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text 2017-06-26 13:21
26th June 2017
The Good Earth - Pearl S. Buck

Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness.


Pearl S. Buck


Novelist Pearl S. Buck (born June 26, 1892), author of The Good Earth, was raised in China by her missionary parents and spent most of her first 40 years there. Fluent in the language of her adopted country, she says classical Chinese novels like Dream of the Red Chamber shaped her understanding of storytelling.

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review 2017-05-31 14:16
The Mother Shows A Never ending Cycle of a Woman's Love for Her Children
The Mother: A Novel - Pearl S. Buck

I really did enjoy this one. I thought that Buck had a good handle on the characters. The main reason why I didn't give this five stars though is that I was confused about the timeline and location of this book. I know that it takes place in China. But the way things are written I would have guessed earlier than what the book shows. The book ends with talk of communism and people being executed for it. So I was wondering what time period this takes place in when I got to the end. I also wish that Buck had tied up the loose end of the husband a bit better. 


"The Mother" has an unnamed woman (Mother) is left reeling when her husband (too pretty and too ready to have a good time) abandons her, their three children (two sons and a daughter) and his mother. She scrambles and does what is necessary in order to survive in her village without allowing anyone to guess that she has been left due to the stigma that would cause. 


I thought that the mother was not a hard character to get to know. She does what she can to keep her family whole and you feel sorry for her at times when she realizes how foolish she has been when she starts to obsess about another man. I like that Buck doesn't show any judgement once again about what choices this character makes. The story is told in a linear fashion. We start with the Mother giving birth to one male son and then her subsequent pregnancies. The story follows her from her marriage to her oldest son making her a grandmother. I think that it shows a nice cycle of what women are to expect in there later years in this community once they grow old and their children start a life of their own.


I liked the writing and thought the flow was consistent throughout. I do wish that I had  better sense of the location and time period. 

The story ends with the Mother being given some hope. Though I wonder if her life ends up the same way as her mother in law's did.

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review 2017-05-30 20:21
The Good Earth
The Good Earth - Pearl S. Buck

There have been many reviews written about "The Good Earth" so I doubt I will be able to rival those. I just have to say that this book had me hooked from beginning to end. I literally tried to hide from people while in the Amazon rain forest in Ecuador so I could finish this book. I don't know why it drew me in so much, but it did. I cared about this family that started off so poor, but the father (Wang Lung) who keeps his faith in the land (or Good Earth) is able to become a wealthy landowner over time. This of course leaves to a rift with him and his faithful wife (O-lan). 


I don't know how realistic this book is. I am sure that Pearl S. Buck did some research. Since the author lived in China with her missionary parents one wonders how did that color her writing and observations though. I didn't get disdain from Buck while reading her words and there doesn't seem to be any elements that the Chinese people in this book are backwards. She is able to draw them as very developed characters for the most part I thought. I had a hard time with some of the characters, but that is because we didn't stay with them as much (the three sons of Wang Lung and O-lan). 

I loved the ending which of course had me running to put "Sons" (House of Earth #2) on hold as soon as possible to see what becomes of Wang Lung's three sons who are so different from each other. 




April 15: $20
April 17: $23. I read "The Wangs Vs the World", electronic pages 368.
April 24: $28. I read "Dream Wedding", electronic pages 512.
April 25: $28. Landed on BL and had to post a vacation photo or tell a story about a vacation.
April 29: $31. Read "Whitethorn Woods", 354 pages Kindle edition, $3.00
April 29: $34. Read "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep", 256 pages;$3.00.
May 4: $37. Read "The Ghost Brigades" Paperback, 346 pages; $3.00
May 8: $42. Read "American Gods" Hardcover, 465 pages; $5.00.
May 8: $45. Read "Moon Called" 298 pages Kindle edition; $3.00.
May 13: $50. Read "Solitude Creek" 434 pages electronic; $5.00.
May 14: $53. Read "No Country for Old Men" 320 pages Kindle edition; $3.00
May 19: $56. Read "The Witches: Salem, 1692" 384 ebook; $3.00

May 30: $59     Read "The Good Earth" 372 pages ebook: $3.00

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text 2017-05-19 19:02
Reading progress update: I've read 1%.
The Good Earth - Pearl S. Buck

I am lucky that I didn't start this until today. I landed on the Booklikes-opoly SPACE square and used one of the lists you all made to see what books were out there. Since Pearl S. Buck's name has letters that spell SPACE I am good.

So far so good. Looks like an interesting book.










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text 2017-05-19 16:56
Booklikes-opoly: Roll! Tomorrowland 36! and Fantasyland 7!
The Good Earth - Pearl S. Buck
Watership Down - Richard Adams


I rolled a 4 and they are doubles so I get another roll. I landed on this:



I swear I have landed on this thing like 10 times. I am exaggerating, but it feels like it.



I rolled an 8. So that means I landed here:



Will post my reads for this in a bit. Heading to lunch with friends. 


Updated: You guys rock with the lists! I found out The Good Earth fits the SPACE space due to Pearl S. Buck having a name that spells out space. Going to read Watership Down for my second book though. I have been meaning to read it this year, so at least now I can check off something on another list. 

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