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review 2019-07-01 09:13
Mitch setup Nash for promotion
Pursuit of Honor - Vince Flynn

Mitch considered himself damaged goods.


He also wrongly used abortion issue to point out the hypocrisy of the senators on the left. 


The beauty of the left is their desire to uphold themselves as the ideal state. Not a bad thing.


The settings up of the story is pretty good. How a person could struggle between working in a dangerous job and having a family. 


The other part is good too. The bad guys are on the run. The bad guy has an intelligent team mate who prepared them to disappear in the middle of rural America and wait until things die down before moving back home.


Fortunately for the good guys, the bad guys are having a power struggle. The over-sized ego has ruined the preparation. Now the bad guys are split into two teams. 


Overall, pretty interesting read. It is kind of obvious that Mitch is closer to the hardliner who preferred to treat the terrorists as threat always and eliminated them with any mean.  While the other political values are also closer to the Republican camp. That is the only part I dislike about this. The Republicans are not that detail in thinking and not very good in seeing where the left wing come from. Maybe watching more real news instead of Fox news. 


Anyway, still good to see how the other party things. 



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review 2019-06-26 02:38
Mitch being put on trial
Extreme Measures - Vince Flynn

Mitch is going after terrorists. Senators are going after Mitch for his method of gaining information from terrorists. 


Mitch goal is clear. He  based on solid intel and go after terrorists so he and his team could stop terrorist attack.


The goal of the senator Lonsdale is go after Mitch and Nash for treating captured terrorists badly. Senators seems to missed the point why Mitch did what he did and his goal.


So the story played this out. Two cells of terrorists were intercepted and there is a third cell at large. 


As Mitch is the good guy in the story, the story seems more right leaning. if there is no oversight, CIA operative would only rely on their ethic to keep themselves in check for not abusing power.


Mitch got a lot of empathy as his motivation is simple. To protect lives.  Terrorists who have no problem killing children are not someone that could persuade through dialogue. 


Nash story is good too. He is a diaper changing modern man who make sure diaper is change with the same effectiveness as he change ammunition for gun. He still have his family he sorries about, while running into danger. 


The story is also told from the perspective of the terrorists. The selfishness of leadership and how little they value human lives. 


A bit more political story. Yet it is good to raise this to allow readers to think it through where they stand on this issue and why. As a more left leaning reader, it is good to read what the other side thing and how there could be compromise in time of crisis.


4 stars.


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text 2018-12-18 09:42
Reading progress update: I've read 254 out of 304 pages.
The Sellout: A Novel - Paul Beatty

This book is so strange


Using a submissive to highlight the wrong of slavery. And use segregation to highlight the wrong of racism. 


The main character going through all that stuff just to get the lost home town back on the map. 


Seems random but thoughtful. Make me think about more about the mind of those who are oppressed yet not able to escape this prejudices even when racism is clearly labelled and exposed. 

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review 2018-11-09 19:10
Web London is working out who kill his team
Last Man Standing - David Baldacci

Web is HRT, hostage rescue team. His team was setup and were killed. 


That lead him to find help with a friend and a psychiatrist.


The plot twit is good. And it is interesting on finding out who is really the bad guys. 


There are few key players. 


One group is the HRT and FBI who supposed to be the good guys. 


One group is the drug lord Big F. He got a son who is at the scene of the setup and now missing. 


One group is the one behind the setup. 


One group is a cult called Free Society. Who has killed a school boy years ago. 


All the players are in and Web has no friend with exception Romano and Claire. 


Billy and Gwen were the parents of the dead boy and they were under threat too. A few persons who were involved are now dead. 


Enjoyable read.  

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text 2018-11-09 05:56
Reading progress update: I've read 445 out of 656 pages.
Last Man Standing - David Baldacci

The story started with Web froze and his team got killed.


Now Web was an outcast and he wanted to know who killed his team.


More people get killed and now they think either related to drug lord or a cult. 


The clue is there and we discovered clue as Web discovered them himself. 


Romano and Cove and one psychiatrist Claire is still on his side. 

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