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text 2021-10-22 08:43
The #1 Technique for Making Your Pre-roll Boxes Unique Everyone Needs to Know

Let us provide you with information about the latest techniques that bring the fascinating look of the pr-roll boxes. Hence, the use of pre-roll is high these days that’s why presenting them in fascinating design is necessary. So, make sure that every design is appealing for the consumers that intend them to buy from you.  

The most eye-catching designs of the pre roll packaging that will increase your sale must be your priority. Hence, every fascinating design like as

  • Gable box

  • Sleeve box

  • Mailer box

  • Front and reverse end tuck box

These are the most attentive and appealing designs that give them the lavish look of the pre-rolls. Every design becomes prominent due to different customizing features. Meanwhile, the gable box style will save your pre-rolls and give a very eye-catching look to your product. So, avail such commendable packaging for your precious pre-rolls. 

Start by choosing a good material

Urgent Boxes presents the outstanding printed pre-roll boxes in fascinating designs.

It is the first and foremost technique that every pre-roll business dealer should know. Your packaging is one of the utmost points that provide the surety that pre-rolls are safe. Hence, the most commendable Pre-roll Packaging material that is sturdy, eco-friendly, sustainable, and recyclable at the same time. 

  • Corrugated

  • Cardboard

  • Kraft

These three packaging papers are mostly in demand as it provides the surety of the safe arrival of the pre-rolls. Meanwhile, the Cardboard Boxes Wholesale also in such packaging material secure the pre-rolls from dust and save their physical appearances. On the other hand, it provides sustainable coverage to the pre-rolls to protect them from heat and harmful chemicals. 

Moreover, avail the option of this packaging material that creates fascinating Custom Pre-roll Packaging. Hence, cardboard demand is high in the market to provide the fluffiest look of the boxes. Kraft demands to provide one piece item or light weight items to your buyers in fascinating packaging. 

 Achieve your goals with different customizations

The different customizing methods are available that create the lavish look of the pre-roll boxes. Thus, every style, dimension, and size of the boxes remain appealing for others due to its high-quality packaging material. Clients can add different add/on features that are the fascinating ones for your worthy pre-rolls. So, have a look at the most interesting feature that gives them the appealing look of the boxes.

Charm Your Products with a Touch of Add-ons

Urgent Boxes presents the outstanding printed pre-roll boxes in fascinating designs.

The most attractive add/on features that give a different look to the pre-roll packaging are:

ü Silver/gold foiling

ü Embossing/debossing

ü Gloss/matt/sating lamination

ü Raised Inks

ü Spot UV

ü Scoring/ perforation/ gluing

Every feature has its importance in creating the marvelous look of the Custom Pre-roll Boxes. So, choose any of the add/on features for your custom box to attain the attention of the onlookers. The use of embossing/debossing will make an appealing texture that increases your product sale. The use of foiling is also important in creating the best appearance of the packaging. 

 Make use of customizable printing

Okay! This method is very interesting that creating a magical look of the Pre-roll joint Boxes. Hence, the importance of printing is to fade out the dull impression of the packaging. The use of hi-tech machinery is awesome in creating the mind-blowing colors for the boxes. besides that, appealing colors can only come out through these fascinating printing techniques like as:

  • Digital printing

  • 3D/2D printing


  • One-color scheme

These methods are more prominent in creating the lavish look of the boxes. Hence, the use of CMYK and PMS is to generate one basic color that you want for your Custom Pre-roll Packaging. The most vibrant and attractive color schemes impress the buyers to suggest the brand to others as well.  

Enhance Your Product Efficiency with Inserts

Urgent Boxes presents the outstanding printed pre-roll boxes in fascinating designs.

The use of inserts in the Pre-roll Packaging Boxes is common due to its unique pattern and style. Hence, clients can customize the inserts in any shape and style. While presenting your pre-rolls add those inserts to let the buyers know about your further plans. You can put the instructions and thank you notes to welcome them into your brand. It provides an excellent impression of your brand to the clients. 

Choose us to Carry out Your Pre-roll Packaging Requirements

We know about your worries regarding the best custom pre-roll packaging. But don’t worry, our company Urgent Boxes do warm welcome to all the clients that desire for best packaging. We used the latest machinery that save time and create fascinating designs and prints. We have experts that let us guide you about the best designs of eth boxes.

Most importantly, we provide the best rates to our customers of custom Pre roll Packaging Wholesale. Our designs are commendable and appropriate according to the size and dimension of your product. We provide you the surety that customers bought from you and suggest the brand to others as well.



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text 2019-10-17 18:11
Custom Pre Roll Joint Packaging Wholesale

What Is Pre Roll Packaging?

Pre-roll packaging is used for pre-rolls which are smoking commodities and are just like cigars or cigarettes. They are rolled shaped containing the smoking stuff inside them which very carefully filled and wrapped to make a pre-roll. Pre-roll packaging is very popular and finely made because it brings a lot of purposes and especially helps your pre-rolls to enjoy maximum coverage and protection. Pre-roll packaging is immensely popular these days due to the increasing demand and emerging trends of pre-rolls these days. Pre-roll packaging is what a lot of people brands are into but selling quality is not within the limits of every brand and thus mostly they end up selling cheap and low-quality content to their customers. For good standard pre-roll packaging you should always use those made by BoxesMe.

Where Can I Purchase Pre Roll Boxes?


Pre-roll packaging is very trendy and due to being very useful these days, it has long impact on pre-roll manufacturing and producing companies and businesses. Pre-roll boxes are of different types and mostly they differ in their quality and stuff of the boxes. You may have used or about to use a lot of pre-roll boxes on an everyday basis and for your brand, but if you haven’t tried pre-roll joint packaging by BoxesMe, you are unknown to quality packaging and strong quality material of boxes. Pre-roll packaging is immensely diverse in its range with varying options and modifications and certain qualities that are not present anywhere else. Once you try our pre-roll packaging you will get complete satisfaction from them and it will be really good for your products as well.

Get Custom Pre Roll Joint Packaging Wholesale:


Custom pre-roll joint packaging wholesale is very viable and profitable and will definitely increase the margin of your sales revenues. Pre-roll joint packaging wholesale is highly preferable for bulk orders here the number of pre-roll packaging exceeds a certain number and you should always be trying to get maximum profits. Pre-roll joint packaging wholesale lessens the cost of these boxes and when they are in large numbers, their profit double and consequently the sales of products also increase. We use cardboard or Kraft for making pre-roll joint packaging wholesale and this material is highly effective and helps you in numerous ways. Pre-roll joint packaging is for all types of customers for large orders of these boxes as well as for small orders and for minimum sale.

Get Unique Ideas Of Custom Pre Roll Packaging:

Custom pre-roll packaging is highly recommended and it is the usage of beautiful designing ideas and prints, which makes it very elegant and beautiful. Custom pre-roll packaging is available with all the options of designing and customizing which includes having some designs customized on them. Various creative orders are used by our designers to develop wonderful designs on pre-roll joints packaging. You can have your own design on them as well in the form of making a long discussion with our team and getting your designs printed with the same modern techniques. And the biggest benefit of getting our custom pre-roll joints packaging is that you can avail of these packaging options without any additional charges and get the high-quality pre-roll joints packaging.


BoxesMe Offer Halloween Sale for Pre Roll Packaging:


As you know Halloween is around the corner and if you want to get benefit from this opportunity, you can grab our biggest sale of the year and get the best custom boxes wholesale at quite lesser prices that you might have never imagined before. You can get double benefits from our pre-roll packaging and the one is that our quality is unparallel and so are the designs for these pre-roll packaging and the now get all this at far less their original prices due to Halloween celebrations.

Source: boxesme.blogspot.com/2019/10/custom-pre-roll-joint-packaging.html
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