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review 2016-03-08 11:03
Reap The Wind
Reap the Wind: Cassandra Palmer Series #7 - Karen Chance,Jorjeana Marie

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Usually I rate anything related to Cassie Palmer 5 stars, but I have to admit to having a couple of issues with this book.



To begin with, whats up with all the crazy sex scene's? In general I don't mind them, but this was insane. Did Chance all of a sudden think sex was the solution for everything?! Oh bad guys are chasing you? Don't worry just have some sex, they'll get distracted by your giggly bits! Oh you desperately need to get someone's attention, it's a matter of life and death! Don't worry just start having sex with them, life's all good and time will wait till your finished.....
Last time i checked that's not how the world worked. Maybe I'm seeing this from the wrong angle, maybe it was all about catching up on lost time, maybe Chance was making up for the lack of coitus in the last book or two? who knows, either way I found it to be ridiculous.

Another issue I had was the lack of Billy! I adore Billy and the mayhem he and Cassie always seem to get in to when with each other, he's the true partner in crime, and yet in this book he was barely a cliff note, I missed him & their crazy shenanigans (though Pritkin did put in a good effort on his behalf).

And one last complaint, which is to do with the editing. Me, complain about editing!? I know shocking right? but that's how obvious it was. Not sure if it was just my copy (If we want to get technical, the library's copy) but sentences would stop in the middle and re-pick up a line or two down the page, half the quotation marks and comma's were missing, it was a bit of a mission just to read it, and figuring out who was actually talking was occasionally down-right confusing. Besides that though, love the writing as per usual, had quite a few laughs.

Everything else was great! The book felt a little unresolved, or like nothing was really accomplished but I did have an absolute blast reading it. The action scene's were fantastic, mind-blowing good really, that's pretty much where the four stars are going, the other .5 is for everything else. lol.

Side note: I'm hella suss of Fred. I wonder what he's up too? potential spy perhaps, or getting into his own mischief? Still I love Fred so I hope it's not anything to sinister.

(spoiler show)


Good book, highly anticipating the next one, even with all my complaints - though they did only retract half a star.

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text 2016-02-01 14:59
January Wrap Up!
Tempt the Stars - Karen Chance
Updating Pritkin - Karen Chance
The Finisher - David Baldacci
Magic Rises - Ilona Andrews
Magic Breaks - Ilona Andrews
Not a Drop to Drink - Mindy McGinnis
Alanna: The First Adventure - Tamora Pierce
In the Hand of the Goddess - Tamora Pierce
Pimpernelles 01: The Pale Assassin - Patricia Elliott

January has been a good month for me reading wise. I read 9 books!! (NOT including my re-reads - more on that later). Otherwise it has been pretty much like this:



Technically its storm season in QLD and we continuously get storm warnings, for the last two weeks they have been warning us today is the day! and yet nothing..... we might get a shower for 20 minutes, some lighting and thunder but no actual storm.... and because there hasn't been a sufficient amount of rain its HUMID AS FUCK. When I say humid I mean we can sit of our asses and be soaking wet -_- not something I particularly enjoy. Its currently midnight and still 26C with 89% Humidity (which according to my phone makes it feel more like 28C, at MIDNIGHT!!!) This time last year we had hail storms and floods << not something I'm hoping for but I just want this miserable weather to be over with, then we have these crazy people who actually enjoy this heat!!!


Anyways onto more important things. I read a surprisingly large amount of books this month, I can't even recall the last time i managed to fit in this many books! (looks like being jobless isn't all bad).


Top 3 books of January
This month I had quite a few exceptional reading experiences. Starting off with...

In the Hand of the Goddess

In the Hand of the Goddess

✮✮✮✮ 1/2
This book was fantastic and beyond anything i could have hoped for. I can't thank Shera enough more for pushing my to read this series. Tamora and this series in particular has been something I've been meaning to read for years, and I'm so glad I finally have. Alanna is such an exceptional MC, and a fantastic role model for the younger generations (though I would choose someone else *cough cough, George*  for her romantic interest instead, lol)

Updating Pritkin

Updating Pritkin

This is a short story based in the Cassie Palmer world (book 5.5)
UP was an excellent example of why I love Cassie so much! Even though under the circumstances she should have been crazy with grief and fear, instead she was having the time of her life kicking demon ass while waiting for the rest of the 'badass' to catch up!! On top of that its a free short story - oh how Chance spoils us so!! gotta love it! (^_*)

Magic Breaks
Have I ever told you how much I love Kate Daniels and this series!? No?
To help you understand it is ^^that^^ good and made me do things like this
So good I wont even sum it up in words, just show off handy Gifs. Really what you need to do is run out and go check it out for yourself. Then we can have our minds blown together.
And this book was no less exceptional than all the rest, it has intense action/fighting scene's, some very serious life and death scene's where i constantly found myself holding my breath due to all the anticipation and drama, good laughs and some cute touching scenes. It had it all trust me.

Enjoyable Reads

Magic Rises

Tempt The Stars

Alanna: The First Adventure
✮✮✮ .5

Not a Drop to Drink
✮✮✮ .5

The Finisher



Cause they are AMAZING!!

Touch the DarkClaimed by shadowEmbrace the nightCurse the Dawna family affairshadowlandhunt the moon

magic bitesmagic burnsmagic strikesmagic bleedsmagic slaysshort storyCurran POV


Worst Book

The Pale Assassin
Why is this even a book? it was truly atrocious. It had no redeeming characters, the name makes zero sense in connection with the actual story, and the story line was just blah and don't even get me started on the writing!. It could have been so good, the bases it there!! but it just goes so wrong


What doesnt kill you


Nope. Just no.

Currently Reading


Fields Of Glory

Blood Sisters
The First two of which I am contemplating DNFing. -_- sigh.
Besides my current reads overall a very successful reading month. I am quite happy with it!!

Well Goodbye January Hello February and hopefully cooler weather!!

Highly anticipating Deadpool


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review 2016-01-13 13:32
Updating Pritkin
Updating Pritkin - Karen Chance

Started off a little slow, and I wasn't sure where it was going to take us, but by the end I was loving every moment of it. Who knew a short story could be so good!!

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review 2016-01-13 13:01
Read it in a sitting, so you know it can't be that bad.
Tempt the Stars - Karen Chance

So I fianlly got around to reading this book and I haven to admit to slight, very slight disappointment. For me this book wasn't quite as good as the previous. It didn't have as much humour, some of the characters weren't there, i felt the mentioning of short stories as just kind of thrown in there. etc etc.
Dont get me wrong still an excellent book, and after reading it again, I might change my mind. Chance is known for hiding secrets within her work that you don't pick up till you give it a few trys.
I did find some of the writing a bit messy? but I've also had that happen before is some of her action scene's (the one coming to mind was the dragon scene in the city)
I'm intrigued and maybe a little concerned about Pritkin upping his game, I wonder how cassie is going to handle this in the next book!!

I kind of wished there was more.... War Mage action going on as well. <3 love those nutters.

I noticed this time of re-reading the whole series, that the relationship status didn't impact me as much, while i still think Mircea is devious, I don't feel as negatively towards him or as positively towards Pritkin (though still 100% on the Pritkin train) so maybe that had something to do with why I'm rating this book 4 stars instead of 5?
Who knows. Either way I'm excited to get my hands on Reap the Wind.

Side note - I wonder if Pritkin can have sex now? if he can Mircea better put on his game face, at the moment he isnt doing so well, and the mage will give him a run for his money.
And when will there be another Dory book!? I'm waiting for them to finally meet up!!! mainly to see cassie from dory's POV man that is bound to be hilarious!!

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text 2016-01-06 14:36
Shitty Beer (a pritkin short) by Karen Chance

Author’s Note: This is an odd little thing, somewhere between a short story and a deleted scene. It started when a reader, Emma Queen, wrote into my page on Facebook to ask “I’m rereading Claimed by Shadow again and I’m curious, how exactly did Pritkin describe Cassie to Mac? I’ve always wondered.” So here’s the answer, plus a little bit more.


“I, for one, like a good cheap beer,” Mac said, tilting his chair back against the wall behind his shop, careful not to let his skin touch the burning brick. The sun had been on it for hours, until finally sliding off to torment some cacti around the corner, assuming the cacti minded. John didn’t know. He found the flora in Nevada as strange as that in some of the hell regions, which was fair considering the average temperature of the place. He wiped some sweat off his temple, before it could roll down the side of his neck, and took a swig from the bottle Mac had provided.


“Water,” he said, because there was no discernible difference.


But Mac didn’t seem to take offense. “It’s not water, it’s beer. It’s just shitty beer.”


“And you drink this why? Have they suddenly stopped paying your pension?”


“Like I’d notice if they did,” Mac said dryly. War mages, especially ex-war mages, were not over paid.


It was probably why his friend had turned a hobby into a second profession. John watched as a painted snake that had been hiding in Mac’s long mustache suddenly dropped out of sight, only to reappear on his chest and upset an eagle tat, which pecked at it savagely. The snake slithered off under Mac’s stringy bicep, and his friend took another swig, as if he hadn’t noticed.


Maybe he hadn’t. He only had about a hundred of the things, magical tats of all types and descriptions, covering his body in colorful perfusion to compensate for his inability to shield. He’d once been a war mage, as spit polished and disciplined as any. But ever since a curse stripped away his shields, and thus his career, he’d been looking more and more like a man with no purpose, doing tats for the magical community and waiting . . .


For what John didn’t know.


Maybe for better beer.


“There’s a liquor store around the corner,” he offered idly. “I could make a run –”


“You’re not listening,” Mac told him, squinting against the sun, which was now behind John’s head. “I like shitty beer.”


“You like shitty beer.”




“So, if I were to go get, say, a Newcastle, or a Black Sheep, or that damned chocolate stout you used to favor –”


“Then you could drink it yourself.”


“Since when do you champion fizzy, ice cold, tasteless crap?”


“Since I moved to Nevada,” Mac said, shooting him an amused look. “Climate changes a man. A good, strong lager and a warm fire pair up nicely when your bollocks are about to freeze off. But here,” he waved a hand from the heat shimmering off the nearby road to the dry as dust desert, “not so much. I used to laugh at American beers, too, until I realized why they brew them like they do.”


“They brew them?” Pritkin said dourly, and drank his slightly sour soda pop.


Read the rest here

Source: www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/9651771-shitty-beer?utm_medium=email&utm_source=author_blog_post_digest
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