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review 2015-10-19 16:16
REVIEW: Her Confessional #3
Her Confessional #3: Playing For Keeps - Rebecca Norinne Caudill


After months of hiding their engagement to promote a farcical PR relationship tied to Cameron’s new movie, Sarah is struggling to remind herself of the benefits of the plan – if only she can make it that long. Having just about reached their breaking point, Cameron proposes a romantic weekend away to re-connect with one another but their boss has a better idea: a two-week trip away from the prying eyes of Hollywood and the PR team’s aggressive gossip machine.


Once out of the Hollywood spotlight, Cameron reverts back to the loving, attentive man Sarah first fell in love with and idyllic days spent hiking, biking, and surfing lead to sensual nights wrapped in each other’s arms. But when a gossip columnist viciously pegs Sarah as “the other woman,” they’re forced to acknowledge the reality of their situation. Vowing to beat the studio at its own game, Sarah and Cameron openly flaunt their relationship, knowing their actions may mean giving up the careers they both love.

With help from some new friends along the way, Cameron and Sarah re-discover what matters most as they work to find their happily ever after.


*NOTE* This is the third and final part in the Her Confessional serial. Parts 1 & 2 must be read first before reading Part 3.



Other Books in the Her Confessional series…

Her Confessionals: Making Of A Star #1

Her Confessionals: Our Little Secret #2


My Thoughts

4 Hearts/5: Awesome Read.

3/5 Sensuality: There Is Sex But Its Not Explicit.

4/5 Heat Rating: Scorching.


In this final installment to Her Confessional series, Cameron and Sarah have agreed to keep their relationship a secret. In turn, Sarah’s boss has bribed promoted her to an assistant producer which comes with a bigger paycheck and more perks.


Playing For Keeps started very emotional and intense but with the given circumstances, I mean, WTF. You could feel how frustrated Cameron and Sarah were with their situation. Not being able to control anything, not being able to experience the Hollywood life style together, not be able to go out and celebrate Cameron’s new life changing role. I understand how frustrated Sarah must of been and how painful that would be to see her man prancing around with another girl. And her mother, lol, omg.

When Sarah and Cameron got to get away to Vancouver, you could literally feel the tension slipping away and I liked that. I liked seeing them being sweet with one another and playful and carefree, like a normal couple. I thought the sh*t was going to hit hell when they were spotted and then the gossip around town. I mean sure it exploded but it wasn’t as bad as I had thought.


Cameron and Sarah did a good with letting everything come out and of course someone had to pay but at the end of the day, the had love. They had each other. I will say, in this final installment you could also feel the love Cameron had for Sarah, more so then in Our Little Secret and Making Of a Star.


This novella was a sweet end to a series!


* I was given a copy of this book for free, in an exchange for an honest review.


About Rebecca Caudill

Rebecca Caudill is an unabashedly proud writer of both contemporary and paranormal romance novels. She read her first full-length book when she was just four years old and has been hooked on words ever since. When not creating fictional worlds inhabited by strong women and dashing heroes, she is planning her next vacation, trying out new recipes, or drinking a dram of whisky. Rebecca lives in Oakland, CA, with her husband.

Click here for more information

Source: slbookreviews.tumblr.com/post/131283834555/review-playing-for-keeps-by-by
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review 2015-07-24 15:00
REVIEW: Our Little Secret
Her Confessional #2: Our Little Secret - Rebecca Norinne Caudill

Hearts: 4/5

Sensual: 4/5

Heat: 4/5


The 2nd installment to Her Confessionals I enjoyed very much. In Our Little Secret, Sarah and Cameron start their relationship off with a nose dive into the heavens. Both have confessed their love for each other and caught up in their feelings Cameron asks Sarah to marry him.


Okay…Wife and husband…Sure why not? They’ve been friends long enough. But friends and lovers are two different ball games. Plus Cameron also got that big movie deal, that’s like a dark cloud following them and well, Hollywood romances can become complicated. Sarah knows this but is willing, for the sake of love, to give the man who she has loved in the distant, a good fighting chance.


Can you say ‘Honey moon stage’. I can sing it loud and clear because that’s what thought when Cameron proposed. They’re having wild monkey sex, non stop and confessing how much they love each other. ‘Honey moon stage‘.

Love is a bitch!


At first I thought that Cameron was going to have other motives for asking Sarah to marry him. But by the end of this novella, I felt really bad for Sarah and Cameron. I felt their pain but at the end of the day, a sacrifice needs to be made. They need to both look at the bigger picture. After all, nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.


I really enjoyed Our Little secret. It was hot and sweet. I loved Cameron’s sex stamina, lol. I can’t wait to see what’s in stored for Sarah and Cameron.


* I was given a copy of this book for free, in an exchange for an honest review.

Source: slbookreviews.tumblr.com/post/124920351041/o-o-o-o4-star-review-her-confessional-2-our
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review 2015-07-22 03:40
A Time Apart - Rebecca Norinne Caudill

Okay so on the one hand the 1st 50% of this story was very interesting. Intriguing. Scary even. Though I didn't really care for how the entirety of the book, the MC's stayed in their heads more often than conversing with one another. This is not usually my thing. I need just as much dialogue as inner monologue. A good balance of the two. I don't want to be told everything at every turn. And I don't fancy being stuck in one or both persons' heads for too long. But because their thoughts weren't really repetitive, and the first half of the book was really enthralling for me, I could over look this.

But once I reached the 65% mark, I was over this way of writing style & I felt that the heroine was way too chill about the revelations given to her. Though they were the truth, and there was no way to really dispute it, she still gave herself over way too easily for my comfort. Only to then turn around and throw a fit concerning the Hero's lifestyle after proclaiming her choice that she was all in. Ergo pointless angst & drama after the fact.

I just wasn't feeling the second half of this book or the MC's all that well at that point.

So while I think it was a decent read. A different sort of take on a vampire tale, but still keeping close to the "traditions" of the paranormal fanged male; overall it just couldn't completely close the deal for me. I think this mainly has to do with the writing style and the way this sort of tale was executed, though.

So I have no interest in continuing on with this series.

But if you're curious, it's definitely worth a go. This one does not end on a cliffhanger, but it appears that their story does continue in the next book.

Happy Reading :)

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review 2015-07-04 00:00
Her Confessional #2: Our Little Secret
Her Confessional #2: Our Little Secret - Rebecca Norinne Caudill Great Read
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