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text 2018-03-13 12:01
Release Blast for His Deal by Rebel Rose
Title: His Deal
Series: Lock and Key Series #2
Author: Rebel Rose
Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance
Release Date: March 13, 2018
Nothing in my life is the same. She has changed everything, simultaneously turning my world upside down while making it right for the first time ever.
I break this woman a little more each day—and she lets me. It’s all part of our deal. But every pleasure that she gives to me brings her closer to freedom. Closer to paying her debt in full. And I’m not ready to let her go.
Ruthless. That’s what she calls me. It’s true. I am a man who will do whatever it takes to get what I want.
And what I want is her.
I could go back on our deal. Force her to stay, risk her hating me forever. Or I could let her go because for once in my life I care about someone else’s happiness more than I do my own.
She is my joy.
She is my pain.
She is my submissive.
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Rebel Rose is a decadently dark romance author living in the beautiful city of New Orleans. She prefers anti-heroes over Prince Charmings and often uses her own sexual experiences in her novels. She can typically be found somewhere in the French Quarter enjoying a cup of coffee while people watching.
Keep up to date with Rebel Rose at: authorrebelrose.com

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review 2017-10-09 17:26
Light romance novella
The Rose And The Rebel - Valerie Holmes

a little over 190 pages in large print is really a novella, not really a modern full novel and to some degree it does show. You don't get to know the characters too much before and after the meeting.


Miss Penelope Rose decides to escape her house and take a swim in the local pool only to be discovered by Mr Lucas Bleakly, the eligible bachelor son of the local reverend and things get complicated from there.  Features a mild side plot of scheming and dealing with smuggling undercurrents in the locale it's an interesting read but I did want more.


There were some elements of romantic suspense but this is a read because I kinda have to because someone is waiting on it.  Now back to the Halloween bingo.

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review 2013-09-08 00:00
Rebel - Zoe Archer In the mountains of Western Canada, Nathan Lesperance is rescued by former Blades of the Rose agent Astrid Bramfield, who after losing her beloved Blades husband Michael, has retreated from life itself. The Heirs of Albion are hot on Nathan's trail and Astrid must once again join the human race and help Nathan escape or flight the Heirs though neither knows why they have targeted Nathan. Of course, the attraction between them was instant and the chemistry is off the charts. Will Nathan be able to pull Astrid back among the living?

This is a rip-roaring adventure in 1875 that has just what you'd expect during that time period, well except for the shape-shifters of course. I love the gadgets the Blades use to defeat the Heirs. Too cool! And I like the fact that the Blades don't always win when facing the Heirs. It just makes it more realistic and provides greater adventures and a more suspenseful experience.
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review 2013-01-13 00:00
The Rebel and the Rose - Joan Wolf The girl: Lady Barbara Carr might be an Earl's daughter, but her father likes the gambling tables too much and the family is in rather dire financial straights. She's got to marry a man with money and the only prospective bridegroom on her side of the pond is a notorious rake. Things are looking fairly grim for Barbara until a new arrival from the colonies hits the social scene. The guy: Alan Maxwell comes to England with his father, who plans to settle in England and enjoy the huge inheritance he got from a distant relative. Alan plans to return home and run the family's Virginia plantation, but pops is worried about his son's rebel activities and the likelihood of him getting hanged for treason. He figures having powerful in-laws like the Earl and Countess of Bridgewater might come in handy in a pinch, so a marriage bargain is made. Pops thinks he's twisting Alan's arm by giving him the carrot of the plantation, but Alan's hot to get into Lady Barbara's drawers (no, I am not kidding), so he goes along with the plan and our pair sets sail for Virginia. Aaaah, romance. Not.Alan and Barbara get along well enough in the marriage bed, but outside of it there's plenty of conflict. He's hot for independence, and Barbara is hot under the collar since her husband is off fighting battles. She's home taking care of the plantation and he's off playing soldier and whining 'cause he's not had a woman in two years (boo hiss, where that takes the storyline). She manages to keep the plantation intact from the dastardly Benedict Arnold and troops (lol at that bit of blackmail), and he comes home not too fond of her independent attitude and he tells her this: "What you need is another baby."I just remembered another list I need to put this book on.I do like a good historical romance on occasion, but there has to be some sexual chemistry and true love going on. All I got here was sex, and rather boring sex at that. We know they're "in love" because we're told they're in love. Fans of Wolf's Dark Ages trilogy looking for a good historical should keep on looking because they aren't going to get that here. The Revolutionary war is more of a backdrop for some conflict (boring conflict) and a reason to keep them separated. Barbara's initiation into plantation life (which had real storyline potential - an earl's daughter dealing with slaves?), was more or less brushed under the carpet. And if I heard about Barbara's slender neck/back/arms one more time the book would have flown. Meh.
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review 2012-07-24 00:00
Rebel - Zoe Archer I struggled with this one. Really, I made serious inroads on a beading project, voluntarily did housework, and occasionally contemplated the meaning of life in avoidance. Why?

Well, consider this: 5 years ago, the h's husband was killed while they were on a mission. She promptly retreats into herself, and after a year, relocates herself from Merry Olde England to the Canadian wilderness. Where she remains. 130 pages more or less into the book, she's still keeping the H at arms's length, giving the appearance of having no personality, and all her inner monologue seems to be a)mourning her late husband b)denying that she felt *anything* at all and c) resenting the fact that her erogenous zones have noticed the H is there.

There's a near disaster while canoeing down rapids, followed by a heavy make out session. She attempts business as usual after they finish, and he refuses to allow it. From this point on, they're either on their BIg Adventure, or...having sex. Um...Ok. So all it took to get her to snap out of it was adrenaline sex after a canoe wreck. Huh. Maybe he should have done that earlier so we, the readers, wouldn't have had to listen to her inner monologue.
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