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text 2016-07-03 15:57
Sense of Deception - Victoria Laurie
Sense of Deception - Victoria Laurie
When - Victoria Laurie
Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye - Victoria Laurie


Sense of Deception
part of the Psychic Eye series
one of my favourite mystery series with special elements of the last years
this new books was another great addition to the series
there is a thrilling mystery Abby needs to solve
and there's pretty much no time to do so
she will need the help of all of her friends to safe an innocent woman
she isn't sure if she can do it
as always with this series I had a lot of fun when reading the book
for a few hours I was superbly entertained
the case was thrilling and I loved reconnecting with all of the characters
the next book in the series "A grave prediction" also sounds great
so of course I will read it
if you like mystery books that are not too dark
that have some special elements and are a lot of fun
then this series could be perfect for you
the first book is "Abby Cooper: Psychic Eye"
Victoria Laurie also writes a second mystery series with special elements
the Ghost Hunter mystery series
and she writes special Young Adult books
"When", her first YA book,
is one I can highly recommend.

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review 2015-08-20 18:18
´╗┐Review: Sense of Deception (Psychic Eye Mystery #13) by Victoria Laurie
Sense of Deception - Victoria Laurie

Ms Laurie never fails to capture and hold my attention and all with a handful of unforgettable characters!

What I liked: I adore the characters in the Psychic Eye Mystery series. We're up to book 13 in the series and there is always something new and exciting to read about. The characters have grown a bit in each installment and I can't imagine getting tired of them any time soon.

Of course Abby is THE central character but she wouldn't work so well as the lead without her now husband Dutch, her BFF, Candice, and the others with which she interacts.  When I first started reading this series, Abby was interesting but could seem a bit shallow at times. I feel like I've watched her evolve and grow up a lot!  Abby and Dutch no longer frustrate me as a couple any longer. They are totally committed to each other and the interactions between them can be sweet, funny or loving. A great couple together. Candice added so much to the series. Abby has a foil for her impulsiveness. Candice is very deliberate and methodical in all their cases while Abby tends to fly by the seat of her pants and is extremely quick to jump to conclusions, which usually ends up with them in a bit of hot water.

Sense of Deception really makes you think about the death penalty. (I'm not revealing my thoughts on this matter). The way Ms Laurie writes this story doesn't throw fuel on the fire in a political way. She just writes the story and provides information on Texas' laws such as the death penalty, gun laws, etc. It was handled very well without the author slanting the story one way or another.

What I didn't like: There is nothing not to like in Sense of Deception or any books in this series. They are usually quick reads, lots of laughs, a case or two and very interesting characters!

Highly Recommended!!!!! 

Source: www.justtalkingbooks.com/blog/review-sense-of-deception-psychic-eye-mystery-13-by-victoria-laurie
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review 2013-07-15 00:00
Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye (Psychic Eye Series #1)
Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye - Victoria Laurie I picked this book hoping for a quirky cozy mystery but ended up in romantic suspense hell.Abby Cooper is a psychic intuitive that can call on her spirit guides for advice and wisdom. She uses her ability to run a successful business advising people on everything from cheating lovers to financial matters. I like the general idea of a psychic but man, she was spot on all the time. Any little tidbit Abby spit out would be verified sooner or later, allowing her an "I told you so" smile. In this vein many times Abby would do a reading for someone she thought didn't believe her. A simple, "...and you should get that knee checked out, the next time you lift something heavy it's going to pop" would have sufficed but no, she had to tell them about their wives and daughters and upcoming vacations. Always right, always on the nose, often annoying. In fact, the only time she ran into trouble was when she didn't listen to her "crew"... they're infallible, of course.That time she didn't pick up the "intuitive phone", along with any other fishy happening, felt like it had a neon sign with "THIS IS FORESHADOWING!" painted on top. Grah.A few lines that bugged me:"I looked at the painted decal on the back hood." Hoods are in the front. Trunks and tailgates are in the back. Decals and stickers are usually put on by owners, insignia and logos by the maker."I knew immediately that I'd have to tip the mailman extra big come Christmas." Postal workers are federal employees and are legally obligated not to accept cash tips over $20. Getting some extra nice chocolate or maybe knitting a pair of convertible mittens would be fine, but not an extra big tip."In my next lifetime I wanted to come back as a guy. They always seemed to get the upper hand." No irony, no nothing. And I haven't even gotten into the romantic or suspense bits. Abby goes on a date with a guy she met online who happens to be a cop. Of course, Dutch ends up being the lead investigator of a case that ends up falling into her lap. If he ends up doing anything Abby perceives as less than perfect she storms off, vows she's done with him, and screams like holy hell the next time they meet. Yet he is still attracted to her. I don't get it, either.As for the mystery surrounding an apparent suicide, Abby's leads us via one perfect hunch after another to the bad guy. I felt zero suspense because the perfect spirit guides would never let her fail. Don't they get annoyed with her, too? Wouldn't they want to slip her a bum piece of info about something trivial and have a good laugh? I would, but maybe that's why I'm not a spirit guide.Not bad enough to abandon halfway through, but also not deserving of more than one star.
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review 2012-07-27 00:00
Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye - Victoria Laurie Wow, this was really good. Different to put down once I started, this book has just about everything. I like the hint of romance in future books. Look forward to more!
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review 2012-05-26 03:15
Review of "Vision Impossible" by Victoria Laurie (Psychic Eye Mystery, #9)
Vision Impossible (Psychic Eye Mystery, #9) - Victoria Laurie

This reader's personal opinion, ©2013, all rights reserved.* 

Riveting read; but, somehow a little off for the series. Abby and Dutch were in it and basically the other cast of characters readers of series are familiar with were pretty much missing. More serious and intense with higher stakes because Abby thrust into role of CIA agent of all things.  Really missed the quirky humor this series that has pretty much stayed on side of "cozy mystery" genre slipped away from.


No real complaints about book exactly (other than some big improbabilities—almost the level of preteens playing with Barbie dolls versus real government agencies and terrorist groups); just not really a vehicle for Abby Cooper series.  None of the characters were ringing true. Was starting to feel uprooted and out of element. Have next book on preorder already, however, and its synopsis sounds more like what I expect from Abby and the rest of the crew.

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Source: donealrice.booklikes.com/post/642394/review-of-vision-impossible-by-victoria-laurie-psychic-eye-mystery-9-
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