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url 2016-03-09 13:30
Jeff Bezos' Space Company Sets Date for Passenger Flights


If you have a few hundred thousand dollars to spare, then perhaps you might consider taking a space flight with Jeff Bezos' space company, Blue Origin. Interested?


The founder of Amazon told reporters on Tuesday that his company plans on offering space flights by 2018. Paying clients can expect to fly "more than 62 miles above Earth, high enough to experience a few minutes of weightlessness and see the planet set against the black sky of space." 


Here's an animated journey of what adventurers can expect to experience: https://www.blueorigin.com/astronaut-experience#youtube-YJhymiZjqc



To read more, go here.





Image source: BlueOrigin.com

Source: rachelbookharlot.booklikes.com
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url 2016-02-09 19:20
Copyright Clash Over Demon-Fighting Stories



Author Sherrilyn Kenyon, best known for her Dark-Hunter series, has filed suit against author Cassandra Clare, author of the popular Mortal Instruments series, for copyright and trademark infringement. According to Kenyon, the:  

"Shadowhunter series initially used Kenyon's trademark 'darkhunter.' After Kenyon demanded that Clare remove the word 'darkhunter' from her work, Clare used the term 'shadowhunter' for her protagonists instead, according to the lawsuit. The word 'hunter' was also removed from the book title.

 Clare's book, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones was published in 2007. Since then, Clare has expanded her use of the term 'shadowhunter' despite assurances that she would not, according to Kenyon.

 Clare's 2007 book was made into a movie and released in 2013, the lawsuit states. In 2014, it was reportedly announced that Mortal Instruments: City of Bones would be adapted into a television series called Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.

 Kenyon says ABC Family picked up Clare's TV pilot in March 2015. The first episode of the Shadowhunters TV show premiered on Jan. 12 of this year, according to IMDB.

 The Dark-Hunter author also claims Clare has used symbols and merchandise  that are confusingly similar to Kenyon's."

Kenyon also states there are many similarities between her story and Clare's story. However, she is not claiming plagiarism.


Author Courtney Milan took a look at the court documents and makes a great case for why Kenyon's suit may not have merit: https://twitter.com/courtneymilan


To read more about the suit go here.


Source: rachelbookharlot.booklikes.com
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url 2016-01-02 23:13
Game of Thrones Author Misses Last TV Deadline For New Book


In a surprise twist to almost no one, author George RR Martin announced that he missed the deadline which would have had The Winds of Winter, Book 6 of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, published before the airing of HBO's sixth season of the TV series Game of Thrones. 


Martin took to his blog to make the announcement. He wrote: 

“I blew the Halloween deadline, and I’ve now blown the end of the year deadline. And that almost certainly means that no, The Winds of Winter will not be published before the sixth season of Game of Thrones premieres in April.


I won’t make excuses. There are no excuses. No one else is to blame. Not my editors and publishers, not HBO. It’s on me. I tried, and I am still trying.” 

This should come as no surprise to book fans, many of whom have been waiting for a completion to this series since 1996. At this time, there is no true end in sight. Book fans will have to look for the TV show to give them an ending. Back in March 2015, show executive producer David Benioff confirmed that the show would spoil the ending of the book series: 

"We know where things are heading," said GoT executive producer David Benioff. "We will eventually meet up at pretty much the same place that George is going. There might be some deviations along the route, but we're heading toward the same destination."


For more info, read more here and here.

Source: rachelbookharlot.booklikes.com
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url 2015-11-29 21:25
Scientists Just Discovered Your Cat Might Be Trying To Kill You, And The Evidence Is Scary.

It's no accident....


Ever wonder what your furry babies are thinking as they watch you silently from their perches? Or why they'll occasionally lick your hand or brow? Don't be fooled. Chances are they're contemplating their next meal...YOU:

"Recent studies conducted at the University of Edinburgh and the Bronx Zoo resulted in scientists now understanding more about our little feline “friends” than ever before. By comparing domestic cats behavior to that of their wild cousins, scientists have found something so unsettling that will have you sleeping with one eye open.


You see, your beloved house cat might be a cute, ball-chasing bundle of fur… but she might also be plotting your demise.


What they found was that domestic cats and lions strongly share traits relating to dominance, impulsiveness, and neuroticism. In fact, if your cat was bigger, it might just consider making you its dinner."





anigif_enhanced-buzz-17150-1369946295-21.gif (500×281)



kill.gif (440×285)






Be afraid. Be very afraid. 


Read more here.

Source: rachelbookharlot.booklikes.com
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url 2015-10-22 00:32
Take a Peek at The Art of Horror: An Illustrated History
The Art of Horror: An Illustrated History - Stephen Jones

Saw this post on Black Gate, and thought my Horror loving friends would find it interesting:


"Stephen Jones’s The Art of Horror: An Illustrated History, a gorgeous full-cover coffee table book, was published by Applause Theatre & Cinema Books in hardcover on September 1, 2015. It’s a beautiful retrospective of horror in theater, cinema, pulps, paintings, book illustrations and comics, and it’s the kind of book you really need to see to fully appreciate..."


Read more here.

Source: rachelbookharlot.booklikes.com
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