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review 2018-02-28 06:24
Playmaker: A Breakaway Novel - L.P. Dover

This is book #3 in the Breakaway series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  To avoid spoilers, and to better understand this great series, I recommend reading this series in order.


Maddox and Lacey have a sexy but secretive history.  He had tried to find her, but with no luck.  Then fate intervened.  Now, he has to show her what she means and where the future can go.


Lacey is afraid to believe in her relationship.  During their time apart, and every time she checks online, someone is posted pictures with her man.  How can she trust that he is only for her?


This story was stunning as well as exciting.  It has something for everyone.  I love the history that unfolds between them.  The heat is always there.  The compelling storyline carries the book through and the characters are fantastic.  I loved reading their story.  This is an amazing series.  I give this a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review, by Netgalley and its publishers.

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review 2018-02-23 22:38
Playmaker: A Breakaway Novel - L.P. Dover

I finished this second chance, sports romance with mixed feelings. On the surface, the story is a bit different than most of the genre in that Maddox and Lacey are married when they get their second chance, and there are some interesting characters throughout the book. So, while the bones of the story are good, what started as a promising story line came up a bit lacking. I loved Maddox. He's a little broken but knows what he wants and is willing to do the work to get there. However, Lacey is an irksome combination of hot and cold. Throughout most of the book, she bounces back and forth between wanting to make the relationship work and having no faith in Maddox whatsoever. Several times, she would say that it wasn't going to work while her actions would completely negate those words. While Maddox has some self-worth issues, most of the angst for this pair comes from Lacey's continuous back and forth along with a couple of outside sources that were more distraction than anything else. About fifty percent of this romance is Lacey pulling away while Maddox chases and jumps through hoops to show her how he feels. We do eventually see some character growth with Lacey and things start coming together, but in the end, it just didn't have that stand out something to make me want to root for this couple, making it just an okay read for me.

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review 2017-03-28 17:31
Holding (Playmaker Duet #2) by Mignon Mykel
Holding: Playmaker Duet (Prescott Family... Holding: Playmaker Duet (Prescott Family Book 5) - Mignon Mykel,Jenn Wood

Mignon Mykel’s HOLDING is an amazing conclusion to the Playmaker Duet.  HOLDING takes place where ALTERCATION left off; Asher Spence and Avery Prescott were kidnapped by Asher’s former foster father, James Johnson.  Understandably, Asher is having difficulties dealing with the abduction and her memories that resurfaced.   Mignon Mykeln does a fantastic job relating the emotional aspects to this story. 


Asher is an astonishing heroine.  She has undergone a lot and has grown tremendously through this series.  She feels tainted.  She has ghosts and experience self-doubt.  I love Porter Prescott. He is supportive and loving to Asher.  He gives Asher her space but is broken hearted doing it.  The couple faces so much.  They are stronger and better together. 


The plot was tear-jerking and believable.  Unexpected situations arise that the couple must face.  The Prescott’s are a remarkable family that truly cares for one another.  I love the epilogue.  It made the story feel well concluded.  At 91-pages HOLDING is a fast read.  I could not put HOLDING down.  I am sure I will end up re-reading this series.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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text 2017-03-28 07:23
Trailer: Altercation Mignon Mykel (Playmaker Duet #1) Book Blitz

Mignon Mykel
(Playmaker Duet #1)
Publication date: March 1st 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Sports

Sometimes it’s the fight that proves your worth.
Porter Prescott spent years fighting to be his own person.
His goal of playing for a hockey club not associated with the Prescott name finally comes true.
But just as he’s leaving for the next chapter in his life, he meets her.

Asher Spence spent a lifetime learning she was worthless and unwanted.
She learned that sometimes the only person you can count on is youself, and even then, you can fail.

What starts out as picture perfect can only come crumbling down.
No one listened to her pleas before,
Why should they listen to them now that she’s found a place to finally call home?

But sometimes, it’s the fight that takes you out of the game.
Note: This is book 1 of 2 in the Porter and Asher story. This does end with a cliffhanger that will be resolved in book 2, Holding.
You can also grab book 2 – Holding – that is OUT NOW!
I moved to stand where she’d be able to see me, not really caring if I was blocking the view for some other person waiting. I widened my stance and with my arms crossed over my chest, I kept my eyes trained as far back as I could see. My gaze shifted over the different travelers coming in; the only person I wanted to see was a brunette with crazy colored eyes.And then I saw her.The feeling that overtook me was like a drowning man getting his first breath of air. A starving man getting a fucking full-course meal.She didn’t see me yet, but she would in time. There were maybe eighty people between us and she was nearing.Her hair was braided over her shoulder, wisps of hair falling out and framing her face. She was wearing leggings and those damned boots of hers, but I was surprised to see her shirt was the girly type, long with cuts up the sides, nearly to her waist, and lacy sleeves that played peek-a-boo with the colors adorning her arm. She didn’t carry a bag, just her phone in one hand.I licked my bottom lip before biting it gently, trying to stop the smile from spreading on my face. Didn’t want to look like a complete moron.Forty feet.Her gaze was down at the floor, no doubt watching where she was walking. It didn’t surprise me she was careful like that.Thirty feet.Look up, Asher…Look up.Twenty feet.Her face lifted and, like a magnet, her eyes locked on mine instantly.And the smile on her face?God damn.There was no sense stopping my full-ass smile now, not with the one she just shot my way.If you would have told me, four months ago, I would be the most celibate man in the history of earth, all for the glimpses of smiles from that girl there with more secrets behind her eyes than I could ever hope to uncover, I probably would have laughed in your face.Four months ago, I was gearing up for my rookie season in South Carolina.Four months ago, I was a kid with a big name, going to a team that had nothing to do with said big name.Four months ago, it was rumored I would be the new hot shot in town. Nico certainly didn’t fail to show me the gossip sites, seemingly run by a bunch of puck bunnies.But four months ago, I walked into Starbucks for a goodbye coffee with my sister, and met the girl with secrets.And four months ago, I became addicted without so much as a taste.Now that I’ve had that taste? Shit, I couldn’t wait for more.

Author Bio:
Mignon Mykel is the author of the Prescott Family series, as well as the short-novella erotic romance series, O'Gallagher Nights. When not sitting at Starbucks writing whatever her characters tell her to, you can find her hiking in the mountains of her new home in Arizona.

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review 2017-03-22 21:07
Altercation (Playmaker Duet #1) by Mignon Mykel
Altercation: Playmaker Duet (Prescott Family Book 4) - Mignon Mykel,Jenn Wood

Mignon Mykel’s ALTERCATION is an emotional and amazing read.  ALTERCATION starts out where Porter and Asher met in BREAKAWAY (Playmaker Duet, #0.6; Prescott Family, #3) but is told from Porter’s point of view.  The story continues with the couple’s lives, fluctuating between both viewpoints.  I adored this story.


Mignon Mykel did a wonderful job developing the characters.  Asher and Porter both grew tremendously throughout this novel, having several obstacles and issues to overcome.  Asher is scarred by her past growing up in foster care. She finally feels like she belongs somewhere with the Prescott family.  She is terrified of losing them, and haunted by her past.  Porter is a great guy.  He is perceptive, patient, and protective with Asher.  Asher and Porter have powerful chemistry. 


The plot was well written with interesting twists.  I love how Avery is always getting involved with Asher’s and Porter’s relationship.  I love the explanation to why all the Prescott siblings had eleven tattooed on themselves.  My heart broke for the things the family went through in this story.  Everything that happens is believable and well executed.  ALTERCATION ends in a cliff hanger.  I cannot wait to read the next story, HOLDING, to find out what happens.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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