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text 2017-11-06 04:07
Percy Jackson The Lighning Thief
The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan

My favourite character in this book is Annabeth Chase. She was the daughter of Athena, Goddess of Warrior. She is also a demigod, half human and half god. What I envy about her is that she is brave, intelligent and was quote "never lose" in anything. This just shows that she is confident towards her decisions and beliefs. In the book, when Percy Jackson along with his protector, Grover Underwood, went to look for Percy's mother, which involves in disobeying the law and the rules of the Camp Half-Blood (which provides shelter, protection and education for the demi-god and others e.g. satyr), Annabeth insisted in joining their adventure. Determine she would satisfy and protect Percy in their dangerous adventure, she was allowed to follow them. And also because they didn't want their seniors to know as they were sneaking out without permission. Overall, this book is a rollercoaster ride and it involves alot of jumps of adrenaline. It also let you seek into the other world e.g. hell. This book does contains a little twist but in the end, it satisy my reading journey. 

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review 2017-10-29 03:16
The Ship of the Dead - Rick Riordan

Like all the books in this series, I really liked this. I think the best part of the series are the characters. I loved how his friends from the 19th floor had a bigger role in this book and had more character development. All of his friends are just so precious. I love them and want to protect each and every one of them.


Overall, this was a fantastic installment in the Magnus Chase series.


P.S. Alex is still my fav <3

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review 2017-10-24 02:35
A luster-less sequel in the Trials of Apollo.
The Trials of Apollo, Book Two: The Dark Prophecy - Robbie Daymond,Rick Riordan

I'm not sure how to give a plot synopsis here -- basically, it's the continuation of the Trials of Apollo. He has another task to accomplish -- another of the new emperors to take down before the third one, in the next book. It's the same ol' set up that has served Riordan so well -- and will continue to do so for years to come.


Basically, Apollo/Lester has to go and find another Oracle. To do so, really, he has to face a lot of people that he's hurt/disappointed over the millennia. He learns a lot about himself, matures a bit. That part was good -- and the whole thing was entertaining. But it felt stale. I liked The Hidden Oracle a lot and was excited to see where this series went. Now, I'm not so sure. I'll finish the series, but with greatly diminished expectations.


Not that it got into details, but there was a lot more intimated/flat-out said Apollo's sexual history than I'm comfortable with for a MG book. The previous books in the Percy-verse suggested sexual orientation and activity, there was some romance, but this went much further than any of those. Honestly, it went a step too far. If this wasn't a part of the Percy-verse, or was clearly marketed toward older readers, it wouldn't have been that bad and I wouldn't have said anything about it. But that's not the case here.


As far as the audiobook goes, it was rough. Robbie Daymond was very aware that he was reading amusing material and he read it like each line was a punchline. It was the vocal equivalent of mugging for the camera, if you will. Now, there were a couple of serious and poignant moments, and Daymond pulled those off well, but otherwise it was tough to listen to.


I didn't like the narration, and didn't think the story/writing was as crisp as the first book in the series. But it was still entertaining enough. This isn't the one to start reading Riordan. But it'll do for his older readers.

Source: irresponsiblereader.com/2017/10/23/the-dark-prophecy-by-rick-riordan-robbie-daymond
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review 2017-10-07 20:03
The Demigod Diaries
The Demigod Diaries - Rick Riordan

I think this one is better than the Demigod Files, but I'm still not that into these filler books. If you love Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus it's worth checking them out if only because you get a little more of the characters you like.


I skipped the last story completely though. I don't really care what Rick Riordan's son has to add to this universe. Sorry.

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review 2017-09-11 19:35
The Blood of Olympus
The Blood of Olympus - Rick Riordan

I thought the climax of the book would be... more climactic. I'm really struggling to remember anything about this book. Events from the last three keep getting mixed up in my head. That's not a great thing.


Overall, the new characters were my favorite part of the series. I really admire Riordan's commitment to writing diverse characters and response to fan criticisms of his work.


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