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review 2017-11-03 20:48
Great Callback to 14!
The Fold: A Novel - Peter Clines

Short review for a very good book.


I enjoyed it. I would suggest that readers read Clines other book, "14" before taking this on since there are some great Easter eggs in this book that were present in that book. We also get some glimpses at former characters. It's nice to know that "The Fold" and "14" share a universe.


When Mike Erikson is called upon by a childhood friend to take a look at a secret government project that involves teleportation, how could he say no. Mike gets involved with something called the Albuquerque Door that allows travelers to go a long distance in mere seconds. But Mike realizes right away that the scientists involved with the Door are hiding something and that something else seems to be off as well. 


I loved Mike so much. When you eventually find out how he gets his name (I loved it) and realizing just how smart he was a great payoff. 


That said, I didn't feel like the other characters, but Mike were developed very well. There is a reason for that though when you get into the story. I know that I should have felt a connection to someone like Jamie cause Mike had one with her. But instead, I started to have a bit of trouble of keeping everyone straight.


The writing was good, though it gets repetitive a bit for my taste. Clines going on and on about the "ants" talking to Mike and then they became red/black ants started to make me itch.

The flow took a bit to get going as well. The first part drags until the action starts and than you have Mike doing his best to science the shit out of things. I love stuff like that. 


I liked the science/geekness of this universe a lot and think that Clines did a good job of setting it up and not talking it to death via characters too. Thank goodness. 


The ending sets things up nicely for a follow on book. 

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review 2017-06-06 12:41
The Fold ★★★★☆
The Fold - Peter Clines,Ray Porter

I really had to slog through the first part of this book. This is, for me, the tedious part of Sci-Fi, where the author is establishing the technical How Stuff Works of the book’s events. Honestly, I don’t care, as long as it’s plausible enough for me to suspend disbelief. Not having a hard science background, my mind starts to wander as soon as a story begins delving into quantum theory, which seems to be the underpinning for every Sci-Fi book I’ve read that was written during the last two decades. But the story really takes off somewhere between the first third and the half-way mark. Then it gets to be tremendous fun, with crazy action and mysteries solved. Ironically, though,

the scientific answer in the end was we really don’t know why it works, only that it does.

(spoiler show)

Still, the exciting last half more than makes up for the draggy first half.


Audiobook, purchased via Audible. Ray Porter does a fine job in narrating, although I found his voicing of the female characters vaguely irritating. A little too breathy, perhaps.


I read this for the 2017 Booklikes-opoly challenge, for the square Mystery 8: Read a book that is tagged mystery or has a title that begins with any letter in the word “CLUE”. The first page of shelves shows 124 users tagged it “mystery” at Goodreads, which qualifies it, although I would personally class it as Sci-Fi and Thriller.


Previous Updates:

6/3/17 33% http://sheric.booklikes.com/post/1568262/the-fold-33




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review 2016-09-23 18:33
The Fold by Peter Cline
The Fold: A Novel - Peter Clines

Okay folks, this one’s a page-turner!  I was hooked, line and sinker! 


First and foremost, Mike Erickson is such an interesting protagonist!  Mike has an eidetic memory, also called a photographic memory.  What was the most unique here is the author’s descriptions of the way Mike’s brain works using “ants” to gather, categorize and file away what he takes in (can you say jealous? LOL!).


Mike has made the decision not to live his life being looked at as “different.”  He wants to live just like an average guy, no fuss, no unwanted attention.  He could have a very high paying job and has been offered such a few times through the years.  But Mike is happy being a high school teacher and that’s that.


Then his old friend, Reggie, the one that keeps trying to recruit him, comes calling again.  Reggie works for the government and he oversees funding for a secret project.  The secret project involves teleportation!  No way!  Mike finds it hard to believe that people are buying into this.


A team of scientists are working on a new invention called the Albuquerque Door.  The Albuquerque Door is run by computers and magnetic fields and creates a fold in dimensions, thereby transporting someone or something to another dimension.  This makes traveling from one dimension to another as easy as crossing the street.


The question is, should the funding go on.  The project doesn’t seem to be coming to fruition quick enough.  There are questions about whether the scientists working on it are hiding something.  This could be a huge discovery.  But is it safe?  Reggie talks Mike into going out to California and taking a look.  What Mike finds when he gets there is beyond his wildest dreams.


My inner circle of readers had very mixed reviews on this one and I wasn’t sure what to think going in.  I am a bit behind on my reviews and sometimes I find that’s not such a bad thing.  I finished this one almost a month ago.  So here I am several weeks later and I find that I’m still thinking back on this book and liking it more each time.  That’s how this book sits with me.  I really liked this character and this is such a well-written book.  Peter Cline takes us on a very fun and interesting ride!


I want to thank the publisher (Crown Publishing) for providing me with the ARC through Blogging for Books for an honest review.

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review 2016-09-02 18:27
Enjoyable Sci-Fi
The Fold: A Novel - Peter Clines

For my vacation, I was tasked with selecting an audiobook for our drive over to the beach. I'd previously read 14 by this author, had heard good things about The Fold, and figured that this one wouldn't have awkward smex moments, since there would be 4 of us listening - me, husband, 20 year old daughter & 16 year old son.



Just for fun, here is a pic of our destination:



Anyway, I picked this book, which ended up being a companion (not a sequel) to 14, although it doesn't become clear that it is a companion to 14 for a while. 


Strengths: engaging story line maintained my interest. Only one spot where I had to fast forward to avoid the four of us being forced to sit through a sex scene that no one really wanted to hear. 


Weaknesses: honestly, Mike was too much. A genius with an eidetic memory who was nicknamed Mycroft (after Mycroft Holmes) by his childhood friend (which is funny, because my childhood friends came up with entirely non-literary nicknames), he was simply preposterously impossibly brilliant.


But, in the end, none of that mattered because this book was fun.



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review 2016-08-25 00:00
14 - Peter Clines This one starts out a bit of a slow burn as we are introduced to the Kavach building and its tenants. Then it morphs into a mystery/thriller type of story, as the characters who call the apartment building their home start to experience strange happenings and messages hidden within the walls of the Kavach. As more is revealed, it quickly becomes apparent that something much more sinister is going on here. Much more.

Enter the Squales. No wonder the rent was so affordable.

I enjoyed this one very much and wasn’t expecting the turn it took at around 60% or so. I convinced myself it was a standard haunted apartment story based solely on the cover. Turns out there is a wee more to it. That’s what I get for thinking.

A well written and crafted tale with depth of character and a unique story line. This one had a bit of everything, sci-fi, thriller, mystery, and horror. There was even a hint of a love story in here. Crazy. Well done.
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