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text 2018-10-17 10:20
What are the Top Secrets of the Pro Painters?

Most of us can do a good job painting a room. But experienced professional painters from Melbourne does a great job. Obviously, professionals have more experience than the average owner, but they also know tricks that make them better painters.

I ask many professional and commercial painters Melbourne Company to share those secrets. They probably kept some tips for themselves, but they gave us more than enough to help them work more efficiently and get better results. Something you will read about may surprise you.

How a professional painter’s secrets will help you?

For example,

  • Your secrets will not reduce painting time. The painters spend two to four days in a room of medium size.
  • That is the time it takes to prepare, print and paint correctly. It's more work, but when you go back to admire the results, you'll agree that it's time well spent.

Painters Melbourne

I asked some of my favourite commercial painters From Melbourne, what to do with these and other secrets to achieve a perfect painting job.

What are the secrets the painters have?

It is likely that most of you have previously done a painting job, from small crafts to larger house projects. Painting is fun, art and it can be simple. When you finish a job well done, it feels good. Let's explain and understand.

  • Use an extension pole

Most of the people think that they are only to reach high places, but if you have a lot of paint surface to paint, you need an extension stick. It will give you more leverage so you do not have to keep bending down to load your roller, which reduces strain on your arms and back. With better leverage and less physical stress, you'll be able to paint more quickly and efficiently.

  • Do not forget to caulk

Do not forget to caulk around the molding, the moldings, the windows and the door frames, this makes your wall trimmings and finishes stand out and look like a professional who took the time to provide a job In addition, caulking could add the benefit of preventing unwanted cold air / airflow from entering the room.

Commercial Painters Melbourne

  • Protect knobs

All painters from Melbourne use the Slide a small plastic bag over the door knobs and stick the edge with tape to avoid painting the paint in places where it is not supposed to go.

  • Choose the right brush

Investing in a good brush is the first step at a professional looking touch. As an owner, stick with synthetic brushes: polyethylene brushes are good for outdoor work and soft nylon is good for indoor work. The smaller the brush, the more control, but keep in mind that you should select a brush that is too small to make a project take longer.

My words…

Have you ever tried the painting at your home, did you ever get the advice from painters Melbourne service? DIY your home buy getting the advice from this article that may be pro-painters give.

Source:The Most Kept-Secrets about Professional Painters

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text 2018-09-25 07:25
Get your Home or Office Painted with Professional Painters Only

Getting your home or office painted in your desired way or as per a specific layout is really a major decision. Therefore, if you are deciding to get painting done for your home or office, then it is advisable to hire painters Melbourne for the same. Hiring professional painters to get your residential or commercial property painted will help you to bestow a new look to your home or office in the way, you expected to be.


Homeowners, who want to get their home painted should probably consider professional services of residential painter in Melbourne. This will help them to discuss with the painter regarding the expectations, layout or any other thing pertaining to getting the house painted. There are some people, who wish to get their house painted as per a particular theme or layout, therefore they can get the same done with the help of professional house painters in Melbourne.



When you consider professional services of an expert painted for the house painting job then you can expect the best quality of work from them that too in less period of time. Therefore, with the assistance of professional painters, you can discuss your personal ideas or preferences with them as well. Further, if there are any limitations or if something is not possible in terms of painting your house as per any particular theme, then the professional painter will let you know about it.


By discussing your expectations from professional painters, they will also come to know about what exactly are your looking from the whole painting job. Apart from this, if there any drawbacks or if any particular theme is not possible with house painting job, then professional painters will let you know about it accordingly. Taking professional assistance of commercial painters in Melbourne to get your office painted in the desired way will really help you to bestow a fresh look to it. Besides this, professional painters would also incorporate your preferred theme/colour, so you can be sure that your office would be painted as per your expectations.


Also, when you opt for professional services, then you can leave all the worries, fuss and problems related to painting on home painters. They are expert at carrying out the whole painting process and can get your home painted in less time and in a systematic way. Apart from this, it can be said that you don’t have to worry about even a single aspect pertaining to home painting, as you can be rest assured that your home is in the safe hands of professional painters. Therefore, hiring professional painters also relieves you from the whole stress and work pertaining to the the house painting procedure. Therefore, no matter, whether you are considering painting services for your new home or old house, the best thing you should do is opt for professional painters.


Thus, it can be said that with the help of a house painters Melbourne, at any point of time you can consider to get your house painted in the best way.

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text 2017-07-27 04:19
4 Easy Steps in Painting Recommended by Commercial Painters Sydney

While some opt to hire commercial painters sydney because they are much skilled in interior and exterior paintings, as well as they, are aware of the trick which ensures their client a perfect finish that will last. Obviously, they get the best work, however, if you have lots of spare time and you are managing yourself to complete the job done, here we provide you with few steps. These steps are quite simple even you are not an expert painter you can finish the job as best as you can without spending much time and money.


Start with the basic preparation


Usually, the most basic are the things that most of us forget. So, try to imprints in your mind that when it comes to the painting of residential room or even in the big establishments – the commercial painters Sydney gives importance of cleaning the walls and the ceilings which can’t be understated. This professional always recommends a thorough cleaning because it can actually make a big difference between satisfactory and best one! So first thing first, sponges down the walls as well as the ceilings with water. You may use the detergent to remove the dust and dirt that has built up for too long. Clean up the residue at the same time collate all the sheets and begin the first painting.


Paint the Trim before the walls


In most scenarios, a painting company in Sydney suggest that when starting to paint the trim should be first before getting onto the walls and ceilings. Why? Because of it simply much easier to tape offs the trim compares to the walls. You may use a two-inch brush to get a perfect finish on the moulding, window and door frames. However, don’t stress much yourself if you get paint on the walls first. Subsequently, you have to wait for the next day waiting the paint try at this point you can tape it off and proceed onto the ceiling.


Rolling the Ceiling


When you paint the ceiling before you proceed to the walls you have to cut-in the perimeter of the ceiling using a painting brush. A cut of 3.5 inches is ideal! When rolling the ceiling use the roller paint in W shape when applying the paint perfectly as well as use roller strokes if the paint is applied excessively. Do it by starting at the corner and paint across the width of the ceiling.


Get busy with the walls


If the ceiling has already dried, proceed to the walls to get yourself busy. If you are working with the bedroom or living room it is best to go with the flat acrylic paint of low-sheen for the best finish. You can start painting at the edges using a brush, afterwards grab a roller and paint in M shape – a metre below the ceiling where you can apply perfect strokes. Likewise, you can move down a metre below for the next area and apply it all over until you have the best finish.


Check out some painting inspiration online, so you may have a vivid idea where to start and how to do it properly. So enjoy your DIY homework!


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