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text 2020-04-18 17:34
How android app reviews influence the users?

As an user, you need to consider certain factors before installing an application.


  • Is the application serving the purpose you want it to!
  • Is the popularity of the application good enough!
  • The description of the application needs to be clear as well as elaborate.


For these above factors to be considered fast and easy the reviews and ratings of the application is the best option. Hence, reviews and ratings play an important role for the users.


Is it possible to buy android reviews?


The answer to this question would be a big Yes. You can buy android reviews and get your application promoted. In other words, reviews are necessary for promotion.


As many as possible the reviews the application gets it is good for the promotion of the same. And you can buy android reviews if your application is struggling to gets reviews quickly.


What’s the take-away!


With applications in the Google Play Store we look to make our life easier. Before considering any application we need realize its potential.


The reviews and ratings are the main thing that says it all! The reviews tell us about the popularity of the application as well as its purpose and how well it serves the same. Before we install any application we need to go through the reviews to make the final call.



Also, the ratings and reviews needs to be present to help the users make the right decision at any cost. As such buying android reviews can be a very good option too.

There are numerous platforms where you can buy android reviews and you should feel free to contact us to.

Source: buyallpaidreviews.com
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text 2020-04-11 18:27
6 Books About five star rating games You Should Read

[How assessments will help an application?

Before we install any application we absolutely go from the reviews and scores. These opinions or rankings support us understand how the applying is Performing in the mean time, how well it has been developed or the amount of pleasure it provides!

We're here talking about the value of opinions for an software. And so we would summarise the leading detail.

Why evaluations are important?

• It can help to mature the applying and in addition make Other individuals to down load and utilize it for after..!

• You can certainly get the application installed if you will discover much more evaluations.

• No apart from reviews can help the applying to be far more visible inside the search engine results.

Is buying android reviews a possibility?

There's a significant Levels of competition. It is far from enough to acquire good software! You must get it promoted just as much as feasible. Shopping for android critiques to your Android app can help in obtaining the needed promotion. Your application with the assistance from the evaluations and scores you buy stands a very good opportunity to excel.

Obtaining android reviews is for that reason a very good solution so far as ASO techniques are worried.

What to conclude?

For starters, you require to understand the significance of evaluations and rankings on your Android software If you're an app owner. It's very crucial to get your software promoted to the most important achievable extent. Only aquiring a fantastic software would not aid.

We have in the course of this article made an effort to point out The explanations you need to obtain android reviews. You can easily comprehend the things and start getting android testimonials.]

[How android app assessments affect the customers?

As an user, you'll want to look at particular elements ahead of installing an software.

• Is the applying serving the intent you wish it to!

• Is the popularity of the application adequate!

• The outline of the application needs to be very clear along with elaborate.

For these above components to get thought of speedy and simple the testimonials and scores of the appliance is the best option. Consequently, reviews and ratings Engage in a vital function for your users.

Can it be attainable to acquire android testimonials?

The answer to this question could be a giant Certainly. You should purchase android assessments and Obtain your application promoted. To paraphrase, evaluations http://buyallpaidreviews.com are necessary for promotion. As quite a few as is possible the opinions the applying receives it is nice for that marketing of the exact same. And you may obtain android testimonials When your software is struggling to gets critiques rapidly.

What’s the choose-absent!

With apps while in the Google Engage in Retail outlet we look to generate our everyday living a lot easier. Right before thinking of any application we'd like notice its prospective. The assessments and rankings are the principle factor that says everything! The assessments tell us about the popularity of the applying along with its purpose And the way well it serves the exact same. Just before we install any software we have to go throughout the testimonials to make the final connect with.

Also, the rankings and critiques ought to be existing to aid the buyers make the appropriate choice at any Value. As such obtaining android testimonials might be a very good option much too.

You will discover quite a few platforms exactly where You should purchase android critiques and you should feel free to Call us to.]

[HOW REVIEWS Can assist AN Software?

Opinions play a crucial job in now’s digital consumer journey. Whether it's examining a restaurant, an Uber driver, or an application, a fantastic score and numerous critiques will enhance growth for your enterprise.

A large number of applications are released on a daily basis, rendering it really hard for an app to jump out. Testimonials may help an software for influencing other people's final decision to setup that software. Reviews done on any application could make folks to rely on and believe in that application. As we realize that reviews are really worthwhile and handy for selecting and working with new purposes that have came to the marketplace. If opinions have finished extended in detail through the seasoned people can help and make other buyers captivated to your software, it could also assist them for getting a lot more specifics of that application.

Getting a great deal of constructive critiques will give your software An immediate social evidence. It can help to target probably the most impactful improvements on your application , you can perspective leading trends and challenges that consumers point out with your application's testimonials. Testimonials are a great way to boost your exposure within the app shop. The larger sized quantity of responses for an software correlates Along with the greater variety of downloads. In general if we are saying, app rating relies on the amount of evaluations and The proportion of favourable responses. If an app only has 10 purchaser responses and a few of them are unfavorable, it brings the ranking all the way down to 70 per cent. Evaluations are the number 1 piece of information for likely downloaders to look at whilst looking at an application. If you'll find extra of favourable critiques then there'll be far more escalating method in direction of growth.

So the final Conclusion.

As assessment have these types of good impact it is not a nasty technique to obtain android reviews properly. You can do so from many platforms and also can Call us for your intent.]

[Why to order android application reviews?

You will find figures of android apps that compete against each other for visibility to the Google Perform Shop. The assessments and scores support the purposes to acquire the believe in and get installed from the android buyers.

There are numerous motives to take into consideration buying android application testimonials:

• Far more assessments means enhanced visibility within the search results.

• If an software has extra assessments, then it would be mounted by additional android people .

• An software may very well be great however it can't facial area the competition without the testimonials and rankings.

• Opinions and scores help in raising the attention about the application.

• You can't dismiss the importance of the opinions in ASO techniques.

Why acquire from us?

We provide the very best quality provider at a reasonable value which receives sent from the fastest achievable time. Our customer service is around mark. Along with the workforce remains Energetic 24/7, 365 days. Thinking of their capability to solve the issues, they can be closely relied on.

Closing consider.

Amount of android programs while in the Google Enjoy Store retains growing. Using a very good software is necessary but is not the sole aspect that can help the applying to become noticeable about the Google Participate in Shop.

Acquiring a decent quantity of ratings and reviews is very important. The above pointed out good reasons can make clear quite well why you'll want to obtain assessments and rankings. Also, on account of greater Competitors, evaluations and ratings have grown to be far more significant than prior to. It is well comprehensible that an software can survive with out owning good number of testimonials.





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text 2019-03-17 05:10
Reedsy Discovery - Another paid review, bogus up-voting book marketing site

Reedsy is a British-based author services firm in the self-publishing industry. As well as helping authors find and hire vetted freelance professionals it offers online software tools to help authors convert their manuscript file to e-books. 


Discovery is their new program launched “because we saw way too many authors getting frustrated with their marketing campaigns.” 


No argument there. 


Reedsy describes Discovery as a pre-publication marketing tool to be used to build momentum on the day your book launches. 


So how does their new site work for an author? I needed some clarification, so I sent Emmanuel, CEO of Reedsy an email. Below is a transcript of my enquiry and his response.



Dear Emmanuel,


Thank you for contacting me regarding Reedsy Discovery. May I please get some clarification on this new marketing platform for authors? 


As I understand, I submit my book plus $50 for the opportunity to have one of your one hundred reviewers review it. If my book is lucky enough to be selected and receive a high-quality review, it will be promoted on the Discovery Feed where readers can read, comment and up-vote it.


If my book is among the most up-voted that week it will be featured in your weekly newsletter which is sent to thousands of readers in my genre. How many thousands of readers would that be if you don’t mind me asking?


If the reviewers don’t review my book, or if they review it and don’t like it, there’ll be no review. Without this review, it will not be promoted on the Discovery Feed and will be relegated to the Recently Added tab.


However, when my book is launched, the first chapter will still be made available on the Recently Added tab for readers to read, comment and up-vote—if they can find it. 


Would you agree the key to success is for my book to get a high-quality review and then be promoted on the Discover Feed where it will be featured prominently and much more likely to be read, commented upon and up-voted?  


Regardless of whether my book has the potential to be blockbuster if it is not selected it will have to compete with those arbitrarily chosen for a high-quality review and promoted on the Discovery Feed. 


From this disadvantaged position, do you still contend it could receive enough up-votes to be featured on your homepage and emailed directly to readers (the number still to be determined) in my genre?


All things considered, the most likely outcome for my book in my opinion, and indeed for most books submitted to Reedsy Discovery, will be to end up on the Recently Added list with one chapter featured. No review and no direct mail sent to your thousands (exact amount yet to be divulged) of readers in their genre.


And you think that’s worth $50? No, I mean do you really think it’s worth $50?


Sorry, I  forgot the professional landing page - that would make five including my website, D2D, Smashwords, and Amazon. 


Obviously, there’s something I'm missing. Something that will distinguish this venture from other sites that promote bad literature by offering paid reviews and the opportunity for unscrupulous writers using the most imaginative, but still unethical, ways of advancing (up-voting) their books with no regard for quality.


Please tell me I’m wrong.


Rod Raglin


PS When and if you do respond can you please provide an approximate number of thousands of readers in my genre you have access too? Is it two thousand or two hundred thousand? I think you’d agree it could make a difference.





Hey Rod,


We are not currently disclosing how many readers we precisely have but it's in the tens of thousands. So far most authors have received a review on Discovery.


Regarding upvotes, I agree it's advantageous to receive a review. But you can counterbalance that by asking your existing base of readers to upvote you (or at least friends and family)


Note: I had a look at your Amazon page and I'd recommend you work with a professional cover designer before submitting to Discovery — it'll give you much great chances of receiving a review (yes, people do judge a book by its cover…)


All the best,


Emmanuel, CEO @ reedsy.com





Dear Emmanuel, 


Thought you might suggest the friends and family thing. Sorry, but I find it unethical and apparently so does Amazon. I also noticed in your submission form it's required to indicate whether the author has engaged the services of Reedsy. I guess that’s one way to select who gets a review or not.


Thanks for the advice on the cover, but rather than spend hundreds of dollars on a professionally designed cover so your reviewers might consider reviewing my book, I can spend $9 more than your asking and Readers’ Favourite Book Reviews will review my book (no professional cover required) within two weeks—guaranteed. 


Their review is posted on Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. In addition, many of their reviewers post reviews to their blogs and social media sites. The review is also indexed by search engines like Google, which recognizes RFBR reviews and formats them with their starred rating, just like Amazon and Goodreads.


They also post the review on a landing page, their app, announce it to 500,000 libraries, bookstores and schools and give you a month of free advertising on their Featured Book Rotator visible to everyone who visits their site.


Unfortunately, like Reedsy Discovery they only publish four and five star reviews which I think is a disservice to readers as well as writers.  However, regardless of the rating. they send you the review and a mini-critique of your book that provides ratings on 5 key areas: appearance, plot, development, formatting and marketability.


Regardless of your quasi-ethical practices;  not being transparent with your numbers, encouraging bogus up-voting and the conflict of interest inherent in any review that's paid for, I think you need to up your game, Emmanuel. 





Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive. 


Marketing my books has that influence on me. I can feel my tolerance fraying as I read the pitch from yet another book marketer, publishing consultant, or whatever they call themselves hoping to sell you their services or programs that offer simplistic solutions to complicated problems.


I shouldn’t be so hard on them. After all, they’re just trying to make a living and being a salesman myself how often have I taken the sale knowing full well the client’s expectations would never be met? 


Perhaps it’s because I’d like to believe that hiring an editor, cover designer and all the other professional publishing services available would guarantee me success. 


It won’t. It’ll just make me poorer. 


So I resent the dozens of emails I get, like this one, suggesting they will, and I feel empathy for those who pay the money only to have their dreams dashed and their wallet emptied.


Is there a solution? 


In ten years of experimentation I’m resigned that first I have to get good, then get lucky.


Stay Calm, be Brave and Watch for the Signs


Reedsy Discovery https://reedsy.com/discovery

Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews https://readersfavorite.com/

Author Amazon Page https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B003DS6LEU








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text 2017-09-21 07:10
BookBaby prez says thousands want to review your book free - then suggest three that would cost $394

Steven Spatz is an author, marketer, and the President of BookBaby. He writes the bookbaby Blog at http://blog.bookbaby.com/


It's a thinly veiled promotional blog that encourages self-published authors to use the services of BookBaby to prepare and publish their manuscripts. I compare it to the weekly newsletter I get from a local realtor where despite rising interest rates, falling house prices and any other economic calamity that might be happening "it's always a good time to buy or sell property".


Here's my response to his most recent blog entitle "Book Reviews: The Ultimate Word Of Mouth Promotion".



Hi Steven,
Let's crunch some numbers shall we. You shouldn't mind because they're ones you provided.


You write in your recent BookBaby blog that book reviews are critical to promoting my book. I agree. You write " "There are literally thousands of book reviewers and bloggers online, and most of them review books even though they aren’t paid."


I'd be doing a little more research before making a statement like that if I were you. I'll bet you'll find the majority of these bloggers and reviewers though online aren't active.


After making this unqualified claim about thousands of bloggers and reviewers who want to review my work at no charge you then "recommend the following sites:


Midwest Book Review that charges $50 a review;
The Indie Reader at $255 a review: and,
The Self-Publishing Review at $119 a review.


If I was to "purchase" one review from each site it would cost a total of $394.


What happened to the thousands of unpaid book reviewers and bloggers? Why didn't you list a few of them?


You can purchase an e-book of mine from Amazon for $3.99 of which I get 35% royalty or $1.35. I'd need to sell about 291 books to pay for these three reviews.


And what if they're bad reviews?


According to your 2017 Self-Publishing Survey


of the 4300 authors who took part only 5%, or about 215 authors, made $5000 a year from their writing. The other category you draw comparisons from which is obviously significantly larger, is the one you call lower earning authors who earn less than $100 a year from their writing.


The inherent conflict of interest of "paid for reviews" aside, how in good conscience can you recommend to the majority of indie authors, making less than $100 a year from their writing as indicated by your own research, that they spend that kind of money on reviews?


So which is it, Steven? Are either totally out of touch with your own research and our plight, or part of the pack who prey on naive and delusional new indie authors who are prepared to throw money away chasing that elusive dream?





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text 2015-09-08 05:05
So, it's now so okay for fivver paid reviewers to have accounts on goodreads they show it proudly on their profiles?


I'm not identifying that particular profile since they only had one review and I'm not trying to start some sort of shitstorm on someone over something that may or may not be a commercial (paid) review.  (Not all fivver accounts and services are for review writing.)


I also am not trying to get the profile flagged because I suspect all that might happen is that they remove the website link to fivver.  It's better it's there, in my opinion, so you know they are a paid reviewer.  I'm not sure I care enough anymore to click the link to see if their one review was a paid one or one with material connection such as being the editor/promoter/proofreader/ghostwriter so should be flagged (I'm not sure that wouldn't also just make them remove "fivver" from their profile—might be better just to file FTC complaint if the review was a paid one not disclosing payment or some sort of material connection also not disclosed).

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