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text 2019-01-10 02:24

Two books done. Yay! Now, two book reviews to write.

*lays down the boogie and plays that funky music til I die*

Because avoidance.


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review 2016-12-23 16:15
Get Your Ass in Gear: “Author Your Success - How To Stop Procrastinating, Write Your First Book & Become A Published Author in 120 Days” by Ray Brehm
Author Your Success: How To Stop Procrastinating, Write Your First Book & Become A Published Author in 120 Days - Ray Brehm

Let's watch a bunch of Star Trek episodes and then go on another Star Wars binge that takes me through Smolin's talking about String Theory and ends with me watching interviews with Lady Gaga. Then I'll reorganize my TBR Pile, check shaving machines prices on Amazon, and split up my photo albums into smaller more specific albums. By then, it'll be 3:00 AM, and I have a meeting at 09:00 AM, so it'll be too late to really start any work at that point. No can do. I must set sail by the winds of productivity into a week of awesome. Will Brehm’s book help me? I’m torn here. I want to be sincere and I want to fit in with your big, wonderful book on how to write successfully. What I am torn about is that I freakin’ love you, from a distance, through the world wide web, and not in a freaky way. I wanted this book. My only hangup is, (…) Jeez, this should not be so hard.  I really wanted this book, even though I have 5 other books in my TBR Pile, including a Neal Stephenson book whom I also love, from a distance, that I have not finished in like, oh, say 3 years. I know. Stupid. But all this stuff around me pulls me in. This book made more grooves in happy parts of my brain. But I want to be honest in all self-publishing related matters. I mean, who would lie in a book?


If you're into Publishing, read on.


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text 2014-07-08 06:55
Of Late

I have found writing reviews rather difficult. not sure as too why, but i just leave them for a long period of time and just watch them sitting on my currently reading shelf after i have already read them. its really annoying.... but i just cant think of what to say about them.


It probably doesnt help that i tend to finish reading all my books late at night (early morning) then pass out. and I'm not really good at keeping notes, though i suppose i do have my status updates to remind me how i felt at certain times....


hmmm Dilemma.

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