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text 2020-07-09 03:46
will need good walking shoes and socks

As a general rule, a person will burn about 1 calories walking a mile, depending on age, size, and fitness level. Let's face it, we just do not get the exercise our ancestors did a hundred or so years ago and we tend to eat more refined foods. We are eating more (and more of the wrong stuff) and exercising less or getting no exercise at all. Just do whatever works best for you, but do it! You will need good walking shoes and socks to prevent injury when walking for exercise (like aerobic walking). For others, like me, we sit at a computer all day as part of our jobs. At work, go for walks at lunchtime. Our health is in steep decline and doctor and hospital visits are at an all time high. For some of us, most of the steps we take are from the chair in front of the TV to the fridge.


Do this for a week or two and you will get a good average step count. Heart and cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, out of control blood sugar levels, diabetes, obesity, and more. There is nothing magical about 1,, but it will put you in the right ballpark. Just a brisk minute walk a day can begin to turn that around.  steps are approximately 5 miles, give or take depending on the length of your stride. Become creative on ways to increase your steps. Walk to the store instead of driving, or park at the far end of the parking lot. Your goal is to reach 1, or more steps each day. Many fitness experts recommend we walk 1, steps a day to maintain our weight and overall good health.


Surgeon General China Car Eevators Suppliers recommends getting at least 2-3 minutes of moderate activity each day and many of us are falling far short of even that.. You name it, we have it, and it's getting worse. Studies show the average person takes about 3 to 5 steps a day, and some even much less. Walk the dog.America is becoming obese at an alarming rate and the rest of the world is following close behind.


The heavier you are, the more calories you will burn. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. You will need to purchase and wear a pedometer to count how many steps you take each day. Go for walks with your spouse or children. Follow the directions that usually come with the pedometer.

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