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review 2016-06-26 11:04
Review: "Red Dirt Christmas" (Red Dirt Heart, #3.5) by N.R. Walker
Red Dirt Christmas - N.R. Walker

“Why do you have to go saying stuff like that?” he whispered, before he nudged his nose to mine. “Being all sweet and shit.”

“Same reason you do your nose nudgin’ thing,” I whispered back, givin’ him an almost-kiss. “But I don’t need it to be Christmas Day to remind me how lucky I am. I wake up every day with you in my bed, so I KNOW how lucky I am.”





One of my biggest pet peeves in my books are fucked-up timelines. And as cute and fluffy as Travis's first (?) Christmas on Sutton Station was, Charlie's present to Travis at the end of the book makes no sense!



This book is supposed to take place between books #3 and #4 of the Red Dirt Heart series and it's allegedly Travis’s first Christmas at Sutton Station. I just finished reading Red Dirt Heart 4 before I read this one, and there was a HUGE storyline where Charlie and Travis were visiting Travis's parents in Texas and Charlie was totally nervous about meeting them for the first time. Yet here, he flew Travis's parents out to Australia as a Christmas present for Travis?!



So if he already met them before their trip to Texas, why was he so nervous in book #4? Or does #3.5 take place after that visit? If so, then it wasn't Travis's first Christmas in Australia, because they've been together for 2 years in book #4 and technically, that would make this book #4.5. No matter how I look at it, the timeline doesn't add up.



Inconsistencies like this bug the ever-living shit out of me, because I can't stop thinking about if I just missed something or if the storylines really don't add up.


I can't believe that Walker - or any of her beta readers for that matter - could miss this tremendous plot hole, because it involves two big plot lines from two books. Therefore, I subtract half a star for that.


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text 2016-06-26 10:10
Reading progress update: I've read 87%.
Red Dirt Christmas - N.R. Walker

Um, what? Now wait a second...


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review 2016-02-03 00:00
Red Dirt Christmas (Red Dirt Heart 3.5)
Red Dirt Christmas - N.R. Walker Sweet story about Travis' and Charlie's first Christmas together.
Though I was a bit confused about the timeline- Didn't Charlie meet Travis' parents on the next years' Thanksgiving for the first time?
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review 2015-12-24 04:35
Red Dirt Heart (Red Dirt Heart 3.5) by NR Walker
Red Dirt Christmas - N.R. Walker

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” ~ Burton Hillis

The last thing in the world Charlie, of 'Red Dirt Heart Christmas' by N.R. Walker, wants to see is an unhappy Travis. Travis doesn't say much, but Charlie knows he misses his family, particularly this time of year. As Christmas Day draws near, Charlie knows there is no place Travis would rather be than with Charlie, even if it means not celebrating Christmas, which is exactly why Charlie decides to show him how much he appreciates it.

Keeping a secret from Travis proves to be a monumental task. Charlie almost gives in and tells him, especially when he sees how sad it makes Travis but he is determined to make it a surprise and holds it in. Poor Travis is obviously disappointed that they don't celebrate Christmas on the station and tries to capture part of the spirit for himself by cutting down and wanting to decorate a tree. Charlie and Billy tease him about it, but Charlie humors Travis and helps him decorate. Nugget, their wombat, on the other hand, keeps trying to kill it. He's not happy about Travis moving his nesting box to put the tree there and clearly expresses his opinion by biting Travis on the toe. It's business as usual for the little rascal and everyone at Sutton Station. Charlie sincerely hopes nothing goes wrong, because it will obviously mean a great deal to Travis to receive a present especially since he's thinking that they aren't going to celebrate at all. As the time grows closer, the anticipation is killing Charlie, yet he doesn't give in. He is trying his hardest to give the man he loves more than life, the most special Christmas Travis has ever had.

This is a delightful Christmas story about two of my favorite men, Travis and Charlie. If you haven't read the ‘Red Dirt’ series, this story, although still sweet and thoughtful, won't mean as much as it does to their fans, but those who have read the series will adore it. NR gives her fans another opportunity to share Travis and Charlie's extraordinarily deep devotion to each other and their love for their family. Thanks, N.R., for giving Travis and Charlie a great Christmas.


Source: www.rainbowbookreviews.com/book-reviews/red-dirt-christmas-red-dirt-heart-35-by-nr-walker-at-blueheart-press
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review 2015-12-12 22:32
If you're a fan if the Red Dirt Heart series...
Red Dirt Christmas - N.R. Walker

You don't want to miss this one. It's Charlie and Trevor's first Christmas and it's everything the books were warm, loving, sweet, sexy, filled with laughter and passion set against a beautiful backdrop of red dirt...Australian red dirt.


If you haven't read the series than I highly recommend that you do. It's worth it, every book in this series was a joy and a treat to read and with addition of this story that doesn't change.


A special thank you to one busy Enabling Elf over on the GR Secret Santa gift exchange that I participate in every year. I loved this book and enjoyed every word. Thank you for taking me to Australia for Christmas. Also as I keep telling my husband...Die Hard is  a legit Christmas movie...Charlie said so.

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