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text 2018-07-30 09:00
Get the Free Android & Mobile Trading App For Keeping Track Of Online Commodity Markets? - Gill Broking

When it comes to tracking online commodity markets, these days every single activity is at your disposal; courtesy of a range of active smartphone apps. However, when choosing to keep a track of the market at your fingertips, one need to choose from a wide range of apps which generally has to deal with your exact knowledge level and interest in the online commodity market on a whole. Here’s a look at a handful of best apps for keeping a tab on online commodity market happenings.


  • Investing.com — Easily touted as the best available commodity market app that offers prices that are based on underlying commodities. It covers the full range of online commodity market along with excellent chart features accompanied with several indicator levels which does a fair job in getting the data right.
  • Bloomberg — Extremely user-friendly, Bloomberg’s commodity market app lets you tailor market news across certain broadly classified categories. It includes live commodity market prices for all major ones that include metals, energy and agricultural commodities. Just click on refresh and you are presented with live market data each and every time. However, the absence of charts can be quite a turn off for many market enthusiasts and serious market watchers. ​​​​​​​
  • Bloomberg — Extremely user-friendly, Bloomberg’s commodity market app lets you tailor market news across certain broadly classified categories. It includes live commodity market prices for all major ones that include metals, energy and agricultural commodities. Just click on refresh and you are presented with live market data each and every time. However, the absence of charts can be quite a turn off for many market enthusiasts and serious market watchers.
  • Gold Live — Quite contrary to what other commodity market apps are doing, Gold Live lay its sole focus upon offering a comprehensive outlook towards online commodity market. Gold live is where you can gain first-hand information on the price of base and other such metals that are precious like silver, nickel; platinum, zinc and aluminium to name a few. Sometimes, the live prices are delayed by a few minutes and a quick refreshing brings back everything on track. One also gets to analyze commodity market charts based data that is readily available on the mobile trading app.

Download Free Trading Apps — Download Advanced Commodity Trading Apps & Tools




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text 2018-07-28 10:34
What Is The Difference Between Share Market And Online Commodity Market?

Commodity Market


A virtual marketplace that facilitates buying and selling raw, as well as primary products of consumption, is called an online commodity market. Currently, there are about 50 commodity markets all over the world that encourages investment in trade across 100 such commodities. Usually, online commodity market is divided into two types, the hard commodities and the soft commodities. Hard commodities are commodities like rubber, gold and oil. On the other hand, soft commodities are certain agricultural products like wheat, sugar, coffee, pork and soybeans. Any developing country, for instance, India relies heavily on online commodity market investment like oil and steel to reinforce their infrastructure so that they can cater to the need of the population that is largely middle class. Such a trend have created the excessive demand on high prices of commodities and as such, the demand ratio also lures in investors at large who would otherwise have restricted their investment to bond and stocks.
 Stock Market
 It refers to the collection of exchanges and markets where issue and trade of stocks and equities take place. These stocks and equities they belong to companies that are either privately held or are bonds as well as other securities of different classes. As such the trade takes place through over the counter exchanges as well as through formal exchanges. Anytime manufacturers are buying commodities cheap, there seems to be the steady rise in their income which is followed by stock prices. The general trend is when consumers don’t buy manufactured goods, their earnings seem to drop along with the stock prices. On the other hand, consumer demand across a range of developing countries also keeps the earning of manufacturer high as stock prices increase steadily.


Both online commodity trading market and stock market allow investors to earn benefits at large. A fine instance is when a large number of stocks are in the habit of distributing dividends on a quarterly basis. As such the benefit of such commodities allow for values to be supported on account of any physical possession. Thus, investors feel more and more inclined towards buying commodities pertaining to economic conditions of the year.


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text 2018-07-27 11:47
Why Counting Of Sub Broker Franchise Increasing Day By Day In Online Commodity Market? Here is the Procedure of Stock Broking Franchise in India

What is Stock Broking Franchise?


Any Stock Broker or Sub-Broker Franchise is a concept where any SEBI registered Stock Broker can provide its franchise to any company or person willing to follow all SEBI rules and regulations and have a good network of investors to act as a broker on ran and franchiser. The Products, Services, Offers etc. served by the franchise are the same as offered by the trader. Not only this, the sub-broker Franchise can also give extra benefit to their clients that are not offered by the Franchiser. This business works as a brokerage sharing model where the Franchise retains the largest share and the franchise divides low.


Benefits of becoming a share market sub-broker franchise or stockbroker partner


· Exclusive rights for Business Partners.

· 100% Revenue Sharing.

· High Exposure for smooth trading.

· 24*7 Friendly Back office support.

· Call and Trade facility.

· Dedicated Relationship Manager to serve all financial needs.

· Recruitment support provided to hire the best talent In Industry & training provided by experts.

· Same day account open & start trading.

· Best Marketing Support.

· First time in industry share client leads with HNI Franchisee & allows them to deal.

· Any query resolved within 24* hours.


How to Become a Sub Broker Franchise?


How to Become a Sub Broker Franchise? For someone with an interest in the stock market, this is a magical profession. To become a sub-broker franchise, one needs to have a good understanding and background of the stock market and the financial market. Although the stock market understanding is very important and critically, having experience is a great addition as one has more offers/opportunities. The rationale behind this is that some of the major brokers prefer to have an experienced person as their representative sub-broker.


So becoming sub-broker franchise, understanding and experience of the stock market is two essential aspects.


The other necessary and one of the critical aspects is to register with stock exchanges. The reason that this is referred to as one of the critical aspects is that, without having this registration, a primary broker cannot appoint a person as a sub-broker and therefore becomes a prerequisite for becoming a sub-broker.


Although the crucial aspects have been discussed above, some other relevant aspects are the educational qualification, age, decent market commitment, good qualifications, etc. The reason for this is that the main broker would not like someone to represent his company name. Also, a person with a good account is more likely to have a reliable network and therefore grow business quickly.


Registration Process to Start Sub Broker Franchise


After analysing the shared information, we will contact the potential sub-broker franchise to confirm the interest and details provided. We will also contact the candidate’s preferred broker and understand their interest and pass on the candidate’s details.


After that, the candidate and the main broker take the process forward. Before moving on to the next stage, the main broker carries out a detailed background check of the potential candidate to confirm that there are no adverse consequences of making this person a representative of the broking house.


Typically, a representative of the main broker determines an appointment with the candidate to understand his / her interest and expectations of this initiative. During this meeting, the main broker also conveys/explains the expectations the broking house has from the sub-broker.


During this meeting, other aspects such as the product that the sub-broker is interested in, the initial investments, the required infrastructure, the security deposit, are about revenue expectations, sales targets, revenue sharing ratio, cash edge, credit period, break-even period etc.


This is the most essential step of the procedure as the main elements of the business are agreed at this stage. This step may have a few rounds of meetings as it also involves many discussions.


The potential candidate can complete a short form available here which requires the applicant to provide a name, number, e-mail and area of interest. This would help us to connect the potential candidate with the best top broker.


Documents required to set up Sub Broker Business


After agreeing to the terms, the sub-broker franchise is required to submit various necessary documents (listed below) to the main broker. The chief broker’s representative verifies these documents and stores copies of the same for their own records.


The documents that one requires would typically include the following:


1) Identity proof;

2) Address proof;

3) Proof of date of birth;

4) Academic qualification certificates — 10th, 12th, graduation and post-graduation (if any) degrees.

5) Registration certificate from stock exchanges

6) Passing certificates of any stock market-related exams

7) PAN Card

8) Aadhar Card


Eligibility Criteria to Become a Sub Broker Franchise


Typically, the broker houses expect the sub-brokers franchise to have a decent workplace and office where one can get the reasonable number of workstations and also have appropriate seating arrangements for its staff and customers. The sub-broker can own, rent or lease this infrastructure space.


Apart from this, the sub-brokers franchise is expected to keep the main broker’s security deposit. This deposit needs the main broker as a cover against the default that the sub-broker or its customers could go. Also, this deposit is generally reimbursed and is returned to the sub-broker to terminate the business agreement.


With this, readers would now be educated about sub-broker eligibility criteria, the procedure to become a sub-broker franchise and the capital investment that one needs to do to become a sub-broker.


For Sub Broker Franchise you can apply here


Original Source here

Source: medium.com/@gillbroking/why-counting-of-sub-broker-franchise-increasing-day-by-day-in-online-commodity-market-dfca34842b1d
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text 2018-07-26 12:44
What Is Equity And Commodity In Share Market?

Equity in the share market is broadly defined as a part of the company’s capital that is held closely by a singular group of people comprising of investors, promoters. Institutions and alike, any investor looking to invest in equity is free to do so by means of IPO, mutual funds or direct trading in stock markets. Equity, In essence, is the market where both shares are issued as well as exchanged. There are two such modes of exchange namely trading and over the counter. Often referred to as the Share Trading System, equity is the standout singular market in an economy, the most indispensable of all markets which allow an organisation to access capital directly. From the Indian perspective, NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) are two such exchange market to trade in equities.


Commodity Market


An online commodity market that deals in trading of monetary segments rather than objects that are manufactured. There are examiners and speculators from over 50 important markets here accessing monetary trading which predominates any physical trading when a set of items are passed from one hand to another. In simple terms, prospects contracts are genuinely the best strategy that one can be equipped with to do a successful business. Online Commodity Market similar to equity also enjoys online commodity trading on the exchange across four prominent categories namely;


· Bullion: Its where gold and silver are traded.


· Metals: Metal commodities like Copper. Aluminium, Zinc etc. are traded.


· Energy: Dealings pertaining to commodities likes Brent, Crude Oil as well as Natural Gas.


· Agri-commodities: High yielding agricultural commodities like Cotton, Barley, and Cardamom are listed for trading.


NCDEX and MCX are two such exchanges that are responsible for commodities exchange market.


Read more about Online Commodity Market


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Source: www.quora.com/What-is-equity-and-commodity-in-share-market/answer/Rahul-Roy-1579
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text 2018-07-25 13:03
What Is The Best Procedure Of Earn Profits From The Commodities Exchanged?

Commodity trading in India is gaining good popularity and thus you can make an investment getting higher profits in real time. However, it’s important to know the best way of online commodity trading that helps you to handle the features in the right way. Trading in online commodities depends on certain political fortunes and thus you have to analyze the aspects that give you the opportunity to manage your finances without any confusion. In this regards, you can seek expert advice learning the strategies to get access to all real-time benefits. Commodities include agricultural stuff like rice, wheat, corn, soya, coffee, sugar etc. and hard commodities like precious metals, crude, natural gas etc.


Types of Online Commodity Trading in India


Here are mentioned two major types of online commodity trading in India:


  • · Spot commodity market where the investment happens in cash against an immediate delivery option and works well in the retail market. This trade option involves a hedging mechanism for buyers and sellers ensuring that you get the best results fulfilling all your specifications.
  • · Next, you can explore the future commodity market where the commodities speculators would use future contracts to manage the business facets. Here, delivery happens on settlement instead of buying and selling contracts on the exchange.


You can thus get a clear view of different online commodity market trends that make it easier to earn profits from the commodities exchanged. Under contracts usually physical delivery won’t happen and thus investors prefer this form of trade where he can take part in profit/loss under contracted price knowing that he could win the good profits enhancing business opportunities in real time. The future commodity market is often regulated by SEBI and thus you have to follow the rules and regulations as mentioned by the organization ensuring that you get all beneficial options.


Making a Right Decision
And before you make the investment you must analyze the commodity market trends that help you to make a right decision comprehending the feasible options. MCX and NCDEX are two commodity exchanges facilitating two types of trade Spot and Future market helping the investors to find all effective solutions.
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Source: www.gillbroking.com/blog/best-way-to-earn-profits-from-the-commodities-exchanged
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