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review 2016-08-04 03:48
The Last Detective (Peter Diamond Book 1) - Peter Lovesey

I don't know how I hadn't previously come across Peter Lovesey's police procedurals featuring the irascible Det. Peter Diamond, but I'm very thankful to have been introduced to this series. Though The Last Detective didn't end exactly the way I wanted it to, what's important is that I actually cared enough about the characters to want things to end a certain way, and I even searched online to see if I could find any kind of sequel or any information about what happened after I turned the final page. I need to know where three of the characters go next! That need to know more about the characters' lives means I was invested in the book, and I love it when that happens. Peter Diamond, as cranky as he can be, has found himself a new fan in me, and I'm looking forward to working my way through the rest of series. I thoroughly enjoyed getting caught up in this, and I'm excited about digging into the series!


Lagniappe: Det. Diamond is apparently a fan of Fabian of the Yard, so I did an online search to see if that was an actual person, and I was tickled to find out he was. Here's a link to an old black-and-white episode that, coincidentally enough, also has to do with death by drowning. This is called The Executioner from 1955. Enjoy!


Thanks to Netgalley and Soho press for the digital copy, which did not influence my review.


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review 2016-07-25 17:06
Best Book
Our Flop Love Story till Valentine - Athira Bhargavan
Invictus: The Double Face Invisible God - Athira Bhargavan
Another One Goes Tonight: Peter Diamond, Book 16 - Peter Lovesey,Simon Prebble,Recorded Books
Bloodhounds (Peter Diamond Mystery) - Peter Lovesey
My Husband Not My Own: A Psychological Thriller - John Ellsworth

Read these books recently and found them awe...some forever. The whole book was just so thrilling experience for me and it just didn't stop giving me full of suspense,mystery and thrill.


Worth to buy them as a print or kindle version. I had a feeling, it might not be that good at first, but I was wrong when I flipped  through the pages of suspense, beauty, romance,crime,horror, artwork etc which were present in these books. Enjoyed the whole story plot, brilliant execution of character's life and many more.. Must read... if you love unique and cool concepts.



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review 2015-06-13 17:57
The House Sitter (Peter Diamond #8) by Peter Lovesey
The House Sitter (Peter Diamond Mystery) - Peter Lovesey


Read by.................. Steve Hodson
Total Runtime......... 12 Hours 33 Mins

Description: The identification of the woman found murdered on Whiteview Sands poses more questions than it answers. Emma Tysoe was a respected psychologist and an official criminal profiler with several successful cases to her credit. Why was she sun-bathing alone so far from home? How did she get there? Who is the mysterious 'Ken' in her private life? What was the murder weapon? Why did the man who noticed she was dead then completely disappear from the scene? When Peter Diamond is brought into the investigation he sheds some light on these matters - most importantly by discovering that she had been seconded under the greatest secrecy to work on the profile of the person who has assassinated one celebrity and is threatening to kill more. Are these killings connected to Emma's death? Diamond thinks so, but he cannot persuade his colleagues to agree with him, and even he cannot make all the pieces fit the jigsaw he's envisaged.

This is the one with the dead duracell (that's an Eveready™ with the copper coloured top), Laver and Emerson, a crossbow, and 'Ken'.

3* The Last Detective (Peter Diamond, #1)
2* Diamond Solitaire (Peter Diamond #2)
3* The Summons (Peter Diamond #3)
3* Bloodhounds (Peter Diamond, #4)
3.5* Upon A Dark Night (Peter Diamond #5)
3.5* The Vault (Peter Diamond, #6)
3* Diamond Dust (Peter Diamond, #7)
3.5* The House Sitter (Peter Diamond, #8)
CR The Secret Hangman
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review 2015-06-05 23:56
Upon A Dark Night (Peter Diamond #5) by Peter Lovesey
Upon a Dark Night (Peter Diamond Mystery) - Peter Lovesey


Read by.................. Christopher Kay
Total Runtime......... 12 Hours 57 Mins

Description: A young woman is dumped, injured and unconscious, in a private hospital’s parking lot. She is an amnesiac with no memory prior to her discovery by hospital personnel. Detective Inspector Peter Diamond of the Bath homicide squad is unwilling to become involved. He has other, more important cases to solve: A woman has plunged to her death from the roof of a local landmark while half the young people of Bath partied below, and an elderly farmer has shot himself. Are these apparent suicides what they seem, or are there sinister forces at work? And might the amnesiac woman hold the key to both cases?

It's taken a while for me to warm to this series, almost binned the whole lot after that second book. Anyway, this is the one with a scary smiling-man stalker, fish on a Bentley, Ada, Mr Pickwick, amnesia and I forget what else. heh!

The best book so far.

3* The Last Detective (Peter Diamond, #1)
2* Diamond Solitaire (Peter Diamond #2)
3* The Summons (Peter Diamond #3)
3* Bloodhounds (Peter Diamond, #4)
3* Upon A Dark Night (Peter Diamond #5)
3* Diamond Dust (Peter Diamond, #7)
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review 2014-04-27 03:58
The Tooth Tattoo - Peter Lovesey

THE TOOTH TATTOO by Peter Lovesey marks the return of Peter Diamond of Bath CID. Diamond, while recovering from a trip to Vienna and a break up in his personal life gets a dead Japanese girl on his hands. With nothing better to do, and trying to justify the expenses of the police department, he starts to investigate, only to be handed a clue. The dead girl had a tattoo on her tooth, that of a musical note. On a parallel plot, Mel Farran, a young violist is asked to join a semi retired famous quartet, as they try to revive their careers. The quartet accepts to be residents in Bath Spa University, to teach and play, as the Japanese woman is found dead. The quartet has a anomaly of their own, as their violist had disappeared earlier during a tour of Budapest, the reason for their retirement. All these loose strings come together as a compact crime novel in this highly entertaining work of crime fiction.

Lovesey has long been one of my favourite crime writers. He along with Colin Dexter and Reginald Hill wrote novels those stressed on clues and twists as the bulwark for their books. He didn’t disappoint this time either. The plot was tight; the loose strings were well stitched together in the end. And the parallel narratives also brought in the correct amount of suspense needed. The personal life of Diamond also added the amount of emotion that’s always present in most of the Lovesey books. And the subtle humor. I always enjoy a little bit of humor in my crime novels. They tend to make the reading experience better, and make the fictional policemen seem more humane. Lovesey didn’t disappoint me on that front either.

But, one of the best aspects of this book was the writer’s take on the Scandinavian crime fighters. Every chance he got, he made sure that those crime fighters gets their dues for being so morose and dark. Those lines were a treat to read. Every brood from Peter Diamond got his juniors comparing him to the Scandi guys. One going as far comparing to the Kenneth Branagh played Kurt Wallander, on the brood scale.

A thoroughly enjoyable piece of crime fiction, who shows once again that age hasn’t yet succeeded in diminishing his power of spinning a tale.

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