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review 2017-07-25 00:00
Playing the Rookie
Playing the Rookie - Rachelle Ayala Playing the Rookie is every thought I've ever had but been afraid to say. It's original. It's charming and it's entertaining. Neurotic and chaotic, but that blend of craziness what makes it hard not to fall in love. Jessica's converation with her inner goddess allowed me to see her as more than a character on a page. She came alive. Easier to relate to and connect with. The dual dialogue captivated me. It was at times confusing and even downright amusing but it was the perfect way to allow these characters to stand out. To tempt a reader an author has to grab their attention. Author, narrators, story and characters managed to band together and do so in a humorous and heartwarming way.
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review 2017-07-25 00:00
Ken - Rachelle Ayala
I loved the print version and I am a big fan of expanding my book collection, but the audiobook presented some stiff competition. I can't decide, so it's a good thing I saw the need to buy both. Mr. Abell brings his humor to the table. He never takes
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review 2017-07-20 04:50
Going Gets Hot (Sapphire Falls; My Country Heart #4) by Rachelle Ayala
Going Gets Hot (Sapphire Falls; My Country Heart #4) - Rachelle Ayala



Stories like these are what keeps the dream alive. That hope of happily ever after existing around the corner from loneliness and down the street from heartache. Amber and Chad prove that there's someone out there for even the most awkward of souls. Trust in your heart, be true to yourself and anything is possible, if you believe. With Going Gets Hot, Rachelle Ayala blended her charming voice and positive outlook, with the heart of Sapphire Falls and had everything coming up roses. Another great asset to an already winning series.

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review 2017-05-19 13:03
Playing for the Save (Men of Spring, #4) - Rachelle Ayala

I loved this book. It tugged at my heartstrings and left an indelible impression on me. I had high expectations for this book based on my prior experience with the previous books in the series. I was not disappointed. In fact, this was my favourite of the series. It should be noted there is no need to read the books in any specific order as each can be read as a standalone.


Playing for the Save tells the story of Ryan Hudson veteran relief pitcher for the Phoenix Rattlers. At 38 years old, he is not looking to retire, even though he had suffered back-to-back injuries. He had no interest in being in a relationship as he feels that women bring noise and chaos and he loves peace and quiet. For him being alone was orderly and predictable, which was what he needed, but then he met Jamie Rush who would have him rethinking his views on women.

Jamie Rush is a thirty-two-year-old single mother of two boys, Ben (7 years old) and Drew (5 years old). Life has not been easy for her. Her five-year-old is autistic, and she alone has to deal with the challenges that come with raising him, as her husband decided that he was not interested in raising a child he considered disabled.

The connection between Jamie and Ryan was intense. From the moment they met, it was clear they had chemistry. Relating to them as a couple was easy as I felt everything they were both going through. They struggled with their feelings for each other. Each time when it appears they were taking a step in the right direction, something makes question their love for each other. Their relationship developed gradually which I appreciated, especially given their circumstances.

I adored Ryan. He is not the athlete to boast of his accomplishments. He is caring and thoughtful, which was demonstrated in his actions towards Jaime and her sons. The connection he established with her sons, especially Drew was captivating. He was keeping a secret, that he had no desire for anyone to discover, especially the media. He was afraid to tell Jaime for fear she may want nothing to do with him. It was not difficult to figure out the secret he was hiding. I was amazed at how he was able to keep it a secret for so long.

Jaime is a contradiction. There were many layers to her character, which when peeled away revealed who she was an individual. When it came to her sons ‘welfare, she would fight with her last breath to protect them. However, she allowed her ex-husband to control every facet of her life. She depended on him for the welfare of her sons and she accepted the poor treatment he dished out to her. She felt the need to control how Drew was cared for, but never once tried to wrest control of her life from her ex-husband. I loved that she evolved and took the steps needed to take charge of her life. It is such a pity it took a neat tragic incident to open her eyes to what was taking place.

The secondary characters were well portrayed. I enjoyed reading about each of them. Their actions were typical of who they were. My least favourite was Jaime’s ex-husband, Andrew. If you have ever imagined, while reading, to which into the book and punch the villain. Well, this how I felt in regards to Andrew. He was pure evil. I was glad to see him receiving what he duly deserved.

The story, which was well written, was mainly writing in the 3rd POV. There were some minor areas where it was written in the first person POV. I had a difficult time putting this one down. This is not just a story of a romance between the main characters. It is a story of unconditional love and embracing each other differences. It touched on issues of abuse and bullying. It highlighted how intolerant persons were towards those who are different from them. This book gave me a brief look into the effects autism not only on the child but on the parents as well. I learnt that it is possible for persons with autism to live normal lives if they receive the necessary help from an early age.


I cannot say it often enough ‘Playing for the Save was a book I absolutely loved. This is by far my favourite book for 2017. I cannot recommend this enough.

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review 2017-04-20 00:00
Playing for the Save (Men of Spring, #4)
Playing for the Save (Men of Spring, #4) - Rachelle Ayala ARC Review: Playing For The Save (Men of Spring) by Rachelle Ayala

What I like most about Ms. Ayala's stories is that she's not afraid to inform while entertaining. She puts her heart and knowledge into her work and that's what keeps readers coming back. With Playing for the Save, the draw for me was the message of positivity and hope that radiated from every page. Jamie has not had an easy time with a jerk of an ex, and a child that can be difficult but also one of the brightest stars in her sky. She wants a chance at happiness but is aware she carries around a duffle bag of baggage. Can a surprise win for her two most prized possessions, give her the family she's always wanted? Ryan and Jamie were far from perfect. Each had regrets and insecurities to work through, but if given half a chance they could be perfect for each other. Haul out the Kleenex. These characters not only will break your heart but open your mind as well.
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