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text 2020-03-09 07:00
Four Benefits Of Installing Blackout Shades

Window blinds are a necessary addition to homes for various reasons such as added security, improved power efficiency, and even privacy.

All of the benefits mentioned can be complimented even more by switching to automatic blackout shades Irvine CA. Here are some of the benefits of making the switch to automatic blackout shades for windows over the traditional setup.

No Risks To Children Or Pets

A very major concern for most homeowners is the safety of their children when it comes to having window blinds or shades that feature a chorded system. The chord in a chorded system can be a potential safety hazard for children of young age as they risk getting themselves entangled, and can even be strangled in the worst-case scenarios, especially with the designs that feature a loop.

Motorized shades take out the possibility of this threat that is equal to children of young age, and also pets that you leave unattended. Since the motorized shades do not feature or need a chord to operate on, you can have a peace of mind leaving your children and pets to play around the house.

Boosts Energy Efficiency

One of the basic aims of having window shades or blinds installed in the first place is to have control over the light and insulation. But as you may not be quite regular and peculiar about opening the shades yourself in the morning to get the light in and then closing them at the peak heat hours for insulation, the beat the purpose one way or the other.

Custom remote blackout shades can be set up to open and close at specific times of the day to maximize energy efficiency. You don’t even have to be home for them to function and boost energy efficiency by providing maximum insulation as well as an inlet of light.

Protects Furniture And Home Decorations

It is no secret how harmful the direct rays of the sun can be to your furniture, fabrics, carpets, and other belongings. The direct rays of the sun make them fade in color, can cause them to swell up, and fade away in the appeal over time.

Somfy electric blackout shades offer you the perfect alternative and defense against it. other than being set up to specific times of the day to be pulled closed, a sunlight sensor can also be installed to monitor the direct impact of sunlight. The shades will pull close automatically if the sun’s light is directly upon your room to protect your belongings, and will open in time themselves when the direct impact of sunlight is not present.

Added Security

Window coverings of all sorts add a feature of security to your house from keeping the passersby from peeking into your house. On the contrary, motorized shades for windows include even an additional and more effective feature of security addition to your house.

Since the automated blackout shades operate automatically, either by being set up for specific times of the day or operated by the sunlight sensors. They give the feeling of someone being at home all the time by opening and closing regularly, even when you have been away for quite some time.

Source: smartshadingsystems.com
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