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review 2018-07-26 02:24
Just ridiculous
Cosmic Ghost Rider (2018) #1 (of 5) - Donny Cates,Dylan Burnett,Geoff Shaw

So I'm thinking about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I just saw it, and it was... ridiculous.   Like way dumber than this comic, but I was rolling my eyes throughout a good chunk of that movie. Which is how I react to saying, thinking about, or typing out the conceit of this mini-series/character: The Punisher is the Ghost Rider.   And also has the Power Cosmic at the same time.   


Except the people were less stupid than in Fallen Kingdom.   (Except for one character, who remains awesome which is why I got their Funko after seeing the movie.)  And this kinda made a little more sense than that?


Willing to see where it's going, but I remain convinced that what, no, you don't need all that shit in one body.   And given they deal with it in that so much power drives Frank Castle nuts, but... 


Man, no, this was the most Gary Stu I've seen in a while as far as stuffing power into someone who wasn't meant to have this kind of power.   I'll be even more honest: I like Castle because he's a man with a gun, willpower, an insanely high pain tolerance and no powers in a super-powered world.  This kinda strips that away by giving him All The Power.   Him in the War Machine armor made more sense as he treated the suit as a machine to be used, which it is at it's most simplistic.   It was another weapon in his arsenal, another gun to be used, and he was still he same within the armor.   The weapon made his job easier, but wasn't necessary, and he could go back to being a guy without the armor if needed. 


The powers feel... weird.   Weird enough to strip one star.   Still, this makes sense as far it goes, and as much as I hate the conceit, I really like the way this issue was done.  


So I'll give it an issue or two and drop it if I don't like it.

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review 2018-07-07 12:56
Frank goes after Hydra while some of Fury's people go after Frank
The Punisher (2016-) #226 - Stefano Landini,Matthew T. Rosenberg,Clayton Crain

And to be quite, well, frank, I didn't see that ending coming.  I don't think anyone realized he was going after Hydra, though.   So the dynamics changed at the end. 


The first part of this comic is Iron Punisher going after Baron Zemo, and the rest is Zemo vs. Punisher vs. Avengers (or former Avengers.)


Anyway, it was a fun time all around.   Although I have one question: why does Castle know Hunger Games but not Star Wars?

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review 2018-07-07 01:48
Punisher vs. Fury
The Punisher (2016-) #225 - Guiu Vilanova,Matthew T. Rosenberg,Clayton Crain

The Punisher tracks down the one man who might be able to help him: Nick Fury.   Except Fury tells him there's nothing he can do, and so Frank is left to try and find Hydra. 


Punisher vs Hydra next as Castle burns all his bridges. 



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review 2018-07-07 00:58
Castle is back
The Punisher (2016-) #224 - Stefano Landini,Matthew T. Rosenberg,Clayton Crain

Every superhero in NYC wants him, too.   Captain Marvel is in town to get her dead boyfriend's armor back, while no one else is willing to forgive him for joining up with Hydra.   (I mean, they gave him the okay to murder criminals and have it be state sanctioned; his whole schtick is murdering criminals.   He also feels bad about it, and while I feel gross about this, he's not the turning point that caused Marvel to gaslight us about Hydra's original connections to the nazis, so I'm more okay with his part in The Worst Event Ever than with, say, Captain nazi.)


Anyway, yeah, him being tracked by a bunch of superheroes and trying to evade them is a bunch of fun right now.

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review 2018-07-07 00:28
Punisher versus a nuke
The Punisher (2016-) #223 - Guiu Vilanova,Matthew T. Rosenberg,Clayton Crain

The way that escalated was just pure elegance.   


Beautiful conclusion to this story, including a scene where an unarmored Punisher fights Petrov who is in Iron Man armor.   Just gorgeously executed.  


Next: Castle goes to his home ground.

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