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text 2018-04-24 19:29
Reading progress update: I've read 0 out of 112 pages.
The Power of the Dark Crystal Volume 2 - Phillip Kennedy Johnson,Nichole Matthews,Kelly Matthews,Simon Spurrier


It's days like today I sit by the window and wait on the UPS guy like an overeager golden retriever. I have had this preordered for over a month and now I don't wanna open it!!! Waaaahhhh!!!!!


I learned from reading my Dark Crystal Visual History book that this story is actually the original sequel that Jim Hensen wrote with his team but never got a chance to make, back in the late 80s. So to have it in such beautiful detail is wonderful. The first volume was amazing. I can't wait to see what this holds!

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review 2018-04-17 06:42
This was a little over the place for me.
Lupine Road - Cal Matthews
For me the werewolf part was totally unnecessary and did not in any way support the plot or the characters. It didn't add to the story.
It would have been enough to have a drifter date a handicapped person and all the ensuing emotional development.
The werewolf aspect was pretty boring to me.

All in all it was a good read, but not fantastic.
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review 2018-04-06 04:14
Red Sparrow - Hopeful beginning to a trilogy
Red Sparrow - Jason Matthews

I'm not sure if it's because I've read so many bad espionage stories recently, but I am consciously aware that I liked this more than it deserved to be liked. I kept wishing there was a way the story could be written without a huge part of the plot (the ridiculous romance between two spies who really should know better than to fall in love instantly.) I get worried for national security every time I read one of these stories.


Beyond that huge plot hole, it is excellently-researched and intricate enough to make me feel more comfortable immersed in it than the paint-by-numbers espionage books I've read recently. Nonetheless, there is a huge tendency in this book to view Americans as overly wonderful and super "nice," while Russians are more complicated and far more evil. The lack of nuance is mitigated by the love affair, but love can't cover everything.


I shall be reading the next book, because this one left me with a hook dangling from my mouth, and I need to see how the details are going to work out (it feels pretty clear how it will go in the broad strokes.) I probably could have gotten just as much from the upcoming film(s?) (excepting the recipes, but I don't cook.) My hope is that he "sparrow" will stay well-placed and grow into the strong woman she already is, full of power and a great spy, and that her boy toy, who has the temperament of a small child at times, gets transferred or just grows up and becomes her handler only.


A minor quibble. I am a synesthete as well as a neuroscientist. The book didn't do a good job of making clear that the aura-ish things she sees have nothing to do with synesthesia. In fact, they made it seem like her synaesthesia was the reason she could read people this way. Synaesthesia can be a great help in many things, but those things don't include seeing purity bubbles around people's heads. It's a mild quibble. There is mass misunderstanding about synesthetes but not much in terms of persecution, so I can let that go, silly and incorrect as it is. I can let it go because there were more absurd things than thought bubbles around people's heads.


All of this leaves me yearning for Len Deighton and other cold war writers' supreme nuance and intricate weaving plots that had people leaving their national comfort zones because people are more complicated than country - and all of that nuance cannot be conveyed with a few sexy scenes and two youngsters in lust. 

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review 2018-02-14 00:00
Pulled by a Dream (The Matthews Brothers Trilogy #1)
Pulled by a Dream (The Matthews Brothers... Pulled by a Dream (The Matthews Brothers Trilogy #1) - Kathryn Greenway Free on Amazon through Feb 16, 2018!
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url 2018-02-11 13:56
47 New Releases in Book Series out Feb. 13
The Traitor Prince - C.J. Redwine
Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Dog Men - Mark Powers,Jim Butcher,Diego Galindo
Honor Among Thieves - Rachel Caine,Ann Aguirre
The Rogue Queen (The Hundredth Queen Series) - Emily R. King
The Kremlin's Candidate - Jason Matthews
My Weirdest School #10: Miss Newman Isn'... My Weirdest School #10: Miss Newman Isn't Human! - Dan Gutman,Jim Paillot
More Than Love You (More Than Words) (Vo... More Than Love You (More Than Words) (Volume 3) - Shayla Black
Night Moves - Jonathan Kellerman
Over the Moon (Lorimar Pack) - Hailey Ed... Over the Moon (Lorimar Pack) - Hailey Edwards,Brittany Pressley
Shot on Gold (A Play-by-Play Novel) - Jaci Burton

For full,list, visit the Fictfact.com Book Release Calendar and click the date.  (If unfamiliar with FictFact, it's for tracking/viewing book series.)

Source: www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar
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