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review 2022-11-05 02:25
The Rules of Magic - Alice Hoffman
The Rules of Magic: A Novel - Alice Hoffman


I wish I liked this story more than I actually did.
I mean, when Hyland died I cried like it was a family member. I was devastated. I think I'm still devastated.
That was probably the best part of the story though. The rest was good, but slow-paced and not what I wanted.
After Practical Magic I just thought it would be more magical.
The talent in the writing based on that one part has me wanting to read more from the author. I know she is a good writer. Just maybe the hype around this one pumped it up so much that I expected more.
Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2022/11/the-rules-of-magic-alice-hoffman-48.html
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review 2022-10-03 04:32
Sabrina's Vampire - A.K. Michaels

Sabrina is suspended from the police force after having an affair with a suspect. Pending an investigation, she decides to go to Las Vegas for a vacation. While there, she gets into trouble and is rescued by Kyle in a dark alley. He takes her to his place. She is unlike anyone he has previously met. She feels the same about him. It has only been a few days. Could they be in love?


I enjoyed this story. I did not know it was the beginning of a series. You can end it here because it is a happy ending, but I want to know more. I liked Sabrina and Kyle. She is smart and figures out what Kyle is. He has to call his Sire to figure out why he feels this way and why certain things are happening. I found it interesting. But he is holding secrets. Now I need to know how he tells her. I look forward to more of the series.

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review 2022-09-03 02:22
HALF WOLF by Aimer Easterling
Half Wolf (Alpha Underground Book 1) - Aimee Easterling

Hunter, a Tribunal enforcer, has had Fen kicked out of her pack. Fen, half human-half werewolf, has a weak wolf but has been given the power of an Alpha by her old Alpha. She has a small pack who travel with her as she goes in outpack areas. Getting into trouble in a bar, she receives help from a patron, Quill, to get her pack out of the bar alive. Quill becomes a member of her pack. Lia, one of her pack members who is also like her, a halfie, gets kidnapped by the SSS who believe halfies have special powers that can make a full werewolf strong. Now it is up to Fen and her pack to find Lia alive. Can they do it? What is the story with Hunter?


I liked this story, but I am not sure I am invested enough to read the whole trilogy. There are a lot of loose ends that may or may not be answered. The story is loosely written and needs to be tightened up, so the story makes sense as to who the SSS is and why are they kidnapping halfies. How does Hunter fit into all of this? Why is he always around at the right time? The world building is loose, so I don't know what is going on in this world.


I liked the characters. Fen has problems because while she may be an alpha, but it is not her true calling. I liked her pack mates. I liked Hunter but I have a lot of questions about him. Character development is good. I feel as if I know these characters. I wish the world building were as good.

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review 2022-08-30 18:58
Catching Caroline - Sylvia Day

Lady Caroline feels an instant connection with Jack Shaw. She flees from her for fear she will hurt him. He hunts for her finally catching her back in London years later. She warns him away, but he does not listen. He takes her to bed and in the morning, she is gone again. He tracks her down again and their secrets are revealed.


I liked this short story. It was too short. I liked Jack and Caroline. I figured Jack's secret out. I liked his explanations when Caroline explains why she was once again running. Both were honorable and the twist was excellent.

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review 2022-08-16 04:57
BEAST by Erin Bedford
Beast - Erin Bedford Beast - Erin Bedford

Anna May comes to visit her grandmother in the nursing home. Isaac sees her and can't stop looking at her. He goes into her grandmother's room when Anna May's grandmother freaks out. Isaac leaves but Anna May runs into him later. She apologizes and asks him on a date. What caused Anna May's grandmother to freak out? Will Isaac and Anna May get together?


While I enjoyed this story, it was entirely too short to get into before it was over. Isaac and Anna May could have a fun story, but this just introduces you to them. The story is a series of vignettes with Isaac and Anna May starring in them. I hope this author expands these characters and this story.

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