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review 2015-01-18 18:26
The Last Dragonslayer (Chronicles of Kazam) by Jasper Fforde
The Last Dragonslayer - Jasper Fforde

I am a Jasper Fforde novice. I think that maybe one time a long time ago I tried to read his nursery rhyme crime book and got distracted. 


Ooh shiny.


I've not read his most well-known series, which starts with The Eyre Affair, although I think I would like it. 


But one of my F&B friends is in love with the series, so we have purchased all of the books, and it is on my Long List of Series to Evaluate This Year, so I decided to read it. Finally.


Loved it. Some of the characters reminded me a lot of Roald Dahl - the witches, the villain (and what a hilariously appropriate and self-inflicted end he comes to), the world building which relies, more or less, on unbridled crony capitalism to bring about the end of the world as they know it. It's satirical, pointed, funny, quirky and downright subversive, and calls out humanity for some of our most unattractive failings. I spent so much of the time reading this book smiling.



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review 2014-04-19 01:02
The Woken Gods by Gwenda Bond
The Woken Gods - Gwenda Bond

This is going to be a quick review.


I finished the book last night. It was OK, not great, but not awful. I am a Percy Jackson fan, and this book didn't have the personality or the humor that Rick Riordan puts into his series. I didn't really get a great sense of who the gods really are, and how their personalities differ. 


However, there were aspects that I did like. I like the friendship between the MC, Kyra, and her two best friends, Bree and Tam. I also liked the fact that there was minimal romance between Kyra and the ostensible love interest, Oz. The book itself took place on a very short timeline (about four days, give or take), and involved a lot of danger, drama, and running around, so the idea that Kyra would have had either the time or the inclination to moon about over a boy would not have been convincing.


By way of wrap up, I would say that The Woken Gods had a lot of potential, to which it only partially lived up. I haven't been able to figure out if it is the first installment in a projected series. There is a lot of room in the narrative for further books, and I really hope that Gwenda Bond is planning at least one sequel. I would read it.


This book was published by Strange Chemistry, which is an imprint of Angry Robot publishing. I've read one other Strange Chemistry book, The Assassin's Curse, which I also rather liked. So, at this point, I'm actually pretty impressed with them.



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text 2014-04-16 03:29
Reading progress update: I've read 25%.
The Woken Gods - Gwenda Bond

So far I'm liking it. I'm at the 25% mark. The pace is good, not draggy. It has some similarities to Rick Riordan with the different pantheons. The focus right now is on the Sumarians. The MC is female, with two close friends, a boy and a girl. Her female friend - at least so far - is a real friend.


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