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review 2018-07-26 14:45
South Atlantic Requiem - Edward Wilson

Edward Wilson has crafted another winner with "SOUTH ATLANTIC REQUIEM."

William Catesby, the redoubtable and resourceful veteran MI-6 agent, polyglot, and ever faithful servant of Her Majesty's Government, takes center stage once more. The time is 1979. A new Conservative government has taken power in Britain and is set on shaking things up. And that entails substantial cuts in the defense budget.

There is also a military dictatorship in Argentina eyeing a group of offshore islands -- the Falklands -- that have been under British sovereignty for close to 150 years. The Argentines have long regarded these islands as theirs - las Malvinas. But they have been reluctant to challenge British power for decades. That is, until the change of government in Whitehall. The Prime Minister - Margaret Thatcher - doesn't regard the Falklands as vital to Britain's strategic interests. There are some low level talks between the British and Argentines that hint at putting into place a gradual turnover of the Falklands to Argentina.

Catesby has been made head of operations in South America. Events between 1979 and early 1982 lead to a simmering crisis between Whitehall and Buenos Aires. After Thatcher has ordered the withdrawal of a Royal Navy ship (HMS Endurance) -- which had been patrolling the waters surrounding the Falklands -- the ruling Junta in Argentina busies itself with making plans to seize the Falklands. Catesby has -- through the use in Buenos Aires of a young, savvy, assertive Cambridge graduate (Fiona Stewart - who also displays a facility for languages) he had hired as a part-time agent to keep tabs on the Junta -- kept his ears alert to subtle changes in the political climate. Miss Stewart for a time provides MI-6 with valuable intelligence -- through contacts she has developed among some members of the Argentine government and military (many of them young officers, one of whom - a naval aviator and champion polo player - she falls in love with; the feelings are mutual). But the situation changes and Catesby's intelligence source fades to black --- for reasons that one can discover as the story progresses.

The novel goes on to provide some very revealing insights into how it was that Argentina and Britain went to war over the Falklands in the Spring of 1982. As someone who lived through that time and has some memory of that conflict, I very much enjoyed the way Wilson showed how events unfolded from a variety of personalities and perspectives in the UK, Europe, South America, and Washington.

All in all, "SOUTH ATLANTIC REQUIEM" was a thoroughly satisfying, exciting, and sobering Cold War novel.

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review 2018-06-09 00:00
Immortals' Requiem
Immortals' Requiem - Vincent Bobbe The world we live in is not what it seems. There’s a hidden world within our own where magic is real and all the creatures from our dreams and nightmares exist. Giants, elves, zombies, werewolves, vampires, dragons and wizards are real but they are dying.and so is the world’s magic. There are some that are trying to stop the magical apocalypse but a new problem makes worse.

Things get complicated when a giant returns to take over the world after supposedly being dead for 2,000 years. There is hope as a mythological warrior appears to hunt the giant. As the streets of Manchester turn red with blood it’s up to a few magical creatures to save both realities and find a way to keep magic alive.

My description for Immortal’s Requiem by Vincent Bobbe is not very good. This book is more complex then just saying it’s an apocalypse story. If I have any complaint about this book it was that it should have been divided into two books. The characters are deep and they all have their own tales to tell and its fascinating to see how each story fits into the big picture. While reading this book I found myself feeling compassion for the villains as I was rooting for the heroes to succeed. For instance when you get to know the main villain in the story you see that he is pure evil but at the same time you see what others want to use his him for. I felt sorry for him because I thought that this guy had no other choice then to be a villain.

Some of the other characters have great stories as well such as Mark Jones who became immortal and found that it wasn’t what he thought it would be. At times in the story you want to hate Mark because he’s a murderer but as you hear more of his story and his lost love you feel for him. Another great character is Grimnir. Grimnir is a warrior but you see how out of place he is in the modern world, he tries to complete his quest and come to terms with the fact that his whole life was dedicated to one thing and he doesn’t know how he would fit in the world otherwise. At one point Grimnir sees a horror movie and its funny to see how he reacts to it and uses what he saw in his quest.

My favorite character is Cam the elf, you see this character go through a total metamorphosis. He starts as a manipulative drunk but becomes a hero as he has to deal with hardship. The harder things are for him the more he wants to do the right thing. He’s a drunk in the beginning because he knows his race will be dying off in the near future. In my favorite scene in the book his father points out that even though their destruction is imminent they have to keep on trying to survive because by giving up you show that you are afraid to live. Words to live by.

Immortal’s Requiem is .an epic fantasy adventure novel with elements of horror, dark humor and some amusing references to Lord Of The Rings thrown in for good measure. What I admired most in this book was how the story starts off simple and expands as it adds each character’s own sub plots to it like a jigsaw puzzle. Vincent Bobbe has created a broad mythological Universe with a lot of possibilities for future stories. If you love fantasy novels this is a masterpiece that you don’t want to pass up.
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review 2018-05-10 00:00
Immortals' Requiem
Immortals' Requiem - Vincent Bobbe Immortals’ Requiem – Vincent Bobbe

I’m not all that sure ‘lively’ is a word normally applied to zombie stories, but in this case it’s accurate. This is definitely a lively tale combining the legends of zombies, vampires, the siddhe (Elves), and other fae creatures of myth and lore in new and interesting ways.

It might be a bit confusing for some at first—a lot of characters are introduced in short order and the timeline shifts from the ancient past in the prolog to the present in the main story—but that sorts itself out quickly. Also, I am not one of those folks. The timeline thing didn’t bother me, and I quite enjoy an epic(ish) tale with multiple characters and plot lines. This one did not fail to please.

Strangely spelled names aside, the characters and the plot line are well developed, and the descriptive passages are . . . well . . . descriptive. There’s a bit of dark humor woven in as well. Not quite the snarkiness of Jim Butcher or the weirdness of Terry Pratchett, but welcome humor nonetheless. It works.

I’m not going to attempt any character analysis here because there are so many. Suffice to say that while I’m not normally a fan of zombie/vampire/werewolf stories, Immortals’ Requiem captured my attention from the beginning and held it all the way to the conclusion.

This one is well worth the price of admission. 4.5 Stars

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review 2018-03-25 22:30
A Girl in Exile: Requiem for Linda B -- Surreal life under dictatorship
A Girl in Exile: Requiem for Linda B. - Ismail Kadaré,John Hodgson

A wild ride - originally published in Albanian in 2009. Set right before the demonstrations that would signal the fall of communism in Albania, but still firmly within the grasp of dictatorship and its bureaucracy, playwright Rudian Stefa meets a lovely young woman at a book signing after a performance of his play in the capital city of Tirana.


The young woman, Migena, asks for a signature "for her friend, Linda B." Rudian thinks she's asking for herself, but also finds her quite attractive and they begin an affair. The book opens as things start to tumble. Rudian's upcoming play is held up by the Artistic Board who is concerned about whether socialist realism can include ghosts, he's had a fight with Migena, and he gets called to the Party headquarters for questioning. There he learns that Linda B has committed suicide. His book and signature are in her possession, and she's written consistently about him in her diaries.


So begins a twisty tale of Rudian's fear, creative impulses, anger and all sorts of other things. Can he trust Migena (whose name is an anagram for enigma?) What does she have to do with Linda B? If Linda was obsessed by him, is it his fault that she committed suicide? What about the state, who has exiled Linda's entire family, relegating young Linda to a life much different from the one Migena has embarked upon. And is Migena trustworthy? Can you trust anyone when the state is watching every move you make? Can you blame anyone when the State is actually the one in control? What is worse - death, or a life you do not actually control? Is that even a life? Most of all, can you actually create when every line or stroke of a pen will be scrutinized for its political purity?

He could not tell from where he had to seek permission, if permission were necessary for every discovery or innovation in art.

I wasn't sure I liked this book, if I understood what was happening, or even IF anything was happening until about 100 pages into the total of under 200. But when it came together, it did so with force, and everything fell into place like a jigsaw puzzle where you finally see the whole picture.


This is a philosophical meditation, a big story set among just a few people that gives us a glimpse of the absurdity, fear and confusion living under this regime could cause. Everyone from Hamlet to Orpheus to Zelda Fitzgerald shows up and helps tell the tale of regular-yet-extraordinary people trying to get through life with strings pulling them from just out of sight.


I'm not as talented as Ismail Kadare, so I'll just say this is certainly an impactful and worthwhile read.


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review 2018-03-11 10:33
Certezza non v'è, e la ragione barcolla
La promessa: Un requiem per il romanzo giallo - Friedrich Dürrenmatt,Silvano Daniele

In terra elvetica, precisa, pulita e razionale, certezza non v’è, e la ragione barcolla. Una beffa tremenda per la perfettissima Svizzera.


Sembra il classico giallo: scoperto un cadavere, inizia l’indagine e si trova il colpevole.

Dürrenmatt introduce però elementi che scompongono il disegno: caos e caso (e già i due lemmi accostati creano un bel gioco). Matthäi, genio investigativo, ha promesso alla madre dell’ultima piccola vittima di scoprire la verità. Intuendo l’innocenza del presunto assassino, inascoltato dai colleghi, si mette a indagare da solo. Ha studiato e dato forma a ciò che forma non aveva.

Un uomo uccide ferocemente delle bambine. L’ultima ha lasciato un indizio importante: un disegno che raffigura il gigante dei porcospini. Per Matthäi diventa un’ossessione, e nel folle tentativo di intrappolare l’ignoto killer, usa un’esca, inconsapevole d’esser tale.

Gli ex colleghi, convintisi delle intuizioni di Matthäi, lo appoggiano. Ma 

La nostra ragione rischiara il mondo non più dello stretto necessario. Nel bagliore incerto che regna ai suoi confini si insedia tutto ciò che è paradossale.”

Dunque l’ordine non è di questa terra e l’etica capitola di fronte al fine da raggiungere?


Un accadimento banalissimo sovvertirà la logica, a dimostrazione che casualità e caos possono spezzare l’esile filo che lega la realtà all’intelletto.

È la sconfitta del raziocinio.


Chissà, se solo avessero aperto un giornale. Ma sarebbe stata un’altra storia.


P.S. Noto (con consueto sobbalzo): “L’individuo era pregiudicato. Reato sessuale ai danni di una quattordicenne.”


“Non era stato condannato una volta per un reato sessuale?” “C’era stato qualcosa con una quindicenne.”

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