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review 2015-07-11 00:00
The Sculptor
The Sculptor - Scott McCloud

I can't even form words around this book yet, except to say it is one of the most phenomenal books I've ever read in the history of ever. Resonating, strong, beautiful in so many ways, it's etched it's way into my heart and it's not something I'll be forgetting in a long long long time.

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review 2015-07-03 00:00
Red Queen
Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

I can't do this book. I really can't. I was so excited to read this too but, yeah no it's not happening. I got to about page 100, past my first typical DNF mark and it's just not for me. I was expecting dystopian and got a dystopian high fantasy mix. I kept comparing this to the BIRTHMARKED trilogy which is fucking phenomenal, but it felt like a combo of The Selection which I read because it's a train wreck and I can't stop, and a wannabe Katniss. I am probably super alone in this but I tried. I really couldn't do this.

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review 2015-05-30 00:00
Vivian Divine Is Dead
Vivian Divine Is Dead - Lauren Sabel

  Check out my blog for the full review at Rachel Blogs.

This book wasn't much, it's easily forgettable and not something I'll go out of my way to recommend, and the synopsis was super misleading. This was much more "privileged white girl goes and experiences Mexican culture because someone might want to kill her" than a thriller with twists and turns. I never really felt like her life was in danger, and I was never really concerned that she would make it out alive. I figured out the majority of the "twists" ahead of time, but I really thought this was going to be a way more suspenseful book. It wasn't that witty either as the synopsis says, it just was kind of blah all over.

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review 2015-05-17 00:00
Young Avengers Volume 3: The Gig to Save Reality (Marvel Now)
Young Avengers Volume 3: The Gig to Save Reality (Marvel Now) - Kieron Gillen

Just...amazing. My first real superhero comic series and I'm in love. Helps that it's Gillen and McKelvie though! Because now I find myself distraught when I don't see McKelvie's art...well not distraught, but it doesn't feel real. Anyway, this was an amazing series, and easy to read as someone who has never read a Marvel comic in my life.

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review 2014-05-26 03:59
Crown of Midnight
Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas

Mixed feelings abound...

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