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text 2020-03-05 12:37
Prom Dresses 2020

If you’re looking for the best Prom dresses 2020 trends or ideas, seeking inspiration from your favorite celebs or best dressed moments of celebs that have similar body shape as yours will be a great idea. Although you might not lay hands on the same dress as them, finding a similar style online on CoutureCandy will be a piece of cake.

Source: www.couturecandy.com
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text 2020-02-10 13:15
homecoming dresses short 2020

Want to choose a suitable short homecoming dress for the party. If you don't want a normal style, you can choose a high low homecoming dress. The short front and long back dresses are very elegant, and also highlight your unique temperament. The style is also very popular now, which can highlight your fashion taste. You can choose a tailored fit to show your figure and moving posture.

Wearing a short homecoming dress is more convenient for girls to walk, but also to show your youth vitality. In terms of shoes matching, you can choose high-heeled shoes or flat shoes. Dress with sneakers is a fashion choice for many young women. I highly recommend homecoming dresses short 2020. I hope you can find a homecoming dress that suits you and show off your charm at the party. In terms of color selection, you can boldly choose your favorite color. Show yourself at your best age.

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text 2020-01-09 08:29
Red Prom Dresses and White Wedding Dresses

In many countries, red has the function of expelling evil. In Chinese traditional culture, the color corresponding to the fire in the Five Elements is red. Many palaces and temples have red walls. Because red is easily noticeable, many warning signs are represented by red text or images. For example, red in traffic lights means stop. Red is also seen as a symbol of blood, danger, and terror. Red is often used in politics to symbolize revolution and the left.


Red is considered to stimulate the secretion of human male hormones, so those wearing red clothing can achieve better results in sports competitions. In China, red traditionally represents festive, and they like use red to decorate weddings and the Spring Festival. Red is a color commonly used in Christmas, and it is the color of love.


Red is often used on clothing. It is a popular color in fashion, especially in women's fashion. People often think that wearing a red prom dress is a sign of confidence. Of all the red prom dresses, I highly recommend prom dress mermaid red. Because it can perfectly show your body curve, and it can also show your confidence and vitality.


Compared with enthusiastic red, pure white is often reminiscent of ice, snow and white clouds. White gives people a sense of cleanliness and purity, and it also symbolizes peace and sacredness.


White is one of the people's favorite color, and it is extremely common in clothing. Most people in the eastern festivals like to wear red costumes. In western celebrations, people prefer to wear white clothes. Most people choose a white wedding dress for weddings, and white can mean pure love. White dress is suitable for every girl. I recommend wedding dress plus size white for ladies with a bit full body.


A small amount of white can brighten up a design, and it can also make the darker reds, greens and blues look more striking. Black and white are the most contrasting combinations you can use to convey a sense of seriousness or comedy.


Different colors give us different feelings. We also choose different colors of clothing according to our own preferences. Some people also judge a person's character and the way of doing things based on color. Color is really an interesting thing.

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text 2020-01-04 08:22
Comfortable Wedding Apparel

Bridesmaid Dress refers to the dress the bridesmaid wears in the wedding. The bridesmaids are usually the unmarried women who have a close relationship with the bride. Their dresses should complement the bride's wedding dress. Usually the bridesmaid's dresses are elegant, decent, and simple. They should not be too gorgeous to avoid being too conspicuous. So how do we choose bridesmaid dresses?

The color of bridesmaid's dress should not be too strong and gorgeous, and the visual effect should not exceed the wedding dress. Therefore, we suggest that you can choose pink, nude and other light colored bridesmaid dresses cheap long. These colors’ bridesmaid dresses can set off the romantic atmosphere of the wedding. In addition, fresh colors such as goose yellow, light blue and mint green can also be considered. The bridesmaid dresses of these colors are more suitable for outdoor weddings. In a word, the key point of choosing bridesmaid dresses is to unify with the main color of wedding arrangement.

bridesmaid dresses online

We can also choose bridesmaid dresses according to the wedding place. Try to choose light color bridesmaid dress for indoor wedding, and the choice of bridesmaid dress for outdoor wedding can be determined according to the wedding setting style, main color and other factors.

If it's an outdoor wedding, in order to create a romantic and fresh atmosphere, we can also choose light short bridesmaid dresses. But we should pay attention to the selection of length to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by too short, such as inconvenient sitting. If you have a large number of bridesmaids, you can choose one or two colors of bridesmaid dresses.

Flower girls are usually 4-6-year-old. They can wear small garlands on their heads and hold flower baskets and small bouquets decorated with flowers. Or the most common one is to take a basket of petals and sprinkle them on the carpet before the bride enters the hall. Girls usually choose flower girl dresses white cheap. I hope that in the new year you can find the person who is exclusive to you and hold a romantic wedding.

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text 2019-12-19 10:35
Prom Dresses of Different Colors

The first thing we think about when we buy prom dresses custom made is the color of the dress. The choice of color is not only related to personal preferences, but also to the occasion to attend. Secondly, we have to consider the style and material of the prom dress. Now winter has come. Dark clothes have become the main trend of wearing. You can buy dark prom dresses to suit the season. Of course, you can also break the rules and choose bright colors.

Prom dresses black

In autumn and winter, people almost wear black, white and gray clothes. You may think that the black prom dress is too dull. But if you can choose a good style, it can also bring many accidents and surprises! The high-end black dress will look impressive from afar! You can switch between smart and elegant in a black prom dress. Formal dress black long may have a particularly high hit rate at parties. So if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to buy a smartly designed black prom dress. It can be a chic perspective effect on the waist, or a golden decoration on the neckline.

prom dress cheap 2020

Prom dresses blue

In fact, it's not only the black prom dress that suits all kinds of occasions, but also the blue prom dress. This gentle color will make you look sweet and moving, and bring your own elegant temperament.

If you have no idea how to choose an evening dress, then choosing a blue prom dress is a good choice. We can also integrate various elements into the evening dress, such as delicate flowers, butterfly patterns and gorgeous beading. So that you can show your difference in these details.

prom dresses glitter

Metal elements have been very popular throughout the year. You can buy sparkling gold sequin gowns, or equally shiny silver sequin prom dress mermaid red. Gorgeous sequined prom dresses can create a charming feminine atmosphere, coupled with high-heeled shoes and handbags of the same color, then the overall look will be very advanced.

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