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photo 2022-03-19 10:17
Mandatory Precautions to Take for Mobile Banking

Use mobile banking safely and enjoy multiple benefits; locking mobile devices and mobile banking apps with strong passwords will help prevent frauds. Read more https://digitalsushma.com/mandatory-precautions-to-take-for-mobile-banking/

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url 2022-03-19 07:44
Mandatory Precautions to Take for Mobile Banking

Use mobile banking safely and enjoy multiple benefits; locking mobile devices and mobile banking apps with strong passwords will help prevent frauds.

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text 2022-01-09 07:36
Open The Internet Positif

How to open positive internet can also be done without using a VPN application.

But instead, you need a proxy service from a proxy provider site.

One site that can be used is Proxysite.com

Just visit Proxysite.com, then select the server you want to use. After that type the site URL in the column provided, then click GO.

How to unblock sites without this application, can be used on a PC or cellphone.

Those are some ways to open blocked sites, as well as how to get rid of positive internet, with several methods.




Cara Membuka Internet Positif

Source: www.indogiz.com/2019/09/cara-membuka-situs-diblokir-internet.html
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text 2021-11-16 07:42
All-inclusive Insights on Beacons: Types, Advantages, and Use Cases!



Beacons happen to be an integral component of IoT technology and are transforming the functioning of diverse industrial domains at a fast pace. The concept of Beacon was launched in 2013 by Apple and has progressed a long way since then. Take a look at these amazing stats concerning beacon technology.


A 2020 report by Statista states: “The market value of Beacons technology was 519.6 million USD in 2016 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 59.8% such that the market value will shoot up to 56.6 Billion USD by 2026.”


This post takes you on an insightful journey into the world of Beacons! So, let’s explore comprehensive aspects of the Beacon technology – types of Beacons, benefits of Beacons, IoT applications using beacons, and many more.


What are Beacons?


A Beacon is a small wireless device that continually transmits a radio signal displaying its presence with its unique ID. This signal is captured by nearby smart devices, mostly smartphones that use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. The smartphone device detects the signal sent by the beacon by reading its identification number (ID) and then calculates how far away the beacon is located. Based on this information, an action is triggered on a mobile app compatible with a beacon.


Beacons utilize proximity technology for detecting human presence within close vicinity and then trigger pre-set actions for delivering contextual, informational, and personalized experiences. As such, beacons are employed in IoT (Internet of Things) networks as well as outdoor/indoor positioning systems.


Types of Beacons


There exists a wide variety of beacons. Beacons vary as per their size, use cases, battery life, and degree of resistance to exogenous factors. Take a look at the different variants of beacons that emerged to accommodate diverse business requirements!


  • Standard beacons are devices sized like a Wi-Fi router or even smaller and are used for indoor tracking and proximity solutions.
  • Small-sized portable beacons that are as big as a large sticker or a credit card are utilized for proximity solutions and asset tracking.
  • USB beacons are portable, small in size, and can be promptly deployed. These are used for asset tracking and proximity solutions.
  • Sticker beacons happen to be the smallest beacons available and are used for asset tracking.
  • AI-empowered beacon is a machine learning-empowered device capable of detecting various gestures as well as movements.
  • Video beacons refer to the devices that are plugged within the back of a screen for delivering digital signage and providing contextual visual information. For instance, the users of a beacon-enabled app receive personalized offers when they appear near the display screen of an eatery.
  • Dedicated beacons are devices that are resistant to exogenous factors like water, dust, shattering, and antistatic/UV. These serve as proximity solutions in harsh eco-systems and are employed for indoor tracking.
  • Parent beacons are as big as Wi-Fi routers. They are used for tracking other beacons, gathering data, and then storing it in the cloud, etc.


The Basic Components of a Beacon and their Roles


A beacon consists of a battery-powered small ARM computer with a CPU and a Bluetooth Smart connectivity module. And, for running this module, firmware is installed within beacons. Its computing power is limited as the maximum Bluetooth Smart playout is only 257 bytes – inadequate for inserting media content. Therefore, it can be used to encrypt a beacon’s ID and process sensor data. There exists a small antenna within the CPU which is designed for broadcasting electromagnetic waves with a length and frequency of 2.4 GHz radio waves. On account of the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) estimate, this technology is useful for location and mapping services.


The eco-system of the beacon technology consists of an SDK, beacon devices, and back-end management tools. Also, noise-reduction algorithms are present to smoothen the signals and lead to fairer outcomes. 


How does a Beacon function?


A beacon continuously broadcasts an identifier – a unique ID number. Once, a mobile device picks up the identifier and gets connected; the beacon accomplishes the function that it has been programmed to execute. When a user enters the zone where an IoT network containing beacons or a positioning system is established; they receive a code through a text message on their mobile devices. Such a message can be sent only via a mobile app in the form of a push notification.


Beacon IoT apps are installed within smartphone operating systems following any one of the beacon standards – iBeacon standard for Apple smartphone devices: iOS7 and higher versions; and Eddystone standard for Android mobile devices: Android4 onwards. Lastly, the smartphone user must give permission for enabling beacon-based notifications and using a particular positioning system.


Beacons: Use Cases



Smart Shelves


Beacon-infused smart shelves assist retailers to comprehend consumer preferences, identify customer demands, and enable speedy and effortless tracking as well as stock control.


Such shelves are powered with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Reader) that can be embedded either into the shelf or placed over/below/behind the shelf. This reader is used for scanning the targeted commodities placed on the shelf and then notifying the backend system of those items.


Indoor Tracking


Google maps, the most commonly used tracking and navigation tool possesses certain limitations: It’s incapable of tracking within concrete areas like buildings and fails to provide point-to-point navigation across short distances. All these shortcomings of Google maps are fulfilled by beacon-powered solutions used for indoor tracking in areas such as malls, exhibitions, hospital spaces, resorts, hotels, huge organizations, airports, etc.


Beacons are installed within the building which sends Bluetooth signals to the users’ smartphones such that the positioning data is directly displayed on the mobile screens. Here, the signal strength measurement is used for localization. Moreover, the device can transfer data to platforms where the collected data is intelligently processed. When the position is determined the accuracy of a client-based process is one to three meters and the range is up to three meters. It detects the present floor too.


Implementation in the Educational Sector


This technology facilitates the functioning of educational institutes such as colleges, universities, training institutes, etc. Beacon devices placed in each class can replace traditional notice boards used for broadcasting important information like administrative posts, time-tables, upcoming activities, etc. to the students via push notifications; conducting automatic attendance using timestamps; and many more.


Healthcare Sector Implementation


Coming to the healthcare sector, beacons embedded within mobile devices of the medical facility enable efficient equipment tracking. Moreover, a beacon can load the patients’ medical records/history into the doctor’s iPad immediately after the practitioner enters the patients’ room and remove those records after the doctor leaves the room. Beacons are also immensely useful in helping patients as well as visitors to navigate through large corridors of hospital spaces by providing them location guidance through maps.


Benefits of Beacons


Collection of advanced Customer Data


The positional accuracy of beacons allows retailers to collect reliable information about consumer in-store behavior. This data plays a crucial role in enhancing your in-store layout and product listings, improving your customer experience, designing effective marketing campaigns, and thereby accelerating in-store conversions.


Enhanced Offline-visibility concerning Google Ads


Business brands that connect their beacon signals to the Google Ads account gain handy insights about the offline activity of the searchers and track their in-store visits. Tracking the interaction points of the visitors who have clicked your digital ad campaigns provides one an idea of the effectiveness of your campaign and helps you to identify the areas of improvement so that they can tailor their marketing strategy accordingly. This is how beacon-empowered online marketing strategies are directly linked to offline attribution.


Advantages for Consumers


Beacons allow consumers a personalized interaction during their shopping experience thereby improving the UX to a great extent. Targeted/customized ads from their preferable brands provide customers the flexibility to choose wisely while offline as well as online purchasing and hence, helps in building familiarity, trust, and security.


Final Verdict


Tech giants like Google and Apple are promoting the Beacon technology in full swing and the outcome is obvious – businesses across various domains are leveraging its promising potential. Would you also like to reap the benefits of this amazing technology? Well, reach out to Biz4Solutions, a prominent offshore software development services in India and U.S.A, for our customized software solutions using this beacon technology.


To know more about our core technologies, refer to links below:


RoR App Development Company


Swift App Development Company


Java App Development Company

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text 2021-07-02 15:05

Thinking about switching or starting to use broadband internet in your home? This is an option widely used in Brazil and has many benefits for those who need online access, whether to access social networks, do research and schoolwork, play connected with friends, or even work remotely!


As with any purchase process for a product or service, the search for a solution must be done in a planned manner, especially when there are so many suppliers and options available.


With that in mind, we have 10 points you should consider when choosing a broadband internet plan for your home! Check out:



First of all, it is important that you make an assessment of your usage needs. This helps you understand the access, upload, and download speed you should be looking for in the market. Also, consider how many people will use the service. We have some recommendations to help you understand your profile:​


1 mega internet: suitable for those who use the network little, just for emails, news, and social networks;


5 mega internet: best for viewing videos, light downloads, and video calling;

10 mega internet: suitable for those who are always connected, ideal for watching many videos, social networks faster;

20 mega internet: faster data loading, even long movies, and use for online games;

50, 100, and even 300 mega internets: aimed at those who have many connected devices (a family with many users, for example) and for uploading high-quality videos.

Remember that many plans offer unlimited access but reduce download or upload speed. So, ask about the difference in speeds for each plane. Also, always consider the number of people and devices connected to the internet to choose your plan. You may also be interested in "Cable TV network" here Whatsapp Sky



With the information set on what's right for you and a budget in mind, it's time to look for available options. For this, an online search and request for referrals from friends and family can be used. 


To optimize your search and make it easier to compare available companies, select only those that meet your speed needs and fit your budget. This makes it easier to choose between them.



With a reduced selection of options, the first thought is to choose the cheapest among them, right? Not always! The ideal is to choose the one that offers the best cost-benefit ratio, that is, the one that has the most advantage over its price. 


An example of this is two internet plans, the first offering 10 Mbps speed for R$120.00/month and the second offering 5 Mbps for R$100.00/month. In this case, it would pay to select the first plan, which offers double the amount of internet for just R$20.00 more. 



Do you know the data consumption limit that mobile internet operators use in their plans, that when it's over you can't use practically anything until your plan is renewed? Some companies are offering plans with these conditions for broadband internet in homes. Be aware of this so as not to select a plan that is limited, which can incur additional costs by purchasing more data for your home! 



Something very practiced by broadband internet companies is to offer promotional values ​​to new subscribers. Despite being very attractive, the cost of the plan is only valid for a certain period of time, such as two or three months, and this information is not so highlighted in the information provided. In order not to have any surprises, ask about the actual monthly fee.



Many internet companies also offer pay-TV and phone services as a bundle of services that often seem attractive. You won't have to worry about multiple companies and the account is just one. However, many of them require a minimum period of use to reduce the value and charge cancellation fees if you want to get rid of the service.



The reality is that we only realize the importance of support when we have a technical problem and the internet provider takes a week to resolve or does not respond during the weekends. In order not to be harmed, it is important to verify that the company offers quality support, with several contact channels and a team prepared to resolve faults quickly.



Another important tip is to look for references about the quality of the company, such as customers who already use the service, rating it on review sites such as Reclame Aqui or the company's Facebook page. Ask if the internet is good if network problems are common and if the service is efficient.



We often hire the internet service believing that the amount to be paid is just that, however, there are surprises such as installation costs or additional equipment needed. Some companies even ask for a plan membership fee, and all these costs, when added up, represent far more than the initial budget. Therefore, before closing with a supplier, ask about any amount that will be added to your payment.



There are some problems related to the use of traditional broadband internet offered by companies. It is dependent on energy to function, in addition to often the promised speed is not delivered and the customer pays for something they do not receive. As a solution to these problems, many people are choosing to use fiber optics.


Called internet at the speed of light, optical fiber has won the market because it does not depend on electricity to work and, mainly, because of the better quality of service provided, without a drop in the speed provided and technical failures that compromise its use.

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