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review 2019-06-14 10:52
Trending Ray Ban Sunglasses Styles Popular This Season

Who Doesn’t Want Style Icon Ray Ban Sunglasses? There are numerous varieties of the Ray-Ban glares available nowadays. Summer is the season when everyone wants the protection of the eye as well as style. Where people don't know even which type of goggles are suited to them particularly!

Ray-Ban was founded and approached by Bausch & Lomb, the time was 1937.  They are the initial creators of the flier and Wayfarer specs. These designs are classics and but after that, there are many other types of designs invented.

Ray-Ban specs designs never wear out. So for the classic styles there many celebrities who are still wearing the glasses of the Ray-Ban. Their designs have evolved with the enduring look has perpetually stayed true.


ray ban sunglasses


When You Are Thinking To Buy Any Goggles Consider This Factors,

Anti-Radiation Protection

Always take care the glasses keep harmful UV rays treed. This is often one among the highest functionalities to appear for sunglasses.

Frame Size

Don’t try and choose an oversized frame, but not so much. As this can provide higher coverage to your eyes and defend shield them from harmful rays.

Lens Colour

What colour lenses would you wish you should choose  – whereas black and brown are obvious selections.  you'll be able to additionally opt for frames that are available red, blue, grey or perhaps inexperienced betting.


If you’re not into carrying contact lenses, you'll be able to additionally cross-check specs that are enabled with eye correction practicality.

ray ban sunglasses

Here Are Some Trending Styles You Should Check,

Ray Ban Wayfarer Specs

The first designed and the world's most recognisable glass is Wayfarer. The solid coloured lens provides a glance that defines easy cool whereas protective against harmful actinic radiation rays. Combining ancient and up to date parts of the sq. form frames are crafted from the smoothest acetate. This classic look comes in various sizes like  47mm, 50mm, and 54mm.

Ray Ban Aviator

The Ray-Ban Aviator is the most famous and stylish goggle of Ray Ban. The big metal pilot frame form embodies the enduring flier look.  Feature a steel full-rim frame that contains a soft adjustable nose pad and golden temples. Whereas the nice and cozy metal colours and new fade-in gradient lenses supply protection against harmful actinic radiation rays. This aviator is also available in 3 sizes, 55mm, 58mm and 62 mm as well.

Ray Ban Round Glass

The Ray-Ban Round metal specs are an androgynous light-weight cannular frame with retro vogue lenses. This vogue was impressed by the Nineteen Sixties culture exceedingly kind of colours, your coolness can shine sort of a flower-powered peace sign. This is well-known for its outlined crystal lenses and distinct from, This types of the specs give 100 per cent actinic radiation protection.

Final Thought,

Until and unless you experience Ray Ban Sunglasses, you can’t understand the importance and value of the glasses. The main thing is Ray Ban is always a trademark and give the best and classic look as well comfort as well. It is not like you get the pricy glares but it already proved its importance in the world of the glares.

Source: Which Ray Ban Sunglasses Should I Choose In Summer?


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text 2018-10-29 10:22
Why Wooden Sunglasses are the Hottest Sunglasses 2018

What makes wooden sunglasses a sought after fashion accessory? Many people are talking about eccentric sunglasses, which suggests the trend of hottest sunglasses 2018 is seeing a growing demand. Its two folded feature that offers an elegant appeal and maximum protection makes it on par with plastic sunglasses.


Primarily, the job of bamboo sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted from the sun. These emissions are likely to cause cataracts, which is the clouding of the eye's lens that results in blurring the vision. Cataracts caused by extended UV exposure accounts for an estimated 20% of all cataract cases. This means you should all don a pair of glasses in the sun.


But why wooden sunglasses? Below are many reasons which explain the sudden popularity of this fresh trend:


Attractive features of wood


Wood is a versatile material that can satisfy many designs and styles. It is masculine and its toughness makes it stand out in a subtle manner. In fact, wood sunglasses mens or women, are equally attractive and complements both casual and formal looks. Wood has the capacity to revolutionize the plastic dominated fashion world and turn it into something special and different. The natural texture of wood itself complements many designs. Bamboo, oak, walnut, dark, black, cherry are all natural wood types and tones that play into advantage for crafters. The wood grain brings a completely new fashion taste to counter the shiny or colored plastic glasses frames. Some of the hottest sunglasses 2018 are totally flaunting these wood designs.




For many of you, durability is a major factor to consider. No one likes to spend on the same accessory repeatedly or buy cheap quality glasses that is likely to cause you more embarrassment in public than not. Good quality is therefore uncompromisable and goes without question. Durability is one of the biggest selling points of wooden sunglasses. They are tough and rough, which is the perfect combination to ensure a crazy adventurous vacation without having to worry about your fashion accessories. When sunglasses are made with wood, manufacturers make sure they craft glasses from the finest handpicked wood grains. The idea is to ensure superior quality and highly enduring strength.




Over the course of time, the world has become enlightened in areas of environmental impact. Consequently, the fashion industry has too followed suit in ensuring their customer preference is respected and catered to. The trend has found its way into in the developing countries as well, which is making them slowly move towards eco-friendly products.


Since people have become more aware of the damages that plastic causes and the consumption of energy and resources that plastic formation requires, they have switched to less damaging products. One of the biggest drawbacks of plastic is its non-degradable property. Plastic today accounts for the majority of undersea and land pollution. Wood as an alternative reduces the hazard of severe pollution. Wooden glasses are eco-friendly as they use less carbon footprint. Wooden sunglasses are mostly hand-crafted, which means special skills are employed in the creation of these accessories with less industrialized equipment in use. They’re also made with fresh designs that suited to the wooden material, designer wood frame glasses are one example of this.


If you’re looking to become part of the hottest sunglasses 2018 trend, replace your plastic frames with a wooden frame now!

For more details visit Sizen

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text 2018-09-25 14:21
Online Sunglasses Store Aims to Help Wildfire Victims Sizen to donate generously to California Wildfire Relief Fund

Vallejo, CA - September 7, 2018 - California-based sunglasses company Sizen announced a new initiative today designed to support and give back to wildfire-affected communities around the state. Sizen will donate a portion of each sale of its high-quality, budget-friendly bamboo sunglasses for men and women to the California Community Foundation's Wildfire Relief Fund.


Since its recent launch, Sizen has quickly established that though the company is focused on providing a range of price-accessible sunglasses for style-conscious consumers online, it also views itself as a responsible and active member of the local California business community. Californians have spent the last several years fighting a plague of wildfires that have swept through California forests and into densely-populated neighborhoods. The California Community Foundation's Wildfire Relief Fund has raised over $5 million to help affected residents find recovery and relief after wildfires have cost them homes, jobs, and their mental and physical health. Sizen's generous and ongoing donations to the Wildfire Relief Fund will support rebuilding efforts across the state.


“Most of us here at Sizen know someone that were affected by the Wildfires last year” Trevor Johnson, CEO of Sizen said. “Sizen’s headquarters are in Vallejo, less than 20 miles from Napa, where much of the destruction occurred. We felt compelled to act, especially since the need for support will likely continue for years.”


Sizen's donation, which includes a portion of every sale of its sunglasses, provides critical resources and support for Californians effected by wildfires. Founded in August 2018, Sizen burst onto the accessories scene with its promise that consumers can find quality, stylish, and best inexpensive sunglasses womens online through its website at https://www.sizen.shop. Sizen's commitment to consumers includes not only providing excellent products and prices, achieved through creative partnerships with brand name sunglasses suppliers, but offering community service and support. The company encourages people to "Love what you wear," and carefully selects its product offerings to ensure consumers always find something new to love when shopping with Sizen. Its newly-announced donation efforts offer consumers yet another reason to enjoy shopping with Sizen.



About Sizen: Sizen is an online purveyor of high-quality and affordable sunglasses and accessories based in California.

Find out more at: Sizen.shop.

Contact: Trevor Johnson, CEO

Email: sizencompany@gmail.com

Phone: 707-651-9925

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text 2018-09-21 12:33
Study Shows Demand for Affordable Sunglasses Online Grows Despite Strong Economy

How E-Shopping in Retail is Revolutionizing the Customer Shopping Experience

Is Shopping Online Changing the way Customers Shop?


Shopping can be a hassle, no matter what you're buying. Walking into an establishment and getting hit with bustling crowds, long lines, and inflated prices can make anyone exhausted. Every day, more and more consumers make the decision to avoid all these issues and shop online. According to emarketer.com, it is estimated that online shopping will make up 15% of all retail sales by the year 2020. This is because shopping online can save customers time, energy, and even money. With benefits like weekly sales, discounts for e-mail lists, and free shipping, it's no wonder that customers opt to spend five minutes online taking care of their needs, rather than going out to malls or outlet stores. This is especially true in markets that offer clothing and apparel. Customers are interested in finding the most affordable sunglasses online, and with the help of companies like Sizen, this has never been more possible.


Sunglasses may seem like a luxury item, but they become an essential accessory that offers practical benefits. When a customer walks into a store for sunglasses, what they tend to find are cheap frames that offer little to no durability, or they find the quality of designer brands at an outrageous price. This is not the case when customers choose to buy from online stores such as Sizen.


How does Sizen afford to offer Designer brands at half the price?

Companies like Sizen specialize in scouting the best prices for sunglasses. Because of the relationships online stores build with their suppliers both in the United States and overseas, Sizenis able to buy popular brands at a fraction of the cost that in-store retailers offer. This means that they can afford to cut the prices for their customers and make the price more reasonable. According to Invespcro.com, clothing and apparel makes up approximately 63% of product sales online. Since the volume of apparel sales are so high, businesses that work in the sunglasses industry are able to offer exclusive deals to their online customers, such as free and discounted shipping.


How does Sizen acquire such a variety of frames?

Sizen has access to the full inventory of a number of brands, such as Rayban, Vespa, and Guess. The way companies like Sizen build their inventory is through shopping at each individual outlet store and selecting frames that they find up to their standard. Since they only feature select items, Sizenis able to offer an online store with immense variety when it comes to sunglasses. This is why you'll find exclusive items, like their luxury wooden glasses, or the best inexpensive sunglasses polarized. Sizen knows their buyers, and they understand the importance of having a look for every season.


When it comes to ordering hottest sunglasses 2018 online, Sizen stands out among other retailers. When customers choose online shopping over going in-store, they are looking for very specific benefits. Customers value companies that give them a variety of options, save them time in the buying process, and offer them exclusive deals and discounts. With deals like 15% off on orders over $20, Sizen is ensuring the type of customer satisfaction that cannot necessarily be guaranteed by going to a sunglass kiosk in the mall. The designer selection, along with the opportunity to buy the best inexpensive sunglasses polarized, puts Sizen a cut above other retailers, and that is why more customers are turning to the online shopping experience for their needs.

For more details Sizen.shop

email: sizencompany@gmail.com

phone: 707-651-9925

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text 2018-09-20 08:11
The Best Fit: Finding the Best Affordable Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses can really elevate your looks even if you are just sporting a simple T-shirt and some rugged jeans. The trick comes in knowing the best pair that fits your face and certainly one that is affordable. This guide will come in handy the next time you are shopping for the best affordable sunglasses in your local store or some online shop.


1.The rule of the thumb is buying the best affordable sunglasses that compliments your face. This way you might not need to keep buying new sunglasses each time you are walking out and perhaps have that feeling that you need new ones.

Some of us have square faces, with a pretty strong jaw that is almost the same width as your forehead. As such a pair of glasses with round frames could compliment your face greatly. Others have a round face that is easily complimented by squared framed glasses. You can also get away with a pair of aviator glasses. The shape of your glasses should always be opposite the shape of your face. Getting a shop with affordable men sunglasses will save the day too.


2.When going to buy glasses, it is always important to stick to the objective in mind. This means that you should really understand why you need the glasses. Do you need some for casual wear, are you a security agent or even for protection against some working condition. This assists you in getting the best Inexpensive sunglasses polarized for your need. If you are looking for sunglasses to protect your eyes, be sure to get those that are able to block about 99% of UVB rays and 95% of UVA rays.


  1. It’s always paramount to ensure that you at all cost avoid any glasses labeled “Cosmetic” or those that don’t provide any information in regard to UV protection. While you are looking for affordable mens sunglasses, these ones are not worth a dime.


4.You also should be sure about the color of the glasses you want. The color of your glasses just don’t affect the whole fashion statement but also how well your other colors compare and contrast. Remember that you are looking for the best inexpensive sunglasses polarized. Some colors might dampen your fashion statement while others might make it more screaming. Here are some examples. If you settle for gray lenses, you will be sure that they don’t affect the light intensity and also do not contrast the color of your clad. You will need lenses whose color doesn’t distort the colors of the traffic lights when you are moving around town in your car. While many shops stock affordable mens sunglasses, be sure to select the best.


5.Get a pair that is quality enough, and that will serve you for a longer time.


When shopping for the best affordable polarized sunglasses, be sure to contact us. We can always offer you the best advice about a good pair of glasses to compliment your looks.

For more details visit Sizen.shop

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