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review 2017-08-13 17:20
Becky Cloonan is a favorite Punisher author
The Punisher (2016-) #14 - Becky Cloonan,Matt Horak,Declan Shalvey

In fact, just a favorite author.  I picked up other works by her - in mystery bags of comics, I believe - and loved them.   I picked up this because Punisher, knowing that Cloonan could do The Punisher justice.   In fact, she out wrote my expectations, making this more violent than I had thought she would.   (The Punisher is violent.   Frank Castle is all muscle and created to be a literally huge revenge fantasy and I'm okay with that.)   And because the villains of this piece are such scum - so indiscriminately violent, so callous about the harm they cause - it's just all that much more satisfying to see Castle just as brutal when he dispatches them. 


Somehow, seeing him stop to help a woman jogging is just perfect.   See, Castle stops to enjoy a hotdog but when there's a blackout, well, human nature takes a nosedive.   A woman is harassed by men watching her jog and when she calls out for help, well, Castle ditches the dog and saves the woman.   (Also, the fact that he hands the hotdog to a homeless man is just perfect: he could have tossed it, but he manages to be a fanatic serial murderer who only wants to keep people safe, and do one good deed right after another in this issue.)


He also hears gunshots and well, you know Castle can't stay out of that bullshit.   And it is bullshit.   It's more women getting threatened, too, although this time it isn't for sexual purposes.   It's for power and money, and Castle deals with this just as brutally as he does with the trio of men harassing the woman jogging in the park.  He doesn't care why you're threatening women, men, or puppies: you're doing it, and you're going down.  


He also goes after the people who hired the  men to get the artifact from the museum.   Two women are threatened, but in different situations: one white woman jogging, one black woman working.   The situations are treated the same.   There are differences in how they're handled, but only because there's a chain of command to go up in one situation.   On the surface, it was all about the same thing everything Castle does: innocent people are being hurt or abused or threatened.   He takes no prisoners and leaves behind blood and body parts when going after them. 


Still, after the longer storyline, it's nice to see a couple one shots.   I like the immediate punishment.   It's a nice breath of air and the real problem with the longer Punisher stories is that I want that immediate gratification.   Cloonan does what other authors do in the case of the longer storylines: has Castle work his way up the chain so there's at least a body count which is somewhat satisfying.   The real satisfaction comes from the big bad getting his own in the end, and there's no wait in issues like this. 


Also, she had a Usain Bolt reference and someone in my family was talking about Bolt less than 24 hours after I read this, and when I laughed they asked why and I had to explain/relieve the awesomeness that was this issue again. 


Also, The Punisher has a really hot car.   So apparently Cloonan is going to start adding in sex appeal for me and I can live with that.  I would read The Punisher's Car, by the way, even though I know Cloonan would never get Marvel to okay that.   In case she's working on it, I would read about his car.   All the time.



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text 2017-08-11 13:54
Reading Updates for May, June and July 2017
Punisher Max: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 (The Punisher (2004-2009)) - Garth Ennis,Darick Robertson,Lewis Larosa,Leandro Fernandez,Tim Bradstreet
Flowers for Algernon - Daniel Keyes
The Color Purple (The Color Purple Collection) - Alice Walker


I"m not sure why but I've yet again found myself distanced from BL as I was in the earlier months of this year. I'm trying to get back into participating on the site a bit more and noted that I'm way behind on posting what I've been reading in that time.

The good news is that I've caught up with most of my reading challenges for the year and should manage to read over my 150 goal.



Yearly reading challenge update (May) - 60/150


Read in May - 7

Audio - 4

Novel/novella - 3

Graphic Novels - 0




The Color Purple (The Color Purple Collection) - Alice Walker




Wolf Land - Jonathan Janz




Dirty Rocker Boys - Bobbie Brown,Caroline RyderThe Sinister Mr. Corpse - Jeff StrandDead Harvest - Chris F. Holm




James and the Giant Peach - Roald DahlThe Flex Diet - James Beckerman





Yearly reading challenge update (June) -72 /150


Read in June - 12

Audio - 2

Novel/novella - 5

Graphic Novels - 5




Flowers for Algernon - Daniel Keyes




Krampus: The Yule Lord - BromRobert Bloch's Psycho: Sanitarium - Chet WilliamsonThe Light is the Darkness - Laird Barron




The Last Chord - Douglas WynneThe Grief Frequency - Kealan Patrick BurkeWild Night Is Calling - J.A. Konrath,Ann Voss Peterson






Bob's Burgers Ongoing #1: Digital Exclusive Edition - Rachel Hastings,Justin Hook,Mike Olsen,Jeff Drake,Ben Dickerson,Brian Hall,Mark Von Der Heide,Adam Beechen,JC McNamee,Frank Forte,Steven Theis,Tom Riggin,Mario D'Anna,Adam Phillips,Hector Reynoso,Anthony AguinaldoBob's Burgers Ongoing #2: Digital Exclusive Edition - Rachel Hastings,Jeff Drake,Brian Hall,Steven Theis,Joe Healy,Emiko SawanoboriBob's Burgers Ongoing #3: Digital Exclusive Edition - Loren Bouchard,Rachel Hastings,Anneliese Waddington,Brian Hall,Anthony Aguinaldo,Hector Reynoso,Mike GuerenaBob's Burgers Ongoing #4 - Justin Hook,Rachel Hastings,Anneliese Waddington,Tom Riggin,Tom Connor,Marcelo BenavidesEvil Ernie: Godeater #1: Digital Exclusive Edition - Justin Jordan,Keith Davidsen,Colton Worley,Cezar Razek




Yearly reading challenge update (July) -  98/150


Read in July - 26

Audio - 0

Novel/novella - 9

Graphic Novels - 17




Punisher Max: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 (The Punisher (2004-2009)) - Garth Ennis,Darick Robertson,Lewis Larosa,Leandro Fernandez,Tim Bradstreet




Ghouls - Edward LeeA Dust Bowl Tale of Bonnie and Clyde: A Short Story - James Lee Burke




Fables, Vol. 1: Legends in Exile - James Jean,Craig Hamilton,Lan Medina,Steve Leialoha,Bill WillinghamFrom Ashes - Sandy DeLucaRoadkill - Joseph D'LaceyShadowed - Bill GauthierGreat Divide #1 - Ben Fisher,Adam MarkiewiczThe Brothers Grimm: Illuminated Fairy Tales, Vol. 1 [Kindle in Motion] - Brothers Grimm ,Kali Ciesemier,Wesley Allsbrook,Daniel Krall,Peter Diamond,Ashley Mackenzie,Nicolas Rix,Rovina Cai,M.S. CorleyHis Work To See - Richard WrightFor Those Who Dream Monsters - Anna Taborska,Steve Upham,Charles Black,Reggie Oliver,Reggie OliverDawn / Vampirella - Joseph Michael Linsner




Spying on Gods - David G. Barnett




The Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man #1: Digital Exclusive Edition - Van Jensen,Ron SalasKiss #1 - Amy Chu,Kewber BaalCage Hero #1 (of 4): Digital Exclusive Edition - Ian Parker,Kevin Eastman,Rik Hoskin,Renato ReiCage Hero #2: Digital Exclusive Edition - Ian Parker,Kevin Eastman,Rik Hoskin,Renato ReiCage Hero #3: Digital Exclusive Edition - Ian Parker,Kevin Eastman,Rik Hoskin,Renato ReiCage Hero #4: Digital Exclusive Edition - Ian Parker,Rik Hoskin,Kevin Eastman,Renato Rei






Homies #1 - David Gonzales,Elliott Serrano,Andrew HuertaHonor: Protect. Serve. Beat. Burn. (Fire I) - Bill JemasSlab: The Doctor Is in (Fire I) - Brian FinkelsteinMedic: Flatline (Fire I) - Brian FinkelsteinIntertwined #1 - Fabrice Sapolsky,Fred Pham-ChuongThe Green Hornet: Golden Age Re-Mastered #1 (The Green Hornet: Golden Age Re-Mastered Vol. 1) - Fran Striker,Bert Whitman AssociatesThe Green Hornet: Golden Age Re-Mastered #2 (The Green Hornet: Golden Age Re-Mastered Vol. 1) - Fran Striker,Bert Whitman Associates





Total reading challenge 98/150 (65%)


A-Z Challenge - 18/26 (69%)


Graphic novels challenge - 37/50 (74%)


Random TBR Challenge - 6/25 (24%)


Just lagging behind in the TBR challenge, have managed to catch up with everything else.


On a personal note it's been a stressful few months with insurance repair issues and the insurance company only just denying my claim after pissing around for a few months. I have now had to go back to my former insurer to lodge a claim, very frustrating, especially as I had wanted my property to go on the market at the end of September/early October. Trying not to panic but hopefully things will go a little bit smoother over the next few months.

Still leaving in December so nothings changing that and to be honest it can't come soon enough.



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review 2017-07-02 12:25
Becky Cloonan is just nailing this series
The Punisher (2016-) #13 - Becky Cloonan,Kris Anka,Declan Shalvey

And I've thought so from the beginning, and said so.   Maybe not in those exact words every single issue, but, yeah, pretty much.   When The Punisher returns to a safe house of his in New York, he finds some a gun has been stolen.   He tracks down the pawn shop that sold them, the kids that stole them, and where the gun is currently.   Cloonan balances the two storylines perfectly: he sets the kid who stole, and pawned, his gun and then he tracks down the woman who bought the gun. 


The woman who is being abused by the father of her of child, and who bought the gun for protection.   Despite her arguing that she can take care of herself, Frank Castle wants his gun back.   He obviously stays, and it's for her protection, although not in the way that she thinks.  


And obviously gets his gun back.   I mean, it's the Punisher and she is a person untrained in the ways of violence.   If it were me, I'd just give the fucking gun back.   

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text 2017-06-20 22:35
Take note, Marvel
Punisher War Journal (1988-1995) #1 - Carl Potts,Scott Williams

In all the multiverses, there is no version of me thinking, 'hey, I'd like to read about The Punisher flying a kite.'




The art was okay, but not enough to save this from being 20 pages of Frank Castle fretting over being late for a date to fly a kite alone :/

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review 2017-05-20 01:03
This just gets more brutal
The Punisher (2016-) #12 - Becky Cloonan,Matt Horak,Declan Shalvey

And I'm loving it.   It seems like the first story arc is complete, which makes sense: twelve issues would make two graphic novels.   Everything has been wrapped up nicely, although almost everything ended up differently than I expected, starting early on.  This started out brutal, and while it might not necessarily outdo itself each issue in physical violence, it just absolutely savages the characters mentally when it's not doing it physically.   Then again, this is Punisher, and it's not a series I read for sunshine or puppies.   This is supposed to be a bloody path to punishing criminals when the police, or other law enforcement, can't.   (Or won't in some cases.)   When the legal system works too slowly or is inadequate to the situation, Frank Castle steps in with his guns, knives, or if necessary fists.   He doesn't flinch, he doesn't hesitate, and he doesn't let anything like getting stabbed or shot get in his way. 


I just can't seem to say much about this.   The art is perfect: clean style, efficient, and a little grittier than some comic book art, but it fits the series. 

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