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review 2018-01-31 16:45
Not a bad primer but was looking for more.
The Fight for Fifteen: The Right Wage for a Working America - David Rolf

"Flipping burgers do not require a $15 wage! Want more money? Get a better job!" This is a very simplified summary of how people reacted to protests in late 2012 to fast food workers, home carers, convenience store employees, etc. to walking off their jobs to protest wage theft, the inability to form a union and the fact that wages in places like the fast food industry simply cannot and do not provide enough income for people to save and live upon without multiple jobs.


Author Rolf takes a look at the history of the movement, from how we got here and to why we are at this point. Everything from political decisions to business moves to tracing the path of unions (Rolf is also currently the president of a union), Rolf gives us an overview of the movement, with discussions of what happened in places like Seattle, New York and San Francisco.


It wasn't a bad read and I thought it would be especially helpful since while I did not follow the initial protests closely nor do I consider economics/finance/business a strength I thought this would be a good pickup. If you're completely unfamiliar with the movement and haven't followed the conversations about this, the book might be a good read. As for me I felt it was a little repetitive, a little too basic and I was surprised at how much I already knew. Maybe not the specific details and stats but I understood the gist of much of his arguments and stances and was a bit disappointed it was more about "how we got here" vs. "where we go from here." 


He does address the future and how we move forward but I also wish he had more discussions about places that are not Seattle, SF or NY. I fully understand why he'd give more focus to those areas but one nuance to the argument includes whether the Fight for 15 needs to be adjusted for areas that do not have the same expenses/standards of living and whether some place like SF or NY might need even *higher* wages above $15 whereas some place like say Topeka, KS (for example) would find a $12 wage more sustainable vs. $15. This book doesn't quite address that which is fine. It just means I need to go elsewhere in light of tracking this particular topic within the conversation.


As others say, sometimes there's a lot of data/info drops which can be a turnoff or overwhelming. YMMV though. 


Interesting book but not quite what I was looking for and perhaps misses certain points in the discussion. Still not a bad read, though. Would recommend it as a borrow.

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review 2018-01-18 19:57
Avery (Working Class Beauties Book 1) - J. Haney,S.I. Hayes

Title: Avery
Author: J. Haney & S. I. Hayes
Publisher: J.H.& S.I.H.
Series: Working Class Beauties Book 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Avery" by J. Haney& S.I. Hayes

My Thoughts....

These two author come together and gives the reader truly one well written read. You will find so many emotions that will simply take one over the edge. Yes you will find Avery being a wild girl and a boy [Greyson] who has loved her since the age of five. What will happen as they finally come together as adults and realize there is more for them? Be ready for lost of surprises that will keep popping up that will keep you turning the pages until the end. This is truly one of those stories that you will not be able to judge the book by the cover until you have read it all to see what all is there. Would I recommend? YES!

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review 2018-01-18 15:59
One of my favorites
Working Stiff: Casimir - Blair Babylon

Blair is one of my favorite authors. This story is at the top of my list. I love the Georgie/Xan series, it is my favorite but Casmir is a close second. Her books are always a good read. 

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text 2018-01-03 10:38
How to Get Started with Skype? Skype Support

Skype is very popular and well known for its ability and features which put you face to face conversion nearest and dearest as well as audio call. So many people have think how to get started with Skype? Don’t get panic we give you some essential steps to start Skype.

Followings are some steps:

  1. Firstly Download Skype to your device.
  2. Then create account with email, phone number, user ID and password
  3. Remember always use username unique that will remember you
  4. Then Sign in Skype

If you have any kind of Support for Skype like audio calling, video calling, for account updates, forget password or any other help. You can call Toll free Skype Support Number 1-800-296-0288 to get satisfied answer by our Technical Support team 24x7.



Technical Problem with Skype:

  1. User Id and Password problem
  2. Problems in sign in to connect Skype
  3. Unable to make audio or video call
  4. Voice problem during call
  5. Text message not deliver or sent
  6. Mobile apps do not work
  7. Call quality is very poor
  8. Video Call not working properly

These are some common problems which are occurred generally. So if any kind of Skype Help just call us our Tech Support Team 24x7 on Toll Free Number 1-800-296-0288.

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review 2018-01-02 22:27
"Working Stiff - Revivalist #1" by Rachel Caine
Working Stiff - Rachel Caine

Initially, I thought I'd found in "Working Stiff" a new Urban Fantasy series to carry me through this year. The twist on the zombie trope was original, the ex-soldier, aspiring Funeral Director female lead seemed promising and the dead were handled in a way that seemed factual and emotionally distant without becoming weird.


The plot continued to twist and turn and our heroine found herself in peril in many places and from many people. Things should have been good, Then everything started to sag. The story dragged. Routine romantic elements were added that developed neither the plot nor the characters. New characters, important to moving the plot along, popped up rapidly and with little explanation. None of the characters really developed beyond the pen-sketch level.


The book had the potential to be very dark, The main character is confronted with the very real prospect of slowly rotting to death. The process is described in some detail. The people making the threats are deeply unpleasant. Yet the novel kept drifting in a current of light banter and hate-him/love-him superficial romance.


I persisted to the end because the novel always felt like it was on the edge of realising its potential. Then I realised that I reading an extended pilot episode, intended to set up a season of novels, which meant the denouement, while plausible, didn't grant me any i sense of resolution.


Overall, this felt like a sponge that has failed to rise, a little too doughy and undercooked to be satisfying. At the moment, even though the set-up for the series is intriguing, I'm not inclined to add the next two Revalist books to my TBR pile.


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