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review 2019-03-18 15:12
"Burn Rate", by Ty Patterson
Burn Rate (Zeb Carter #3) - Ty Patterson
Book # 3, in the Zeb Carter series

By weaving an exciting scenario along with his familiar characters, Mr. Patterson knows how to entertain us. “Burn Rate” is a suspenseful story created by an author with a fertile imagination. Zeb Carter and his warriors are on the trail of a terrorist who plans to kill all leaders at the G20 Summit. Leads bring them to Iran and the head of the security force is their target.

This thriller is fast and furious we have not time to catch our breath. It is action packed and very intriguing and suspenseful. We have situations in this story that are quite believable and some maybe farfetched but captivating to read. Zeb and his team do their notorious deeds and escaped unscathed …. Awe and this interesting story filled with clever twists and turns bring us to a dynamic ending…..The team did it again….outsmart the terrorists and the gang behind them….

Once again Ty Patterson wrote a white knuckle thriller that flows well and is played out by smart characters. We have incredible descriptions and amazing details everything is so vividly written you may forget this is a fiction. Well-done.


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review 2018-05-25 11:19
Global Medical Tapes Market: Market Estimation, Dynamics, Regional Share, Trends, Competitor Analysis 2012-2016 and Forecast 2017-2023

Global Medical Tapes Market: Market Estimation, Dynamics, Regional Share, Trends, Competitor Analysis 2012-2016 and Forecast 2017-2023


The medical tapes market report gives a comprehensive outlook of medical tapes usage or adoption across the globe with special emphasis on key regions such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa (MEA). This report on medical tapes market gives historical, current, and future market sizes (US$ Mn) of product types, medical tapes application, end users, and geographic regions. This report studies medical tapes market dynamics elaborately to identify the current trends & drivers, future opportunities and possible challenges to the key stakeholders operating in the market. In addition, medical tapes market report covers newer product introductions and competition analysis with vividly illustrated competition dashboard to assess the market competition. Moreover, PBI analyzed medical tapes market to better equip clients with possible investment opportunities across the regions (Regional Investment Hot-Spots) and market unmet needs (Product Opportunities). Key stakeholders of the medical tapes market report include suppliers, manufacturers, marketers, policymakers engaged in manufacturing and supply of medical tapes.


       A sample of this report is available upon request @




Medical Tapes Market:


The medical tapes market estimated to be valued US$ 1,168 Mn in 2017 and poised to grow at CAGR 6.2% over 2017 to 2023. The market for medical tapes projected to reach US$ 1,671 Mn by 2023.


How are HAIs and MARSIs Affecting the Medial Tapes Market Dynamics?


There has been rising concern among healthcare professionals regarding Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) which led to the growing demand for medical tapes in the market to curb the after-effects of the infections. According to data published by the centre for diseases control and Prevention (CDC) in 2011, there were an estimated 722,000 HAIs in U.S. acute care hospitals. Additionally, about 75,000 patients with HAIs died during their hospitalizations. In response to the market demands players in the market coming up with single patient use tapes to gain larger market revenue. However, Medial Adhesive-Related Skin Injuries (MARSIs) is prevalent in all healthcare settings and occurs in all age groups, that could negatively impact medical tapes market revenue growth over 2017-2023.


Market is Gaining Movement in Spite of Advanced Wound Care Methods


The advancement in wound closure and surgical treatment methods has stirred the wound care market significantly with several physicians opting for newer wound care methods for wound and surgical treatments. Despite all these market developments traditional wound care products like medical tapes have got significant adoptions in all healthcare settings owing to its accessibility and feasibility in several applications. Moreover, players in medical tape market responding to the onslaught of advanced wound care products with innovations like single patient use tapes, and tapes for skin sensitive children and elders to avoid skin related injuries.


 To view TOC of this report is available upon request @





Asia-Pacific Accounts for Larger Market Revenue share in Global Medical Tapes Market


Asia-Pacific leads the global medical tapes market in terms of revenue in 2016. Regions such as Asia Pacific and Latin America presented better growth opportunities for the market players owing to favourable patient dynamics and availability of large untapped market in the aforesaid regions.

Competition Assessment


Key players profiles in the global medical tapes market include:

  • 3M Company (US)
  • Avery Dennison Corporation (US)
  • Johnson & Johnson (US)
  • Medtronic Plc (Ireland)
  • Nichiban Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • Nitto Denko Corporation (Japan)
  • PAUL HARTMANN AG (Germany)
  • Scapa Group PLC (UK)
  • Smith & Nephew Plc (UK)

Market players are focusing on launching differentiated products for children and elders with improved safety to garner larger revenue in medical tapes market.


 Need more information about this report @



Key Findings of the Report:


  • Global medical tapes market expanding at 6.2% CAGR over 2017 to 2023 to reach market value of US$ 1671 Mn by 2023
  • Based on product type silk cloth tapes accounted for larger market revenue share in 2016
  • Hospital are prime end users for medical tapes distribution across the globe
  • Players focusing on expanding product portfolio to garner market opportunities in developing and developed economies




Key Features of the Report:


  • The report provides granular level information about the market size, regional market share, historic market (2012-2016) and forecast (2017-2023)
  • The report covers in-detail insights about the competitor’s overview, company share analysis, key market developments, and their key strategies
  • The report outlines drivers, restraints, unmet needs, and trends that are currently affecting the market
  • The report tracks recent innovations, key developments and startup’s details that are actively working in the market
  • The report provides plethora of information about market entry strategies, regulatory framework and reimbursement scenario
  • The report analyses the impact of socio-political environment through PESTLE Analysis and competition through Porter’s Five Force Analysis in addition to recent technology advancements and innovations in the market


Detailed Segmentation


By Product Type

  • Silicone Tapes
  • Adhesive Tapes
  • Paper Tapes
  • Elastic Tapes
  • Silk Cloth Tapes



  • Wound Dressings
  • Injuries
  • Surgeries
  • Securement
  • Others


End Users

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs)
  • Homecare Settings



  • North America
    • US
    • Canada
  • Europe
    • Germany
    • France
    • UK
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Russia
    • Poland
    • Rest of Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
    • Japan
    • China
    • India
    • Australia & New Zealand
    • ASEAN (Includes Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Others)
    • South Korea
    • Rest of Asia-Pacific
  • Latin America
    • Brazil
    • Mexico
    • Argentina
    • Venezuela
    • Rest of Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa (MEA)
    • Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries
    • Israel
    • South Africa
    • Rest of MEA


Get access to full summary @



About Precision Business Insights


Precision Business Insights is one of the leading market research and business consulting firm, which follow a holistic approach to solve needs of the clients. We adopt and implement proven research methodologies to achieve better results. We help our clients by providing actionable insights and strategies to make better decisions. We provide consulting, syndicated and customised market research services based on our client needs.


Contact to Precision Business Insights,


Kemp House,

152 – 160 City Road,

London EC1V 2NX


Email: sales@precisionbusinessinsights.com


Toll Free (US): +1-866-598-1553

Website @ https://www.precisionbusinessinsights.com



Source: www.precisionbusinessinsights.com/market-reports/global-medical-tapes-market
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review 2017-01-08 23:19
Cafe de l'Amour by J.M. Snyder
Cafe de l'Amour - J.M. Snyder

Present tense. Of which I noticed the very first sentence and the very last. Everything in between? Cute and adorable and funny and charming and definitely steamy, or at least as steamy as it can get without actual sex being involved :)

Loved it! Too bad it's short, but at the same time I think it's perfect the way it ends (and where it ends) :)

5 stars.

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review 2016-06-12 00:41
The Seer by Jordan Reece
The Seer - Jordan Reece

I liked this story. I truly did. Why three stars?

- Here is a good piece of info for anyone starting the book. Last name Scoth is pronounced same as "both", not "moth". BUT ... busy with the ramblings the author only gets a chance to mentioning it 30% into the book.

What? You didn't know? @.@

- The romance is almost non-existent. The MCs get "together" together while intoxicated. They are cute while doing it, but - really? I don't mind the lack of romance, however this clumsy attempt at it was nearly a turn off for me. There isn't much chemistry between the two anyway.

- The mystery is almost lost in overwhelming amount of unnecessary details. The book is bursting at the seems with them and the story's momentum, slowly and painfully gained through numerous attempts, keeps getting buried under pointless deviations from the plot to describe this or that or ...

- To make us feel ...scandalized? A child (a girl) from a respected family, smart, well mannered, was forced (by the author) to describe an orgy in the neighbour's garden. That orgy was already described by her aunt and her father 3 or 4 times. WHY???? What is the purpose of this? Not to mention, that said aunt should have removed children (there were more than one) from the garden at once the moment the party started.

Oh, I must mention a girl with a shock collar on her. It zaps her every time she raises her voice. Sure, she breaks glass for a hobby that way, but did the author have to even write her in? She wasn't relevant to anything in this story.

Child services, please!

- The Seer, Jesco. He sees people or rather he becomes them by touching their belongings. As a result, Jesco avoids coming in contact with objects that belong to other people, so not to be overwhelmed by their owner's personalities. For his own use he prefers items that are brand new, without anyone's imprint on them. Which makes no sense once you think about it. What about manufacturers? What about tailors, who spend hours, days making a suit. What about furniture? Someone has to cut wood, put together a frame, stuff and upholster it. And so on.

On the bright side:

- Cut 10-15% off the page count and the book is priceless.

- Hasten Jibb. A man-child with wild imagination. Love him. He is my favorite character in this book.

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review 2016-04-28 16:27
Chaos Station
Chaos Station - Jenn Burke,Kelly Jensen

DNF-ed at 55%. One star for what I could stand to read.


The following is my personal opinion and my own impression of the book. I understand everyone else is loving it to pieces, but I managed to only last 55% before my patience and pain tolerance ran out.


Maybe it's because I've just finished absolutely brilliant Magpie Lord series, maybe it's because the characters are flat, boring, repetitious and predictable comparing to the vibrant personages of another brilliant series, "Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts", but I found "Chaos" to be an excruciatingly painful read.


Just a few thoughts on the characters:


Captain Elias. Too flat of a character; at times, under enough pressure, he even manages to cave in into a negative dimension, where he becomes completely invisible, like an annoying mosquito you try to tune out. Can't seem to get pass two lines: "He (Zed) is dangerous." and "I want him/you (Zed) off my ship." That's after he got his greedy paws on a good lump of cash from the above mentioned Zed.


Zed, your average martyr. A poor (not in a monetary sense), damaged yet noble soldier on a mission to save his fellow sister-in-arms gone rogue. A shy, humble trillionaire, who doesn't want to impose on anyone or, god forbid, say hi to his own loving siblings. It might get them in trouble. Why? Flick is here to explain, of course.


Then there is Flick. Fix. Whatever. He fixes shit. From microwaves to spaceships. A hacker with a golden heart. A poor, damaged, noble (you guessed it all) soul. He is here, it seems. for the sole purpose of explaining things and feelings to the other characters (aka "info dump" to us, readers). Maybe he is here for sex, too  ...I don't remember, neither do I care.


All in all - a predictable, boring piece of writing, chaotic and redundant, looping onto itself every other page. Frustrating.

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