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text 2018-03-20 22:32
Reading progress update: I've read 157 out of 579 pages.
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

Im loving this story

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text 2018-03-11 20:31

I realized that Nahoko Uehashi's The Beast Player was supposed to come out earlier this month. Ooh, I thought, I could order it at the same time as Noriko Ogiwara's Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince!


Except no.


First, I couldn't get it to come up in an Amazon search, so I decided to try a more roundabout way. I went to the Goodreads page for the book and clicked the Amazon link there. That took me to the product page for the book, but it said that it's "currently unavailable."


A little wait wouldn't be that bad, I thought. Maybe the publisher had to delay it for some reason. Um...



January 1, 2035? I figure that's an error, or some kind of placeholder date. But then I scrolled down to the product details section.



Okay.... Hey Pushkin Press, do you want my money or not?


It looks like the only way I could get it is directly through Pushkin Press. ::sigh:: I'll wait, and maybe they'll eventually get whatever this is sorted out.

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review 2018-03-06 12:48
Ready Player One = Nostalgic Fun
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline
She had raven hair, styled Joan-of-Arc short...Overall, she seemed to be going for a sort of mid-’80s post apocalyptic cyberpunk girl-next-door look. And it was working for me, in a big way. In a word: hot.

This is light, easy, full of '80s nostalgia and fun. An eighteen year old kid living in rough conditions IRL has essentially retreated completely into an MMG in the US in year 2045. He finds himself in a deathmatch with a huge evil multinational, falling in love, and fighting battles we can only dream of. He's conveniently brilliant, and we feel for him because he's charming despite himself. I once spent an inordinate amount of time playing an online text adventure game called "Kingdom of Loathing" - which is not at all like OASIS, but also very much like OASIS in that it lives on pop-culture nostalgia. That's where I first learned about this book.

Nevermind that. There's nothing amazing about this one beyond pure pleasure. I do wonder, if you're too young to have seen Monty Python or played on your Atari (I played Pong for hours on end b/c my father said we couldn't afford more games) or booted up a Commodore 64, would the book be as interesting or funny? I dunno. I really enjoyed this. It was like taking a bath in my younger life.

If you want to read this, treat yourself to Will Wheaton's performance. It's worth it alone to hear him say the following lines when it's time for the elections:

It was also time to elect the president and VP of the OASIS User Council, but that was a no-brainer. Like most gunters, I voted to reelect Cory Doctorow and Wil Wheaton (again). There were no term limits, and those two geezers had been doing a kick-ass job of protecting user rights for over a decade.

That made me giggle so hard - at work, while running statistics. Normally not a funny task.

While this book tries to broach some larger topics, it's probably best to leave those aside. It won't change your life, it won't make you think super hard. It may, however, delight you.

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text 2018-03-04 23:27
Reading progress update: I've read 33 out of 374 pages.
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

Im enjoying this so far 

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review 2018-02-22 02:11
The Player and the Pixie
The Player and the Pixie (Rugby Book 2) - L.H. Cosway,Penny Reid
I really didn't like Sean from book 1. I thought he was an asshole. I wasn't crazy about Lucy either. Lucy was too dependent on her brother's generosity and blamed her mother for her stealing. Get therapy you idiot! I read this in the hope that I would end up liking both of them by the end.
Despite my issues (not liking either character to start, Sean not knowing how to get a woman off, etc) I kept reading this. I enjoyed the writing and the banter between all the characters. I ended the book not hating Sean anymore, so there's that. Lucy got some help and stood up for herself. A huge point in Sean's favor: He fell for Lucy. Just. As. She. Was.


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