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review 2019-08-19 06:16
The men of the Atlanta PD Narcotics Task Force are backā€¦
Here Comes Trouble - A.E. Via,Aiden Snow

Book one of this series was about God and Day and in book number two we watched Sin and Furi fall in love but here in ‘Here Comes Trouble’ it’s Ruxs and Green the enforcers for the ‘Atlanta PD Narcotics Task Force’ they’re the men who hit the streets frequently at considerable expense to the task force budget and gather information for the task force that allows them to do their job. While both of these characters have appeared in previous stories, their presence has been minor, but in this story, they are the central characters and we get to find out a whole lot more about both of these men and their relationship to each other than as work partners.


Detective Mark Ruxsberg and Chris Green are partners at work and best friends…Chris is bi and while he’s not in the closet, he’s also not taking out any ads in the local paper. He hasn’t even bothered to tell his partner and best friend…the same partner and best friends who’s starting to wonder about things…things like what it would be like to kiss Ruxs…to maybe  pin him up against a wall and do things…things that definitely take their relationship beyond the strictly platonic. What Ruxs doesn’t realize is that Greens been having those same thoughts about him for a whole lot longer and while it’s slippery slope that these men find themselves on as they go from friends to lovers their equally determined not to lose their friendship along the way.


Threaded throughout this budding romance we have plans for a drug bust…because hello! Narcotics Task Force and the drama of Ruxs mother…seriously I’m so with Green about this woman…I have zero compassion for her…sorry…not sorry and last but not least we have Curtis the  young man that we met in the first book when God and Day stopped him from robbing a convenience store. Curtis is definitely more present in this story and while I would have liked to see his character better defined, he’s got potential and hopefully if he continues to appear in future stories we’ll see him gain a more cohesive personality that presents a clearer image of who he is but I definitely enjoyed the interaction between Ruxs and Green both as friends and as lovers as they worked together along with the rest of their team to create a family for Curtis.


In spite of the fac that I do think it’s happened a little too quickly, even for people their age…I’m ok with the idea of Curtis and Genesis as a couple. I admit it’s been a few years but I do remember how easy it is to feel like you’re in love when you’re their age but I’m hoping that the future brings more character and relationship growth for both of these young men before we see them actually settled into a committed relationship and truthfully for me this is something that’s ok as a sidebar in future stories but  I’m hoping the stories stay focused on the members of the Atlanta PD Narcotics Task Force.


And once again it’s the talented narrations of Aiden Snow that has not only brought this story to life but provided me with the voices that I have come to associate with this group of men. ‘Don’t Judge’ was the first book in this series and my first time listening to this narrator but here we are at ‘Here Comes Trouble’ book number three and with each book I’m enjoying this narrator more and more. While most of his audio books to date are m/f stories I’m certainly going to be keeping an eye out for future audio books in the m/m genre by this narrator. But in the meantime, there’s always ‘Don’t Judge’ the next book in the A.E. Via’s ‘Nothing Special’ series to be enjoyed.




An audio book of ‘Here Comes Trouble’ was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2019-08-19 05:59
Sometimes you just need to enjoy the story for the sake of enjoying the story...
Don't Judge - A.E. Via,Aiden Snow

‘Don’t Judge’ is the fourth book in A.E. Via’s ‘Nothing Special’ series and it’s also the fourth book in the series narrated by Aiden Snow, who has once again created an incredibly enjoyable audio experience.


Having the same narrator for audio book series is without a doubt one of the things that I enjoy the most and if I’m really lucky that narrator is not only the same person…they also do an awesome job with the narration and for me, Aiden Snow has proven his ability to do this.


I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to enjoy this series is by not expecting things to resemble the real world especially when it comes to the legal aspects of this story and having done that I can honestly say that I found this story much easier to enjoy. I’ve also accepted that there are going to be over the top names as we go along…we started with ‘God’ and now we’re adding the bounty hunter ‘Judge’ and his dog, the Great Dane…’Book’em and yes, as someone who’s old enough to remember ‘Hawaii 5-0’ every time I read ‘Book ‘em’ my brain added ‘Danno’…seriously it’s like an auto-reflex reaction…I couldn’t stop so I just kind of rolled. Let me just add I’ve read a lot of other books with strange/weird/giggle worthy names so for me this is just a bit of entertainment and really has no bearing on my rating.


So far it’s a bit of a toss up on whether I like this book or the last one better so we’re going to call it a draw. While Judge is a new character for this series, we have met Michaels in previous stories as part of God and Day’s task force. What we didn’t see was that Michaels is a man with serious anger issues…like really serious anger issues and I have to say that was a little worrisome for me because anger issues + weapons = not good…in the real world but here in God & Days world…not a problem it’s nothing that some hot, steamy, hard and fast sex won’t fix…and thankfully Judge is just the man for the task. This probably wouldn’t have worked for me at all…except we also get moments of Michaels and Judge interacting and getting to know each other as people in a work environment, as individuals and yes…in the bedroom…just like a relationship in the real world…well sort of.


Just like in previous stories these men are larger than life with personalities that are for want of a better term…blown out of proportion and I may not want this…well, actually I know I don’t want this in every story but sometimes it’s fun and entertaining to read/listen to a story where the real world is only a vague role model…a starting point if you will for what happens on the pages of the story and not something that’s reflective of what’s outside our front door or how we wish the world worked…just some entertaining fun something to distract us from the real world for a few hours.




An audio book of ‘Don’t Judge’ was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2019-08-19 05:51
Sometimes no matter how deep you bury something it doesn't stay buried...
What Lies Beneath - R.J. Scott

Sawyer Wiseman left Lancaster Falls for the challenge of career on the Chicago Police Force…it turned out to be a challenge that nearly cost him his life and left him broken and returning to his hometown seeking a place where he can heal and still have a career in law enforcement…just not one that might cost him everything.


Chris Lassiter has written two bestselling horror stories and is under pressure to produce the third and final story in his trilogy…if he could just manage to put together something worth reading much less making into a movie. Having grown up in a small town very much like Lancaster Falls, he still knows what life in a small town is like.

When Sawyer’s boss sends him out to check on the person staying in the Dwyer cabin, he’s expecting an elderly recluse or some such thing not a hot as hell author struggling with writer’s block. Chris is instantly drawn to the sexy, small town cop and he’s more than willing to let it be known, it’s just to bad Sawyer thinks it’s not the best idea he’s had this week regardless of how attractive he finds the reclusive author.


‘What Lies Beneath’ is the first book in R.J. Scott’s latest release and while I haven’t read everything this author has written…believe me I’m working on it…this one feels very different from what Ms Scott usually gives us and I do mean this in the best of ways.  The setting for this story is small town America and it’s a perfect setting as anyone who ever grew up or even lived in a small town can tell you…one of the most interesting things about them is that while everyone may know everyone else’s business no place has more secrets or keeps them better than a small town…until it doesn’t. 

And just like any small town Lancaster Falls is rife with interesting characters from Sawyer’s less than scrupulous boss and his friend the mayor to the churches minister and his wife and so many people in between, because this is a small town, they all beg the questions…what do you know and how are you involved?


I am so taken with this first story…WOW!!! Simply wow!!! There’s a lot going on and just about the time I felt like maybe I was starting to figure some things out didn’t Ms Scott throw me a curve ball and there I am back at the beginning trying to re-connect the dots. I’m going to be upfront about this for my friends who prefer not to do cliff-hangers  until the series is complete…there’s a lot of unanswered questions at the end of this one so the view from that cliff is hella’, hella’ interesting.


There’s also a romance going on here and it’s…well…it’s sweet and steamy and filled with passion but at the same time there’s something about it that’s a little bit understated and just so down to earth. I love this pairing Chris and Sawyer are both adults they’ve had life experiences, relationships that haven’t worked and while I’m not opposed to age gaps, sometimes it’s just nice to read a story where the MCs are essentially the same age.


I love that while we may have answers to some things at the end of each story, I’m also left with the feeling that there’s a bigger overlying story arch that won’t be complete until the final book and if the following books are as good as this one I’m cool with that. Sure, I’m as anxious as the next person to find out what happened and why but anything worth having is also worth waiting for in my world and...it’s good to have something to look forward to…but…


Thankfully, the next book is due for release in the fall…so just a couple of months to go and I can wait...honest, I can…sorta’…kinda’…almost…is it fall yet?



An ARC of 'What Lies Beneath' was graciously provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2019-08-19 05:41
This boyfriend for hire, is worth his weight in gold...
Kaden - Meredith Russell,R.J. Scott

Kaden is the second book in RJ Scott & Meredith Russell’s ‘Boyfriend for Hire’ series and while I really enjoyed Darcy, book #1 in the series I found Kaden to be just a bit more enjoyable. While the Darcy and Kaden both work for ‘Bryant & Waites’ this is the only connection they have to each other making both stories easily readable as a standalone.


When one of the worst moments in Ryan Levesque’s past shows up on social media for all the world to see, his manager decides to use some unorthodox means by which to deal with the resulting negative backlash to Ryan’s acting career and before he knows it Ryan finds himself at ‘Bryant & Waites’ about to embark on a public relations blitz that will hopefully put his public image  back on track. Provided he can keep his personal feelings in check.


Kaden’s worked for ‘Bryant & Waites’ for a few years now and while he’s never had a client as high profile as Ryan Levesque, Hollywood’s latest golden boy, both he and his cousin Gideon (owner & manager of Bryant & Waites) are confident that Kaden’s the right man for the job.


I loved how this story unfolded. The relationship between Ryan and Kaden was a slow burn and initially Ryan was faced with a bit of an emotional dilemma. While he knew that his agent’s plan was very probably the best solution for his situation, it still didn’t go far towards gaining enthusiastic participation from him.


While I liked both of the MCs in this story, I found Kaden easier to warm up to and I loved that his character gave Ryan a chance to share his side of things and that he didn’t just buy into the part of the story that was made public to decide that there wasn’t more to things and that Ryan. I also really liked that Kaden was portrayed as being someone who was kind and patient but without making him seem like he was someone who could be easily manipulated or victimized in any way.


The story was told from shifting POVs which for me made a lot more sense than if it had all come from one direction since we were given not just Kaden’s and Ryan’s backgrounds but some of their personal and emotional reactions to events and it just feels more natural to find out from Kaden or Ryan how they felt about things that happened to each of them in the past or even the present.


While I really enjoyed this story, I have to admit for me there was one minor issue and that was the relationship between Ryan and his sister.  Obviously, they were close she was his PA and while her actions show us that she really cared about her brother for some reason I just wasn’t feeling that close sibling bond that they had and in truth this was probably at least a little bit of ‘it’s me not you’, but other than that little glitch I really enjoyed this one and found myself very invested in the story.


While both Darcy and Kaden are set to the theme of ‘the pretend boyfriend’ each story presents a very different plot and I find myself curious to see what a third book will bring to this series. I’m not sure whose story is next in this series but I’m very much looking forward to finding out.




A copy of ‘Kaden’ was graciously provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2019-08-18 12:09
For science!
Starfarers - Vonda N. McIntyre

I still take the wide range of the cast as the best part of this.


If you take the "scientists car-jack a self-sustaining space base and go exploring" plot thing away. Because you can't say that isn't all-around BAMF and likely the main reason why one would land in this series. (Oddly enough, it was not my case, but the fact that it was listed in a Tor article about books with older women in a central part of the plot).


And that's a maybe... I still like the fact that is scientists, mostly older, and mostly women characters, that compose the cast on a freaking space heist. For science!


Anyway, that comes late in the book. Mostly, we build on the political climate and the personal motivations that lead to that situation, and if you want action packed and get bothered by very flawed characters the book will loose you before then. I felt like shaking most of the people inside those pages more than once, and enjoyed myself immensely.


I though there was a lot of unbelievable political naivete in the alien contact expert (wouldn't you have to be good at politics, social studies and what-not for that?) and some stereotyping is going on that makes the whole feel a bit pulpy. But it's good pulp and I'm still wavering between four and five stars.

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