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review 2018-05-22 06:06
Book Tour: The Accidental Guardian
The Accidental Guardian - Mary Connealy

Are you a person would would like to see what an wagon trail is like. Learn about it some what. Well you get glimpses of it though the accidental guardian. You can see what it like to be a survivor of a wagon train.


We find out about Tracy Riley and some of his past. He has to protect not only woman but also two children. They are survivors of the wagon train. We seem to be following more of Deb's story rather then her little sister Gwen and the children. Though maybe in the second book we learn more about the children and Gwen story.


Deb is adventurous and Trace and seem interested in Tracy from  the beginning. Trace put Deb in his bed that first night. Is there romance between them or not?

Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2018/05/book-tour-accidental-guardian.html
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review 2018-05-21 00:51
The Witch with No Name - Kim Harrison


I'm glad this series is over because with this last book it ends on a highish note. There was the constant fugue state Rachel was in, with people shaking her, clearing their throats, etc. to get her to either wake up or pay attention. And I got real tired of her constant second guessing whether she was good for Trent. Ugh! Either stay or go - this back and forth was exhausting for me and I'm not a fictional character this is happening to! In addition, there was constant second guessing that went on with practically every decision Rachel had to make so put that on top of my other complaint. I thought the ending put a few toes over the mooshy marshmallow sweetness happy-ever-after ending, but the author drew herself back before I got dizzy from rolling my eyes. I'm giving it a generous (to me) 3-1/2 stars, which I didn't ding down further just because it was the last book in the series.

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review 2018-05-21 00:10
The Undead Pool - Kim Harrison


I am probably the only one who still has not forgiven Trent for what he did to Rachel when she was a mink (or whatever it was) in the first book. That was beyond mean, and went to cruel. 

Also, I think a mom has just as much right to a child as a father and so believe in 50/50 custody. You'll have to read the book to figure out what I'm talking about. 

Other than that, one of my favorite series.

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review 2018-05-10 19:01
There's a first time for everything...
Owned by the Sea - L.M. Somerton

"Owned by the Sea" is my first time reading this author and overall, I really liked the story that I was given, I loved the setting...a small fishing village on the English coast, I liked both of the MCs...Jonty and Jed worked as a couple for me and then there was Marmite...what an awesome dog.


Ok, I have to do a little bit of a rant about this dog. If you've never seen a Newfoundland dog seriously google is your friend. These dogs are huge...we're talking BIG!!! and beautiful and of course as pups they're adorable because let's face it have you ever seen an ugly puppy? Anyways, I loved Marmite he was just a really cool dog and an awesome addition to this story and yes, I might be a little partial to these gentle giants because like me they are Canadian...hence the dogs breed name of 'Newfoundland'...they're named for where they originated. Ok, that's my little tribute to Marmite and there was another dog that came along later in the story, but you'll have to read the book to find out about this cutie.


After being rescued from the sea the only survivor of the storm that took the lives of his parents and sister, Jonty remains at his families home on the edge of the village hiding from the world...it's been nearly a year since the storm that shattered Jonty's world and after a year living with survivor's guilt in a self imposed exile and painting the sea in a form of penance for having lived Jonty realizes that what he wants is to do something to honor his family and to figure out how to live again.


Jed's been attracted to Jonty since he first laid eyes on him but when you're pulling an unconscious man from the water during a storm that's neither the time to think or act on said attractions. So, Jed's kept his distance not wanting to be a reminder of what was unquestionably the worst day in Jonty's life. But when Jonty comes up with the idea of an art auction as a way to honor his parents and thank the lifeboat team that saved him, Jed's no longer able to keep his distance and agrees to work with Jonty.


So far it's all good right? I mean seriously I was loving this and I was feeling the connection between Jed and Jonty as it began to form. Unfortunately things went from getting to know you to 'getting to know you' way to fast for me and I got a little more lost when Jed first introduced the idea of a BDSM relationship to Jonty and my impression was that while Jonty may have been familiar with this idea it wasn't a life style that he'd ever actually taken part in and even though Jed's put forth as a Dom for me at best these two men were playing at a D/s relationship but not actually having one. I'll be the first to admit I'm not an expert on this lifestyle and I'm simply explaining the impression that I was left with and truthfully, I didn't have a problem with whether or not this was an actual BDSM relationship or two men 'playing at it'. It really doesn't matter to me but what I found really distracting was how quickly things progressed for me it just didn't feel right and yet...now here's where we get to the part that's a real first for me...


I've read stories where even though I can see a couple as a pair, I just don't feel the connection or where I just can't see it at all...it just doesn't work for me but I can honestly say that I can't think of one story that I've read where I get the connection and I can feel it, I like the pairing and they work for me as a couple except...well, except for when the sex comes into it and that's what's happening here. When Jonty and Jed are interacting together I get it I see them and really like them as a couple and the minute the clothes come off...I get a disconnect and I honestly think it's just that I need this to happen a little slower...I can't say for sure but that's what makes sense for me so I'm going with that.


Anyways aside from this little detail I found this story to be very enjoyable and while I'm not opposed to sexy times in my stories this turned out to be one of those times when less for me would have been more...less sex...more stars...who knew this could be a thing.


L.M. Somerton is an author that I've been wanting to read for some time now and I might have a few titles written by this author waiting on my TBR list and one thing that I've learned over the years is that more often than not one book for me does not an author make. I got a story from this book that held my interest and I enjoyed, I got to spend time on the English coast in a small fishing village with characters and a couple of adorable dogs that I really liked.



An ARC of “Owned by the Sea” was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2018-05-04 17:29
Only With Passion: Figure Skating's Most Winning Champion on Competition and Life (Witt)
Only With Passion: Figure Skating's Most Winning Champion on Competition and Life - Katarina Witt,E.M. Swift

OK, once I got past the highly debatable subtitle and rather ridiculously sexed-up cover picture, this little book from 2005 was actually quite an enjoyable read. A full biography it is not, but Katarina is not the first female skater - see, for instance, Barbara Ann Scott - to combine scattered biographical facts and philosophical musings into an advice-to-a-young-skater format. At least Katarina's book doesn't include an entire chapter on the details of school figures!


I like Katarina, based on her pretty consistent public persona here and on tv - she's generally very down-to-earth and seems to have a strong grasp on realities both interpersonal and financial. What's more, she appears to have the capacity to form strong female friendships - notably with Sandra Bezic and with her business partner, Elizabeth. She also somehow seems to have maintained a strong relationship, though perhaps part of that is unacknowledged dependency, with a coach, Jutta Muller, whose methods in this gradually-awakening day and age would likely be described as borderline abusive. The strictures on Katarina's weight - and the skater's defence of those strictures - I found troubling. Anyway, it's clear that even 10 years after her last amateur skate, Muller was still a valued part of Witt's career. She takes her fictional young skater friend, "Jasmine" to see her training with Mueller for her latest professional project.


One of the self-revelations I most enjoyed was Katarina's complete awareness that she's addicted to showboating. She doesn't seem particularly worried that she thrives on being the centre of attention, and doesn't perform her best unless she's aware of multiple eyes upon her. I'm not sure she quite makes the full connection between that and the fact that she has never settled down into a marriage, but she comes close in the few fairly guarded sentences that she devotes to her longish relationship with Richard Dean Anderson. In fact, rather too much of this narrative is slightly defensive about being an independent single woman, although I can completely understand that she has had to deal with this same narrative for years from the media; all that emphasis on her femininity and her beauty (often at the expense of acknowledging her real athletic chops). That aspect of her life interested me far less than her stories of growing up in East Germany, and also the stories she introduces about some of her East German friends, at least one of whom made the dangerous crossing from East to West Berlin while the wall was still up.


About other skaters of her era, Katarina generally speaking follows the "if you can't say anything nice" rule; she has respectful words for Debi Thomas, and also for Nancy Kerrigan, and she openly regrets that she was so aggressively competitive with Rosalynn Sumners in the pre-1984 years, given how well they got along in the pro years that followed. And then there's this:


"And what was Tonya Harding like?"

"Tonya," I chuckled ruefully. "She was an impressive athlete, I must say. Her jumps were so high. She was very talented, except not in the head. Really, I don't care two cents about her."


She's careful, but it's not North American media-speak. I like that.


If you are curious about how she would describe her Playboy photo-shoot, or the '87 Worlds, '88 Olympics, the '94 Olympics, or Carmen on Ice, you'll find a bit about each of those in here, though none of them is terribly deeply examined. E.M. Swift (the same man who "co-wrote" Gordeeva's My Sergei) has done a good job eliminating any Germanic-sounding glitches from the smooth first-person narrative. There is a photo section, in black and white, not in itself a reason to buy the book, but with some fun novelties (including pictures of Katarina and Anett Poetzch wearing the same competition dress).


I hope we do someday get a more substantial memoir or biography, but in the meantime, this little book has earned its spot on my shelves.

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