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review 2017-02-13 18:28
The Silent Wife: A gripping emotional page turner with a twist that will take your breath away - Kerry Fisher

Absolutely awesome read! And yes, it's one of those you cannot put down and won't want to put down. The farther I got into the book, the more I was into the book.

The Farinelli's have lived on the same street for years. Their mother, Anna, lives in the childhood home alone. While the oldest brother, Massimo, lives with his second wife of 10 years, Lara, and their child Sandro next door to his youngest brother, Nico. Massimo is divorced from his first wife who did not want children. Nico is currently newly married to his second wife, Maggie, after losing his first wife, Caitlyn, nearly 3 years ago to cancer. Maggie has a son, Sam and Nico has a daughter, Francesco.

The dynamics of this family are so crazy. I'm not going to go into them - I'm not spoiling it for anyone. I will tell you that at one point I did hit the bed and scream "yes, yes, yes" when a certain someone got their comeuppance and I LOVED IT!

I just can say how much I enjoyed this book. I love it when people who are being buttheads get theirs and there are several buttheads in this book. This will definitely be one of my top reads for 2017!

Huge thanks to Bookouture for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2015-09-17 18:58
[Review] So Close to You: Historical Time Travel So Close to Perfect

I haven't read many time travel novels (Seriously, I just read A Wrinkle In Time) and discussions of plot holes and such within timelines typically turn me off. I just...don't care enough to try following the thought along.


So, I saw a pretty cover with an interesting blurb that was worth a shot and entered to win the first two So Close to You novels. (I assume, I've lost all track of how I procured the book. Sorry!) It took awhile to get to read but I'm glad I did. Now I'm really glad the second one is signed.


One thing that does bug me in and out of time travel novels is the lack of consequences. Using it as a get out of jail free card would've caused me to quit. Thankfully, that didn't happen.


Instead, I was greeted with a turn I wasn't expecting. Even with the gut punch and cliffhanger, I was happy. Because what happened mattered. It had an effect which wasn't erased to make it "happy". I fucking loved the ending and it is the reason I continued the series.

Series: So Close To You #1 Genre: Sci-Fi, Historical, Mystery, Romance Age: YA Format: Hardcover, 313 pgs. Source: No Idea Rating: 4.5 Stars Recommendable?Yes
Lydia Bentley has heard stories about the Montauk Project all her life: stories about the strange things that took place at the abandoned military base near her home and people who've disappeared over the years. Stories about people like her own great-grandfather. When Lydia stumbles into a portal that transports her to a dangerous and strange new reality, she discovers that all the stories she's heard about the Montauk Project are true, and that she's in the middle of one of the most dangerous experiments in history. Alongside a darkly mysterious boy she is wary to trust, Lydia begins to unravel the secrets surrounding the Project. But the truths behind these secrets force her to questions all her choices - and if Lydia chooses wrong, she might not save her family but destroy them... and herself.
The Good The Bad & The Other
Actions have consequences instead of being erased for feel good ending Insta-love with angles
Solid protagonist Cliffhanger, though not the worst kind
Loved the historical setting that takes up most of the book, makes it come alive Conspiracy theories=Meh but whatever
Romance wasn't too drawn out and heavy Would've been nice to see Lydia thinking about journalism beyond idealistic dreams
Young Adult Icon Historical Icon Mystery Icon Romance Icon Sci-Fi Icon Insta-Love Icon Page-Turner Postrs


Since time travel isn't my topic, what did interest me was how historical it leaned. Instead of lovers hoping around, it had a mystery taking place in 1944 and went back to investigate.


The conspiracy theory is an eye-roller as they always are but I was able to let that go. Maybe I'm more willing to suspend disbelief with teenagers, I don't know. YA is the only category where I can remember letting it go. Besides the complete balls to the wall, shut your brain off City of Dark Magic.


The young adult heroine, Lydia, helped with bringing in my favorite reading age group, admittedly. She's a pretty, typical, good girl but with a stubborn streak a mile wide and no annoying habits. I liked reading her and her perspective though it was nothing extraordinary.


I was wondering how an inspiring journalist would turn out. There wasn't any ribbing, defense of the profession or determination to be better. No worries of job prospects or career.


In the beginning, her journalistic drive was brought up a lot. Not that there was really much time or place for it after that, but it'd be nice to see a teen conscious of such considerations.  They do exist but /shrug.


The Always Included Romance


I wasn't too happy with the love angles sprouting up. I knew one was coming but still, I wasn't looking forward to it. Since Lydia corrected one side and the other side was tied into the mystery, it didn't drag the book down. There wasn't much hemming and hawing about it.


Mandatory Gif. Oh, yeah. 

There were some moments of "What are you doing?" and "Get over it!", mostly tied to Lydia's ditzy romantic side. But...I got over it and so did she.


Okay, so I've also got a thing for dark, mysterious and brooding. I blame Angel. It's still insta-love. And no, I wasn't swept away like Lydia.  I wasn't repulsed either. Just...added it to my list for suspension of disbelief. Usually that doesn't work but it did here.





Random Thoughts:

Why call it TM and then try to be coy with saying it stands for "Telsa's Machine"? We all know it's a time machine, ffs. If they didn't want to label it such, they fucked up with the initialism. Make it different or make it standard, half-assing it sounds and feels like some weird knock-off shit.


4.5 stars for the ending above all else, for the historical mystery and for time travel that didn't turn me off or give me a headache.


Recommended for:

YA lovers, especially historical and time travel fans.


Note: I cannot find any information on how I received this book. It's gotta be a giveaway win or something, but nothing is coming up in my search. It's been so long, before the second one was even published since that one's an ARC. I'm so sorry! Please let me know if you're the person I got it from and I'll update ASAP.

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review 2015-08-24 19:59
I'm your number one fan!
Mr. Mercedes - Stephen King

Nobody told me this isn't a Stephen King novel! Okay, so Mr. King wrote a thriller. He still does it better than most. However, he should stay far far away from fedora-wearing detectives and sex scenes and stick with what he does best. What would Annie Wilkes say?

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review 2015-06-29 17:40
Little Man, and the Dixon County War by Stan R. Mitchell
Little Man, and the Dixon County War - Stan R. Mitchell

I received a free kindle copy Little Man, and the Dixon County War by Stan R. Mitchell from Amazon in exchange for a fair review.

I don't usually read 'Westerns' but Stan Mitchell is a gifted writer. I will look for more of his work. I gave this intriguing book five stars start to finish.

Paul 'Little Man' Zachary shared some of what he learned fighting for the South: "My Captain used to say, “If you’re not muddy, you’re not low enough,” and that advice has saved my life more times than I care to count."

Little Man rode into a town with no name & entered a saloon without a name. Two men got up & left after he dragged a table over so his back was protected. "They knew blood was about to be shed and probably didn’t want to be sitting six feet away from one end of it. It’s fun and amusing to watch when you’re young, but by the time you’re in your forties like these two guys, it just loses its flavor. Wounds last longer, and recovery isn’t as smooth."

Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/Little-Man-Dixon-County-War-ebook/dp/B00776E5OC

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review 2015-05-04 15:28
The Prodigals is a story of courage, hope, mercy, and redemption.
The Prodigals: Book Two - Giants in the Land - Clark Rich Burbidge


The Prodigals is the second installment of the trilogy Giants in the Land, by award-winning author Clark Burbidge.


In the first book, The Way of Things, humans and giants had been living together harmoniously for many generations. Then, one morning, the humans were shocked to discover that the giants had disappeared and chaos reigned. Thomas, a farmer and an outstanding hunter, accepts the challenge of searching for the giants. During his journey he overcomes difficulties by using his skills and he trusts God to help him reach his final destination. At the end of the story, Thomas dies of old age and is buried in the Land of the Giants, as an honor for his extraordinary work.


The saga continues with The Prodigals. The author does not disappoint his readers and brings forth another engaging, page-turner adventure.


The story begins with Thomas awakening in the Land of the Giants. Because of his character, wisdom to discern the heart of men, and his ability to judge the immediate needs of others, he is promoted to the honored position of Forest Ward.


Meanwhile in his old village, Tommy, the son of Thomas's daughter Hope, is going through a phase of adolescent rebellion and growing pains. Although he is respectful and obedient to his parents, he dislikes farming and neglects his duties. However, he is an excellent hunter just like his uncle Samuel and his grandfather.


One day while Tommy is in the forest daydreaming at the top of his favorite tree, the village is attacked by a group of ruffians. His dad and uncle Samuel get injured trying to protect their families. While climbing down the tree, Tommy, too, is injured and is unable to assist his helpless younger sister Rose, who is taken captive by the attackers. After the ruffians leave the village, headed to the town of Westhall with Rose and some spoils, Tommy is helped by Marcus, a slave boy who escaped from the leader of the invaders. Feeling guilty for the series of unfortunate events his escape caused to the village and its people, Marcus offers to help rescue Rose.


News of this event reaches the Land of the Giants. The Giants had heard stories about the state of decadency in Westhall, an evil- centered, modest-sized town facing the Great Western range in the eastern lands, where slave trade is a normal affair. The giants send Thomas Forest Ward and Earthwatcher to investigate and to proceed according to the Way of Things. Upon arriving, Thomas Forest Ward assesses the situation and decides to create a rescue team comprised of himself, Earthwatcher, Tommy, and Marcus.


During their journey, they will encounter groups of captives being taken to Westhall to be sold as slaves to the higher bidder. Among those captives is the giant Herdshepherd, who lost his purpose in life, and Samantha, a strong-willed, spirited woman who is destined for great things.


As the saga unfolds, Thomas Forest Ward, Earthwatcher, Tommy, Marcus, Herdshepherd, and Samantha will keep the reader involved in their rescue mission and their individual development. At the end of the story, those who thought of others most have evolved to become wiser, leaders.


The surprising and unexpected end will leave the reader wondering about the odds of Thomas accomplishing his most challenging mission. But so as not to leave the reader at the edge of his seat, the author includes a sneak peek of the final installment, The Cavern of Promise.


The Prodigals is a story of courage, hope, mercy, and redemption.


I highly recommend it to adolescents, young adults, and to those working with them. And to those who, quoting the giant Forestmaster: “... have the gift to see in others their ability to become something more and the compassion to care for them to help them achieve it… who can find the giant within and bring it to the surface.”

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