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review 2016-04-13 13:44
Thoughts: Taking Fire
Taking Fire - Cindy Gerard

Taking Fire

by Cindy Gerard

Book 4 of One-Eyed Jacks



Taking Fire is definitely a step up from the previous book in the One-Eyed Jacks series. And with an ending that gave a nice, sweet emotional punch, I'm all for loving it. While Bobby and Talia aren't Mike Brown and Eva Salinas, I can't deny that I loved them and their relationship just the same. If anything, I really appreciated the delicate care that went into developing this Second Chance Romance, especially after all the things that both parties had to go through before they could put burdens and past anger behind them.

The Story:
Six years ago, Bobby Taggart was a warrior for hire, mining intel from a terrorist leader, while nursing his still fresh hurt and betrayal from the screwed-up resolution of Operation Slam Dunk. This is where he met Talia Levine, a somewhat mysterious woman claiming to be a war correspondent who gets close to him and makes him fall in love. But then the terrorist leader he'd been working on is assassinated and Talia disappears; and there's no doubt in his mind what her motive had been in the first place when he finds the tracker hidden in his phone.

Having completed the hardest mission of her life, Talia had made the decision to leave her organization and her people six years ago. Falling in love with Bobby Taggart and spending such unexpectedly wonderful days with him hadn't figured into her training. She'd needed to make a choice: her heart or her mission. And unfortunately for Bobby, she had chosen her people before walking away from them.

Six years into the present, Bobby is sent to Oman as a representative of ITAP, the security firm cover for the covert ops teams he's become a part of. And thanks to a bomb attack he and Talia are literally thrown back together. Then he finds out that Talia has a target painted onto her back thanks to that fated mission six years ago, and out of the goodness of natural instinct chooses to help her. And then he finds out another secret she'd kept from him for six years...

My Thoughts:
It's actually quite interesting how well Cindy is able to disguise her romances beneath the exciting, action-packed progression of a military thriller. Because after some careful thought (especially while trying to bumble through my awkward summary above), I realized that Taking Fire is really more romance than it is suspense. I mean, sure, there's a lot of fighting involved: lots of guns, lots of explosions, definitely lots of suspense with the main conflict pitting Talia and Bobby into danger each and every chapter.

But all of that is just a nice coating of distraction bouncing off the second chance love story between Talia and Bobby. I mean, even the official blurb on the book page starts its summary off about how Bobby Taggart meets the woman of his dreams.

Anyway, not that any of those points above are really that big of a deal. The point is, this is a two part book that is pretty well divided as a romantic suspense and a contemporary romance. And I kind of liked the way it was set up. Taking Fire hit a lot of all the right emotional buttons while still giving us a great suspense to page through hungrily.

Because while the action was exciting and attention-keeping, the romance and revelations were quite thought-provoking and lovely. Again, I loved how well Cindy handled the reunion between Bobby and Talia as they find each other again through chaos, and then figure out how to love again when everything settles.

Meanwhile, it's not like either Bobby or Talia really standout in any unique way, but as a team (once Talia learned to start trusting Bobby's decisions) the two of them worked out quite well together.

Like previous Cindy Gerard books, Taking Fire boasts well-crafted characters who are readily loved. Despite some of Talia's questionable decisions, I found her to be a strong, wonderful female lead in this book; and it was great being able to see into her decision from six years ago, the hard choice she had to make and the consequences and the guilt she'd had to live with from then on. She was a covert operative from her own country's secret government agency; she became a woman in love. She had to choose one or the other.

I'm not a big fan of this kind of hard decision, but in this particular scenario, I thought it was handled quite well.

A Random Tangent:
While I was reading Taking Fire, it brought to mind Cindy's fifth Bodyguards book, wherein a similar plot device is used. However, in my opinion, I very much prefer this current book to the one in the past--probably because the story at present is a bit more thoughtful and heart-wrenching. Maybe also because of the fact that Bobby Taggart is a much better person, with a much more legitimate reason to live in anger after his life collided with Talia's. Maybe also because Bobby was already in the mindset of helping Talia even through his hatred of her, even before he finds out what her big secret is.

Also the setup for the other book didn't really make much sense to me anyway, even if the subsequent action was a nice page-turning, fast-paced story.

Final Thoughts:
Taking Fire really isn't all that special in terms of story. In fact, despite the long ramblings in this review, I really DID have a hard time trying to figure out what to say about this book that I didn't already say in the opening paragraph that I wrote two weeks ago upon finishing my read. I'm even wondering now if I should have just taken that one little paragraph alone and kept it simple.

Anyway, Taking Fire is entertaining, enjoyable. Again, it hits some pretty interesting emotional buttons. And you know, I loved the characters and I loved the story. And maybe that's all that really matters.


2016 Reading Challenges:
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Bookish Resolutions Challenge



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review 2016-02-10 13:30
Thoughts: Running Blind
Running Blind - Cindy Gerard

Running Blind -- Cindy Gerard

Book 3 of One-Eyed Jacks



Once again, Cindy Gerard does not disappoint with her action-packed and sizzling romance in Running Blind!

:P Haha... I sound like some sort of advertising tagline for the book. But truth be told, I've said before that I'm not sure I'm capable of NOT enjoying a Cindy Gerard book anymore. But it also helps that her romantic suspense novels are attention-grabbing, engaging, and have a lot of excellently created characters you readily fall in love with.

Running Blind was definitely NOT perfect. And it wasn't as exciting as I'd been hoping it to be, what with a title like that. It could have used a bit more structure, that's for sure. But it works and I loved it in its own way and it kept me happy.

In the end, it all comes to whether or not I had a good reading experience, doesn't it? :D

The Story:
The aftermath of a sniper attack leaves a dear friend fighting for her life. The discovery of their attacker's hideout reveals a vendetta--someone is determined to take out the original three One-Eyed Jacks, Mike Brown, Jamie Cooper, Bobby Taggart, as well as Mike's wife Eva. The investigation begins as the entire team comes together, groping blindly to find some connection between the four targets and past enemies.

Meanwhile, Coop and blonde Bombshell, Rhonda Burns, gets pulled off the investigation to take care of other jobs that have cropped up and Coop is NOT happy about that at all. Throw in his festering lust and attraction to the Bombshell, and the next few days on their field mission feels like it will be hell for him. Rhonda's own searing attraction isn't sitting well with her either, and her own determination to never falling in love and never caring starts to break down.

My Thoughts:
Running Blind is very much half romance and half military thriller, disguised very well as a full romantic suspense. Because there is a LOT of action in this book. But at the same time, we spend even more time developing the love line between Coop and Rhonda, by finding a reason to separate them out from the rest of the group by throwing them on an unrelated mission, but eventually bringing them back around to a different, related mission.

Well played, Cindy. For a while there, I'd been wondering why we took such a tangent with the love line development. But I suppose not every romantic suspense has to pit our main couple into mortal peril for 90% of the book, no matter how entertaining it usually gets.

I was just hoping there'd be a bit more action that what was presented... except, there was a lot of action. And I did like that there was a lot of investigating. And I did like how the investigation progressed. It just felt kind of weird to send Coop and Rhonda off to develop their romance just because it gave them both an opportunity to be separated from the rest of the group.


I mean, the mission they went on, which lasted a good few chapters, didn't even really tie-in with the main conflict in the book.  In a way, it felt like a cop-out because we couldn't figure out how to get these two alone together any other way.  But in a way, if this had been some contemporary romance without the initial sniper attack hanging over our heads, it would have worked really well.


This is really just a story about two coworkers who have been lusting after each other since day one, but have hidden that attraction behind irritation and hostility.  Then they're finally forced into a situation where they cannot NOT admit their attraction... and then they do something about it.


There just also happens to be some big military/international conspiracy going on as well.

Anyway, I still enjoyed the book. And I loved Jamie Cooper in all his jokey, sexy, charming glory. Rhonda had me conflicted. She's a computer nerd slash sexual fantasy for men--I love that she wasn't either one or the other and could be nerdy AND confidently beautiful without all the computer nerd stereotypes. I also loved that she was badass and trained with the rest of the team to take on combat as a field agent.

But I did not love that she spent so much time pre-judging Jamie Cooper by filing him into a playboy mold who disrespectfully saw sleeping with women as a conquest. THAT got on my nerves a little bit, because we later find out that she did that on purpose to "protect her own heart" because he was the type of man she could fall for. So instead of setting aside her past problems and being civil coworkers, she spends a lot of time being purposely antagonistic to Coop, no matter how hard HE tried to be professional and civil.

Then again, I guess Jamie's penchant for flirting with every woman probably didn't help his case any and made it easier for Rhonda to continue being bitchy towards him.

Not exactly my favorite couple in the world, but their love line was developed quite well and for that, I am satisfied.

Final Thoughts:
While I knew that Cindy would never outrage her readers, I was also struck with a moment of anxiety during the sniper attack when one of my favorite characters went down. I mean, I knew she was going to be okay in the end, but it didn't stop the FEELS from creeping in throughout the entire first half of the book as we watched her fight for her life.

Anyway, Running Blind was entertaining and enjoyable as a Cindy Gerard romantic suspense usually is. And, of course, I'm definitely looking forward to the next few books, especially with more appearances from my favorite characters, Johnny and Crystal, Mike and Eva, etc...

Johnny showed up for one line of dialogue in this entire book. ONE. But it was a good, flirty one, so I'm happy... I guess.

On a side note, it took a little bit for me to get this entire black ops team straightened out. So we've still got Nate Black's BOIs, but now we've also got Mike Brown leading his own group (though it looks like he still reports to Nate) of One-Eyed Jacks with new recruits. The two teams are filed under Uncle Sam's Department of Defense as a top-notch security firm as their cover, denoted as ITAP. Meanwhile, Black Ops, Inc. and the One-Eyed Jacks technically don't really exist and they still go on the same kinds of missions as before.  They just have more pull in the government now than they used to.

Or something like that.  I think.

Side note end.


2016 Reading Challenges:
Goodreads Reading Challenge
BookLikes Reading Challenge
Reading Assignment Challenge
Bookish Resolutions Challenge
Mount TBR Challenge



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review 2016-01-06 13:29
Thoughts: The Way Home
The Way Home - Cindy Gerard

The Way Home -- Cindy Gerard

Book 2 of One-Eyed Jacks



This book was more contemporary than romantic suspense, as the first part of it involves the courtship between our lovely couple, Tyler Brown and Jess Albert--imagine that: an actual courtship in a romance novel! And while I’m more inclined to love a romantic suspense over a contemporary romance, it’s not like I didn’t know, going in, that there would be less action and more romance.

But this book is written by Cindy Gerard. And even in spite of its more contemporary romance feel, I was not disappointed that she still encompassed the romantic suspense and action of a military romance, as well as the intriguingly anxious urgency of a dangerous situation.

While I had a hard time getting into the start of this book--the contemporary courtship romance was a little mundane, even if sweet and cute and necessary--by the end of the book, I had the FEELS shivering through me like I haven’t had in quite some time. (Okay, I lie, because I had somewhat similar FEELS when I was reading Winter, but that’s a whole different genre and a whole different set of FEELS .)

There are rare occasions when a romance presents to us the obligatory separation of the main couple for conflict necessity, and it actually makes me feel for them rather than roll my eyes. This is The Way Home in a nutshell. Because even from the beginning of this book, knowing how the plot would play out, knowing that there would be an inevitable sadness nearing the end, I still got hit by a nice little tumult of emotions. The obligatory separation plot device is used properly in this piece, but it doesn't build a bad kind of angst.

It was a good kind of romantic angst. It hurt so much that it felt good.

The Story
Jess Albert had been living a peaceful, but lonely existence for over three years since she received word that her husband, J.R. was KIA during a Spec Ops mission. Then, one wintery night in a distant past, Tyler Brown stepped into her life with his friends and his brother, kicking ass and saving lives… and bringing to life in her an attraction and a spark she never thought she’d be able to feel again.

And now Ty has returned after all this time to act on that attraction, to see where, and if they would have a future together. And Jess is inclined to let him, to finally let go of the grief she’d been holding onto for J.R. for three years.

Across the world, a lost American soldier is fighting the pain of death, war, and loss of identity. He does not remember who he is or where he came from. He only knows that he is being hidden away from those who would do him harm by a woman who both resents him and sympathizes with him--a woman he grows to bond with over time as she becomes his only connection to sanity and a semblance of a life.

My Thoughts
To be totally honest, during the entire reading of the first half of the book, I was totally, and giddily looking forward to the appearance of our beloved BOIs as well as the One-Eyed Jacks. There was no secret that once Jess and Ty’s romance got going, things would spiral out of control upon them learning that J.R. was still very much alive. So I was expecting rescue mission galore with lots of loving banter and insults thrown around between our heroic boys.

Which is probably why I felt like I dragged myself through the first parts of the book with some trepidation and some yawning while Ty tried to woo Jess into going out with him and becoming his girlfriend/lover.

And Cindy definitely delivered. Goodness, I didn’t even realize I missed them so much until my beloved Johnny Duane threw his quips around and made me smile like a young schoolgirl with a huge crush. Competing for my affections was also Mike Brown from the first One-Eyed Jacks book. Between the two of these men and their goofy charm and wonderful, sexy cuteness, I’m mush.

(P.S. I still love Johnny more and I could definitely use more of him and Crystal being sweet and cute together…)

But let’s get back to THIS book now, shall we?

As I’d stated at the beginning, the book starts off on a contemporary note with two people, having found an attraction to each other before, interested in seeing where their attraction takes them, and then eventually falling in love. While the courtship between Ty and Jess felt a bit short and very sudden, they at least still went through the motions, so that when the inevitable happens, you can feel the emotions, the turmoil, the sadness, and the eventual warmth of their Happily Ever After™ when it finally rolls around.

I’m not going to say that I didn’t enjoy the sweet development of Ty and Jess, but in all honesty, it did feel a little draggy--which is a stupid way to describe it because this was a courtship that was necessary to make the book work.

I’m just all about the action and the excitement--so it’s not the book, it’s just me who’s contradictory.

In contrast, the interactions and the circumstances surrounding J.R.’s and Rabia’s growing bond from reluctant co-existence to admiration, respect, and love drew me in a bit more. And I’m not a hundred percent sure I understand why, though the only differing factor would be J.R.’s condition of fragility as well as this couple’s impending doom and danger looming on the side. These two don't get to enjoy the simple, straight-forward courtship, dating, bonding, getting to first base, etc... that Ty and Jess were allowed. But their relationship just felt more emotional and packed quite the punch.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for romances brought about through situational urgency and danger.

Maybe I am strangely twisted like that.

But in the end, everything just came right together wonderfully and I’m not complaining one bit.

For a romance, whether contemporary or suspense, The Way Home is a sweet story that is both heart wrenching and heart warming.

Another great one from Cindy. Definitely a great one and one I hadn't really expected would touch your heart in the all the right places.

Final Thoughts
At the risk of sounding ‘duh’, Tyler Brown is definitely NOT Mike Brown--I mean to say that, while Mike had drawn me in with his charming, sexy, joker personality and made me laugh a lot, his little brother is more on the sensitive, less jokey side of things. Ty’s a good man, don’t get me wrong, but he just doesn’t stand out much from any of the other good men in many other books or any other walks of life.

That’s fine and dandy. It just means that I like him even if I don’t love him.

And the same would go for the rest of the main characters. Jess is a good person. J.R. is a good person. Rabia is an amazing person. But aside from a few instances of Rabia’s bravery, The Way Home is really just a sweet contemporary romance about two couples, two sets of good people, finding their way to romance in time to celebrate Christmas.

And maybe that was the whole point. And now I’m almost wishing I’d have read this a few weeks ago to get myself into the heartwarming Christmas spirit. Because The Way Home definitely brings a smile to my face and makes me feel all warm and gooey inside.

And now I’m rambling, so I should probably bring this review to a close before I start waxing poetic about Johnny Duane, Crystal, Mike Brown, or the rest of the heroic Black Ops operators in Cindy Gerard’s world.

2016 Reading Challenges:
Goodreads Reading Challenge
BookLikes Reading Challenge
Reading Assignment Challenge
Bookish Resolutions Challenge
Mount TBR Challenge

Also Read during Bout of Books 15 -- See Day 1 Update



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review 2015-05-28 00:56
Thoughts: Killing Time
Killing Time - Cindy Gerard

Killing Time -- Cindy Gerard

Book 1 of One-Eyed Jacks series

-- follows Black Ops, Inc. series

2013 Release -- Pocket Star Books

Adult, Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Military, Conspiracy



Because on a personal level I still love Johnny Duane Reed (Whisper No Lies) the most out of all the Cindy Gerard adorably broody alpha heroes and I adore the relationship between Johnny and Crystal; but on another more objective level, Killing Time was actually a whole lot more fun to read than Whisper No Lies and Mike "Primetime" Brown is now my second most favorite of the Cindy Gerard heroes and I also love the lovely, sexy, kickass Eva Salinas to death (yes, another girl crush)... if I give this book a full out five star rating I will have to go back and give Whisper No Lies a full out five star rating as well (which I don't see why I don't just do that)...

But who am I kidding? Both books are so on par with each other and Cindy Gerard just never disappoints and I don't want to choose favorites anymore...

And So...

For reasons that may or may not make sense to me (that definitely won’t make sense to anyone else), I am once again struggling with rating a book either the lovely 4.5 Stars or a full out 5 Stars.

And now I’m looking back at this strange rambling of a Bookish First World Problem and going, “Whatever, you can BOTH be my favorite Cindy Gerard Romantic Suspense! I don’t want to have to choose between one or another!”

And so it shall be... Because sooner or later, yet another Cindy Gerard Romantic Suspense will sneak up on me with another broody alpha with a goofy streak who manages to make me fall in love with him and I'll be conflicted about yet another insignificant difference between 4.5 Stars or 5 Stars.

Because, ya’know, whether 4.5 Stars or 5 Stars... it probably doesn’t make a lick of difference.

But Johnny Duane will still be my number one.

Despite the fact that I thoroughly loved Mike “Primetime” Brown so, SO much because he’s got all the right kinds of goofiness, charm, humor, sexiness, and even that rarely seen boyish fluster when faced with feelings that makes him all the more adorable because he’s such a big macho, alpha...

I feel like I’m betraying my love for Johnny. But can’t I just have both?

And Eva Salinas, too. I have developed a girl crush on her because she is definitely kickass and no nonsense and oh, so lovely, and take charge and level-headed at all the right times that I can’t help but love her too.

Ahem... anyway... Enough of the rambling and let's get back to the book, shall we?

The Story:
Mike “Primetime” Brown has been wallowing in eight years of self-pity since the events of Operation Slam Dunk went FUBAR, costing him his career, his livelihood, the lives of his men, and his friends. But a chance encounter with Eva Salinas, a CIA attorney who also has stakes on finding out the truth about what happened during Operation Slam Dunk, changes the direction of his life. Well, we call it a chance encounter, but really Eva uses her sexy wiles (in a cleavage popping bright red bustier) to lure a drunken Primetime into an alley, knocks him out with a light does of Ketamine, then ties him to a bed with zip ties in a rundown hotel so that she can interrogate him while holding him at gunpoint... with his own gun.

(No, no sexy times yet.)

Eva had received an anonymous tip about the happenings of Operation Slam Dunk, a mission gone bad, killing a whole team of soldiers and a town of innocent civilians. The after action report she finds in a flash drive mysteriously appearing on her desk makes mention of several facts that alert her to a deeper conspiracy, especially after she starts asking questions and doors start slamming in her face. Most alarming is the fact that she has a feeling she’s being followed by a sinister presence and now her life is in danger.

Mike has lived with the guilt of his One-Eyed Jacks teammates deaths for eight years. He has also lived with a slandered name, being used as a scapegoat for why the mission had gone bad.

After a somewhat of a “discussion”, Mike and Eva agree to work together to uncover the truth behind how Operation Slam Dunk ended up going down. Eva wants to know how her husband, who had been a part of this team, had truly died. Mike needs to clear his name and uncover what is really going on. And they soon learn that this cover-up goes much higher in the chain of command than they would have suspected. (As is typical for a lot of Romantic Suspense hinged on intrigue, politics, and conspiracy, but that's okay, Cindy, I still loved the book anyway.)

My Thoughts:
The story was pretty exciting, though there might have been certain parts I zoned out on. But overall, I loved the suspense and ate up the story progression. As is typical of a Cindy Gerard book, there is non-stop action with the right balance of Romance and Thrill, and the story has wit, heart, and excellently created characters.

As I’d already stated, Mike and Eva are all sorts of LOVE and FEELS and lovely feels. Mike has a charming humor about him that, on anyone else might come off annoying. But his character is written wonderfully with all the perfect balances of broody alpha, goofy charmer, and sexy macho man, along with a good balance of flaws to even him out. And Eva is just as equally kickass, tough girl, with a smart, level-head who knows how to use her personal arsenal in a battle of wits or a physical battle of fists.

The chemistry is smoking hot, the banter is all kinds of fun, and I just love how flustered Primetime gets around Eva when faced with feelings and emotions and that thing that guys like him always run away from: love. And Eva is so no-nonsense that there isn’t even enough time for the broody alpha to start angsting about their romance before she puts a stop to it and they live Happily Ever After™. Of course, it’s not like she doesn’t do her own fair share of brooding either, but it just seemed like she had more important priorities at hand and stuck to them rather than wallowing in that limbo of “Do I like him? Does he like me? Can we even be together? We are so wrong for each other?” usual Romance conflict antics.

Their romance was all sorts of entertaining, sweet, and adorable.

The new additions to the Cindy Gerard world of Romantic Suspense books includes Jamie Cooper and Robby Taggart, both men who used to be part of the One-Eyed Jacks with Mike before their last mission broke everything apart. Both are men who can set aside eight years of resentment easily to come to an old friend’s aid, and who are both proving to be just as fun-loving, and wittily charming as Mike Brown has been so far.

I certainly think I’m going to love them when they’re in the limelight.

I’ve mentioned little about the storyline, but that’s probably because, as far as story goes, it isn’t anything new. Military operation goes FUBAR due to conspiratorial reasons, big cover up ensues, main character used as a scapegoat, deeper sinister political and greedy aspirations by our main baddies, mission by our couple to uncover said sinister conspiracy, big battle and justice prevails, Happily Ever After™.

What makes these Cindy Gerard books special has always been the characters and how much heart the writing projects on me as a reader. I’ve always loved her books because they are written very well and infuse enough humor and heart, with the right balance of romance and suspense to keep me hooked and loving it all.

Oh, also, Gabe Jones (one of the BOIs from Black Ops, Inc.) makes a very hefty appearance in this book (him in all of his disgruntled and charming glory), which makes me very happy, because that means that we might get to see more of the rest of the BOIs... at least that’s what I’m hoping, ‘cause I really DO miss them a lot.

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text 2014-10-23 07:30
Top Ten... Thursdays... Top New Series...


To be totally honest, these top ten lists are grueling tasks for me.  Either I have too many options to choose from to add to my lists, or I don't have enough.  There never seems to be a happy middle.


And in this case, for Top New Series I Want to Start (New... like within the last year or two), I was totally thinking:  "What?  You want me to choose only ten?"  Then again, I'll admit that most of the series I want to start are really series that were started a lot more than two or three years ago, so I'll relent.


And yes, I know that this is a Top Ten Tuesdays meme from The Broke and the Bookish.  And I know that we are far from Tuesday.  But nonetheless, I stumbled across this meme and decided that I wanted to participate, even if I'm a bit late.


So I managed to narrow my list down to certain series, sacrificing many others, otherwise, this list will go on forever.


To point out, I'm typically a reader of all things and all genres, but my most recent obsessions within the past two years or so has been YA novels and more recently, Romantic Suspense novels.



1.  Legend by Marie Lu -- I've been meaning to read this series for a long time already.  Now that it's completely finished and ready to be read in one sitting... or two... or three... I really need to get it going.  Thus, I even added it to a Reading Challenge just to prioritize.




#1 - Legend

#2 - Prodigy

#3 - Champion

2.  Skylark by Meagan Spooner -- In keeping with the YA dystopian hype, this is a series I got interested in when it first came out, but never got around to reading.  So then I decided, as another year went by, to just wait until the last book was available to jump into it.  The premise sounds interesting enough, so I'm hopeful.




#1 - Skylark

#2 - Shadowlark

#3 - Lark Ascending

3.  His Fair Assassin by Robin LaFevers -- I own the first two books (bought at a rather ideal price via Amazon Kindle) and am planning on buying the third book when it's available.  The covers are pretty and the premise for each book is attractive and sound cool:  Assassin Nuns.  That should say it all, right?




#1 - Grave Mercy

#2 - Dark Triumph

#3 - Mortal Heart

4.  The Malediction Trilogy by Danielle L. Jensen -- I like high fantasies a lot and am on a mission to find another epic favorite after finishing Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson.  I have the first book in this trilogy (because I'm a compulsive book buyer), and have read good reviews about the first book, so I'm interested to see how the series turns out.




#1 - Stolen Songbird

#2 - Hidden Huntress

#3 - --third book untitled--

5.  Mann Family by Kate Brady -- The two books I've read of Kate Brady's so far were pretty good, so I'm curious about this series.  Having gotten drawn into the Romantic Suspense genre lately, I can always go for a good murder mystery/crime thriller anytime.




#1 - Where Angels Rest

#2 - Where Evil Waits



6.  Circle of Evil by Kylie Brant -- I loved Kylie Brant's Mindhunter series and am also looking to read a lot of her other, earlier works.  Circle of Evil is her newest series, another intriguing concept of a suspense, crime thriller and mystery.  And I can never get enough of those.




#1 - Chasing Evil

#2 - Touching Evil

#3 - Facing Evil

7.  Aftershock by Jill Sorenson -- This is one of those Romantic Suspense series that leans more towards the suspense and contemporary than mystery or crime thriller.  Having to do with disasters such as subway and airplane crashes and desert survival.  There has been great praise for her work as a new author in this genre, so I'm curious enough to want to give her series a go.




#1 - Aftershock

#2 - Freefall

#3 - Badlands

#4 - Backwoods

#5 - Wild

8.  One-Eyed Jacks by Cindy Gerard -- I have a soft spot in my heart for Cindy Gerard's work mainly because of certain particular books and certain particular characters from her first Romantic Suspense series The Bodyguards.  Of course, starting One-Eyed Jacks also means that I must first start and finish reading the series receding this one, Black Ops., since they tie into each other.




#1 - Killing Time

#2 - The Way Home

#3 - Running Blind

9.  Fated Blades by Steve Bein -- I have no reasons for this one except that the cover for the first book looks cool and that the concept sounds pretty awesome.




#1 - Daughter of the Sword

#2 - Year of the Demon

#3 - Disciple of the Wind

10.  Beauty and the Brit by Terri L. Austin -- The one and only Contemporary Romance on this list.  It sounds interesting to me... and I had a need to round off this list with more than just Romantic Suspense and/or YA novels.




#1 - His Every Need

#2 - His Kind of Trouble




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