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review 2019-07-14 16:29
4.7 Out Of 5 STARS for The Night Before by Wendy Walker
The Night Before - Wendy Walker


 Internet Dating
A Many-Layered Mystery
Psychological Thriller
Twisted & Twisty
With Audio Performed by Saskia Maarleveld & Gabra Zackman 





I was totally wrapped up in this story.  On the outside, it's a story about internet dating...but on the inside, it's so......much......more.  I've now listened to three books by Wendy Walker and I've devoured all of them.  Her writing has a way of drawing you in.  She gives you just enough clues for you to draw some of the correct assumptions, but the solutions are never that simple, she always has a way to completely twist things and leave you reeling. 

The only thing that really brought this down for me was the audiobook narration.  I'm not sure, but I'm fairly certain it was Gabra Zackman's performance as the sister that I found fault with.  Her other voices, specifically the male ones were so nasally.  They just came off as ridiculous.  Despite that, I would still recommend the Audio for this.


Plot 5/5
Narration Performance 4.3/5
Characters 4.7/5
The Feels 4.7/5
Pacing 5/5
Addictiveness 5/5
Theme or Tone 4.7/5
Flow (Writing Style) 4.5/5
Backdrop (World Building) 5/5
Originality 5/5
Ending 5/5
Book Cover Hmmm...such an innocuous cover, masking the crazy inside it.
Setting Branston, CT
Source Audiobook (Library)
Length 8 hours, 43 minutes

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review 2019-07-12 02:19
Hunting the Hunter (The Hunters, Book 9) - Shiloh Walker

Beyond the prose which at times was eyeroll inducing - an orgasm clawing it's way out? What was it - part Alien?! The switch to mainstream publishing seems to have been a good thing for this author. There's an actual plot, some action that isn't horizontal, a H who has no prior knowledge of the h (at least, none that he remembers - she wiped his memory of a v. brief occurrence a few years ago, because she didn't know he knew there were "others") and therefore isn't an utter ass towards her.


The beginning is kindof a prologue - the H and his best buddy are bounty hunters. His best buddy is a cat shifter. They track down a job who skipped bail, all hell breaks loose when a couple of vampires show up, and the h and her hunter teammate show up in the nick of time. She doesn't realize that he and the cat shifter are buddies, the shifter is hurt, so in their efforts to clean up everything, they rearrange memories - something that only partially sticks.


2 years later, he's become a vampire hunter and spots her. His memory rearrangement being dodgy, he assumes she killed his partner. He's a bit startled to discover his partner is now her teammate.


Of course, this being a romance, it quickly devolves to a biblical getting to know her better but... in the meantime, her partner is kidnapped by a former ward of hers.

Eventually the problem child is run to ground and taken care of, but not before she turns the H.


The one thing that does bother me - why does the H's partner NOT ask them what they did with his buddy? Why did he let him think he was dead? Why?????

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review 2019-07-10 01:51
Rafe and Sheila - Shiloh Walker

3.5-ish. It gets brownie points because the h actually LEFT when the H refused to claim her, and in fact was with another man when the H tracked her down. They're kinda small though because it took him several months to realize she was gone. :/


So Rafe, for reasons we're never clued in on, refuses to claim Sheila, or admit he has feelings for her. So he essentially treats her like...I dunno...a blow up doll maybe? He doesn't acknowledge her or talk to her much if anyone is around, and well, after he came back from a trip and didn't speak to her for several days, she'd had enough. He had the thought that she was just saying that and was more than willing to press his point but the master and others stopped him. So...


The bulk of the story starts 6 months later, when he's finally tracked her down and finds her with another guy. (yep; caught in the act. Perfect.) He doesn't drag his heels for long this time re: claiming her but there's a much older vampire - an evile one - and that one decides to have new guy for a snack. Their paths cross with a couple of his old victims, who just happened to grab the poor guy and turn him - sortof. Fortunately, Rafe does help the guy.


Anyway, the bad guy is taken out, Rafe is now a master and he has a second...or lieutenant...or something...in the new guy. He also shares - once - the h, with the new guy.


The formatting issue wasn't completely absent, but for the most part, someone did pay attention to scene changes and put a few breaks and asterisks in. So...yay?

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review 2019-07-09 17:21
The Hunters - Interlude - Shiloh Walker

I'm...perplexed. I'm guessing this was a formatting issue but there's a dearth of scene breaks. It's really distracting - you'll be following a scene and without so much as an extra line space to indicate the scene has ended, you're somewhere else.


Beyond that, the nature of this series so far (I've got this one, another one I just started, and 2 after she switched to mainstream publishing) is that the heroes for whatever dumbass reason, refuse to accept the heroines yet at the same time, act like dogs in a manger about her - well, wolf in the second story in this book. Not something I'm overly fond of, to be honest, and if the two mmps I have (that are buried in Mt Doom so not on hand at the moment) have the same theme, that's pretty much it for me as far as this series goes.


There are things I don't get - some factions are immortal, but not all, so how do cross-species relationships work long term?


Also what is with the fascination with butt secks? The first jackass didn't even bother to use lube.


As for the tales themselves...the first was more or less a PWP - it was v. short, consisted of the aforementioned jackass feeling frustrated because his attempts to alienate the h (who, being a were, knew he was her mate) weren't quite working the way he...well, what WAS he thinking? That he could summons her to a meeting and just happen to have his threesome run over? Her reaction wasn't what he anticipated, although why she let him demonstrate his cunning lingual skills after what he'd just been doing, I dunno. Anyway, after he informed her he was sending her on a 2 year holiday, she threw herself at him, and informed him that if she left, she wouldn't be back. You can guess his reaction, particularly when he went looking for her the next evening and she was gone.


The second one... the H was the were and refusing to acknowledge that the h was his mate, although he did bang her a few times. After he informed her he'd never claim her, she informed him she was going to seek a transfer and refused to go for another round. In the meantime, they were attempting to run down a group of bad guys who were attempting to subvert his will. Somewhere along the line, she decided she'd take down the bad guys even if it meant dying, put him under a sleep spell, and blocked everyone from trying to help her. He had decided by then to stop being an idiot so was freaking out until something was done to modify the blocking spell. The day was saved, the bad guys roasted thoroughly, and yep; he staked his claim right up her tailpipe. At least he did use lube :p


I mean; none of the heroines were what I'd call TSTL. The heroes OTOH, needed their arses kicked, hard. And if that's a theme throughout the series... ain't got time for that.

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review 2019-07-07 13:24
Dietland by Sarai Walker
Dietland - Sarai Walker

Dietland was a fantastic revenge-style feminist story that I picked up on a whim from my library. It follows Plum Kettle, an over-weight young woman who’s tried everything to lose weight and is miserable in her own skin. She’s scheduled for gastric bypass surgery, but she meets the daughter of the woman who formulated a diet she went on many years ago (that turned out to be a con) and this woman says she’ll give Plum a lot of money if she completes various challenges that she sets for her in an effort to make her feel more comfortable in her own skin.


When I started reading this I immediately liked the style of writing, but when Plum met the daughter of her previous diet guru things started to get weird and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue. I decided to give it a bit longer and it veered back into normality and a kickass plot very quickly.


Essentially this was a novel about finding a way to be comfortable with yourself and ignoring the repeated messages we’re given by society that we aren’t enough as we are. The make-up industry was attacked, as was the fashion industry, as were the attitudes of people who think it’s alright to mock an overweight person. I really can’t believe some people abuse overweight individuals; I would never ever do so. What do I care if someone’s overweight and why on earth would it offend me!? Humanity boggles my mind at times.


There were some pretty random threads, but it was all fun and proved to have a point. All-in-all I found this a really fun book that considered some very serious arguments, but did so in a way that just about anyone could enjoy.

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