virginal eighteen-year old girl - Brinley.



Hot man-whore about to change his ways - Ryder.



High-school sweethearts kind of sex.



A couple of misunderstandings who are OBVIOUSLY resolved and lead to happily ever afters.



It really isn't a bad book. It's just that it's textbook NA, and I'm a little sick of reading the same formula over and over again. Why does the girl have to be a virgin? Why can't she be a little more promiscuous? Why can't she match the guy, experience-wise? What's with the insta-love/insta-lust? That was the "meh" factor of the story.


So what evens the scale? Definitely Fallon, Brinley's slutty and hilarious roommate. And Ryder. You can't possibly direct any hate whatsoever to such a swoony, panty-dropping guy. Hate's definitely not the right emotion. If you know what I mean...



Overall, "Just a Little Crush" was a nice read, nothing out of the ordinary. It's great to pass the time, but I probably won't remember reading it a year from now.


**ARC kindly provided by Random House Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

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review 2014-09-21 15:29
Queen of Someday by Sherry D. Ficklin
Queen of Someday - Sherry D. Ficklin

3,5 stars


photo tumblr_mnkn25SaJC1qi40o2o1_500_zps63889667.png


This is the fictional retelling of Catherine the Great a.k.a. Prussian Princess Sophie's arrival to Russian court, at age fifteen. I would classify it as mature YA, since the main character is inserted in an extremely harsh reality.


That said, I'll move on to the GUYS. The MEN. The HOT DUDES.


photo jenna_zpsf528a0ba.gif


SERGEI: Loyal friend and Sophie's tutor of Russian. She often mentions he is the only person she can fully trust in court. Damn, he sexy.


photo drmy_zpsf2bf4c23.gif


ALEXANDER: The mysterious Lord who becomes the love of Sophie's life. Don't get me started on their relationship. I nearly died from the tragicness of it all. Helena and Paris. The starcrossed lovers. I do love a good old-school romance, especially when it is well-written, which was the case with Sophie and Alexander's love story.


photo oprah-clasps-hands_zpse2173c29.gif


PETER: Heir to the throne of Russia, he's a spoiled brat who enjoys manipulating everyone around him. He's a motherfucker. I hate his guts.


photo nicki_zpsa572d476.gif


I know what you're thinking, fellow reader. Three guys? It crossed my mind, but you'll see that the circumstances will change their interest in her.


If "Queen of Someday"'s amazingness level were to be represented in a chart, it would hit its peak toward the last 5% of the book. Those 5% were the best of the best.


If Sophie started out as a coy, weak and innocent girl, she ended up a cunning and strong future Queen who will stop at nothing to guarantee her position. I like grown-up Sophie. The hardships she faced (which left me quite angry and sad) shaped her into a fighter, destined to rule all of Russia.


Most of the book had a fairly ordinary, YA-like romantic focus. However, the grand finale was a game-changer and saved the story in my eyes. In just 5%, this book went from a little depressing to badass.


photo 1318_zps096278e4.gif


**ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

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review 2014-09-09 22:12
The Real Thing by Cassie Mae
The Real Thing: Flirt New Adult Romance - Cassie Mae

3 stars


photo ifeelnothing_zps955ed321.gif


This cutesy thing is a slightly innovative friends-to-lovers kind of romance. Definitely sweet, but it wasn't that exciting... I guess I'm not used to dealing with insecurities that seem to remain unsolved for too long. Honestly, Emilia's friends somehow became irrelevant along the way, with the details blurring completely. For such a short book, there should have been less soppiness and more focus on something other than a painfully static relationship. I mean, they kissed once and they're already dating?


photo holdthefuckup_zpsf7f3c639.gif


Sorry, but that is not functional.


However, I actually liked the fact that Emmy's character reminded me of myself, with her social networking and book addiction. But mine's not nearly as bad.


Overall, it was a nice book, but it seemed to drag on and on about the same subjects. I also didn't feel very emotionally attached to the main couple and found their arguments a bit repetitive.


ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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