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review 2017-04-23 05:56
Not your average grandparents!
The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules: A Novel - Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg

A delightful and funny read!!

Martha and her group of friends had decided that they were all going to live in the same retirement home. For the first few years, things were good. But when management changed, they find their luxury living is coming to an end. Nurse Barbara is a constant thorn in their sides. They are bored and looking for excitement.
That is when Martha gets the bright idea to commit a crime so that they can go to prison, where they would get better food and have a bit more freedom. But when they commit their crime, and go to the police to confess, they are initially brushed off as crazy. But they lay out how they have committed the crime, the police have no choice but to charge them and bring them to trial. As they spend their time in prison, they find it is not all what it was cracked up to be. But they spend their time working on planning new crimes, trying to figure out what happened to part of their ransom money, and wanting to get away with the next one.
Brains and Martha find a way to send messages back and forth through a clergyman who has been visiting them.
What transpires is a tale of hilarity, with the League of Pensioners center stage working to get a better life, and find a way to help other senior citizens who are in the same boat that they are.

This book was such a delight to read. It was funny and engaging. The characters were well fleshed out, and one can almost imagine Martha being their grandmother! This is a book that everyone needs to read and pass on to someone else to enjoy!

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review 2016-06-16 08:27
Retirement is Murder by Alex England
Retirement is Murder - Alex England

Retirement is Murder by Alex England is a mystery. I gave it four stars. The dialogue is snappy, even when the protagonist is talking only to himself. I needed to consult a dictionary for many of the Yiddish expressions used.


Rushmore Oshansky wants to retire to Palm Springs. His wife, Marsha is dead set against it. After he caught her cheating they divorced. Then he moved to Palm Springs. While it was a great place, the 117 degree temperature caught him off guard.

He got lucky finding a great condo & signed a two year lease. The real estate agent told him that many of the women living in the Villa were hot. "Hot to trot plus that mountain view, Oshansky mused, just might make up for any lack of kosher corned beef."


He went to the Men's Political Discussion Group & they asked him to tell them about himself: "'Jewish, divorced, & retired.' Oshansky had just summed up his life in three words. He wondered if most people's lives can be described in less words than the average grocery list."


He wanted to enjoy his prime rib in peace when a red haired Brenda Glickman, a former elementary school principal, seated herself at his table & started talking. She finished his scotch without warning. She went on to describe condo living. "The men only care about their stock portfolios. And sex. To be more explicit, whether their stocks are up or down & whether their privates are up or down. As for the women, they care only about snaring one of the men, hoping everything is on the up--privates & portfolios."


I received a complimentary copy from Amazon. That did not change my opinion for this review.


Link to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Retirement-Murder-Alex-England-ebook/dp/B019S3IVGO

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