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review 2017-01-06 15:42
" Jet (Jet#1), by Russell Blake
JET - Russell Blake Book # 1, in the Jet series This story is Hot Hot, action packed from start to finish mayhem around 50% of the book with a bit of romance thrown into a very captivating drama. What is not to like for a thrill junky as myself. “Jet” provides everything I like in this type of books: expertize in clandestine enterprises, minutia details in action, equipment and scenery, in your face action, a hot assassin and it goes on and on. Of course you need to enjoy a fast-paced story with lots of shooting, stabbing, blowing up people….the bang-bang definitely is at the driver seat….If you love spy/assassin adventure this series if for you. Prepare to start running at the opening page and not stop till the very end… The scenes play out like an action movie: very visual and exciting. The prose is clear and straightforward” in all an easy read. Although the protagonist is a female the author does not go sexist or ridicule his character, her sex happens to be incidental. She is definitely a woman you don’t want to mess around with: she is lethal if you cross her and very intimidating most of the time. Jet is an ex-Mossad operative, who kicks ass in one of the best action sequences I have read in a long time. Of course this is a heart-pounding thriller with unique twists only Mr. Blake can deliver. The scenes also combined opulence and glamour and hard hitting black ops tradecraft we will ever see. This is definitely a humdinger of a thriller
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review 2017-01-01 16:36
"Mother Nile", by Warren Adler
Mother Nile - Warren Adler
This is an enticing tale of Egypt’s politics during the reign of King Farouk. With historical facts as background Mr. Adler as created an amazing story not only how the King was involved in criminal activities but how his lust for power and his desire for sex has affected those he picked and choose for his evening prowess.

The story is told through the eyes of Farrah, the King favorite dancer, her son Si who is consumed by the need to find out what happened to his sister he didn’t know he had after his mother told him of her hidden past and a twisted man named Zakki who was Farrah’s pimp. The story is primarily set in Cairo of today and is told overtime from their viewpoints as we follow Si’s on a treacherous journey for the truth.

This rich and dark often disturbing saga is written in powerful prose, intense descriptions of revenge, greed, lust, murder, torture and love are showcased throughout although they are not overly graphic. The central plot moves forward at a steady and satisfying pace with a myriad of conflicts exposing to seedier sides of Cairo. Mr. Adler’s ability with words brings us an unimaginable world filled with smells, sights and sounds. The characters’ actions are fitting and quite understandable making them real and vulnerable. We have a whirlwind of mix emotions that slowly sneak up on us while reading. This story is so skillfully drawn to pull us in from the start and keep us captive till the very end. It becomes hard not to be invested by what is happening, I know I simply couldn’t put this engrossing and engaging novel down. I wouldn’t be surprise to see this novel be made into a movie one day……

I received an advance copy of this book as a gift from the author.


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review 2016-12-29 16:13
"A Siege of Bitterns", by Steve Burrows

Book #1, in Birder Murder Mystery

“A Siege of Bitterns” is a dazzling birder murder mystery set in the small Norfolk town of Saltmarsh at the heart of Britain’s birding country. Whether you are a birder or not this combination of bird-watching and murder is a fun and engaging light read.

This book is a pretty quick read with little blood and no graphic scenes. We tag along with the main character, Detective Chief Inspector Dominic Jejeune, a Canadian, considered an outsider by his colleague of the UK Police Service as he follows a highly publicized case. But our intrepid Dominic would rather be bird-watching than investigating the grisly murder of a prominent ecological activist. The pace is rather slow with burst of activities through the marshes and forests that leads in circles and off the beaten path. Along the way we do learn interesting tidbits about birds and how ruthlessly competitive the birding community is. The novel also provides quite an education on salt-marshes and their contamination.

The story is original, well-constructed, clever and exciting. The characters are real, quite believable and overall well-rounded. The author has also set beautifully an atmospheric scene including depictions of the ecosystem and its biodiversity. “A Siege of Bitterns” is a smart murder investigation that peels its layers upon layers till it reaches its conclusion. Being the first in a series we know from the outset there is more to come….good start.

My thanks to Dundurn Publishers for sending me a copy of this book

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text 2016-08-08 03:13



Sorry for the brief reviewing silence!! This summer has been so busy! Hope everyone is doing well. What have you all been up to? While I haven't been reviewing much the past month or so, I have been reading, a lot. So basically I wanted to check in and say hi and let you know I have a bunch of reviews coming your way this week! 





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review 2016-01-02 16:34
"Hidden", by Catherine Mckenzie
Hidden - Catherine McKenzie

This is not the type of story I fancy but since I loved all the books written by Catherine McKenzie so far I had to give this one a go… In a nut shell this is a story of an accidental death that leads to secrets revealed and second thoughts. It is also a story that explores issues of trust, loss and betrayal of two families.

How well do you really know your spouse?

The story moves along and develops via three points of views and said in alternate chapters: by Claire, the dead man’s wife, by Jeff the dead man himself who strangely enough was killed on page 8 and by Trish, who may or may not be Jeff’s mistress. The language is vivid and lyrical and the writing reflects the complexity of the modern marriage. Each player tells about each other, reveals their inner thoughts and especially wants our sympathies. We see their struggle to weigh desire against obligation and what is right versus what is wrong. By the end we wonder: did Jeff and Trish have an emotional affair? By then, it is up to us to decide….

“Hidden” is a complex and emotional story but is short of being fantastic and is not especially unique. I fast became bored and contemplated abandoned it many times, it was simply not a story I enjoyed or even liked the direction it was going to. Although I laboured through many pages to keep up with it I did managed to see the end.

This was not my Catherine McKenzie favourite although it may be yours.

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