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review 2019-09-20 20:37
ROOM ON THE BROOM by Julia Donaldson
Room on the Broom - Axel Scheffler,Julia Donaldson

Cute story of a witch on her broom with a lot of hitchhikers.  The rhyming poem is wonderful.  It was longer than I expected of a board book but adorable.

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review 2019-09-20 11:12
Murder in the Reading Room (Book Retreat Mystery, #4)
Murder in the Reading Room - Ellery Adams

I can't believe I finished this.  It got a star for the plot's premise, half a star for being relatively well edited and a half star as a bonus because I didn't DNF it.


Where to start...


I liked the series premise, about a secret library that holds the rarest, secret or unknown manuscripts from around the world, but as the series progresses, the author falls into the common trap of writing herself into corners from which she can't escape without abusing a reader's ability to suspend disbelief.  This book has the manager of the Storyton Inn haring off to the Biltmore Estate to rescue her lover from a dungeon.  Where he's being held by a renegade faction of the Templars.  Along side her:


long-thought dead (9 years) husband,

(spoiler show)


who's being held in the dungeon next door.  Give. me. a. break.  I hate this trope so much, I almost DNF'd it on the spot. 


Then I had to endure constant philosophical musings about love, the power of love, the power of family, more crap about love.  And the villain was supposed to be super evil, but I just didn't feel it.  I mean, he was definitely without redeeming qualities, but evil?  Eh.


The ending ... was eye-rolling.  I'm sorry, but it involved blow darts, and the most insanely insincere scene where the MC confronts her ignorance about cultural insensitivity that I've ever read.  Honestly, it's so badly done I'm tempted to quote it, but to do that I'd have to read it again.


The author would have gotten a tiny bonus for not taking that spoiler above to the most nauseating conclusion possible, or stringing it painfully over several books, but by the time it was resolved I'd lost the will to give any bonus points.


What kept me reading this farce was the idea of Hemingway's lost suitcase being hidden in the Inn and the search through letters and correspondence for clues to find it.  And that 10% of the book was kind of good, though the eventual conclusion was a bit deflating as it was so predictable.


I think it's safe to say I'm done with this series, but I read it for the Black Cat square in Halloween Bingo, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

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text 2019-09-18 08:17
Hybrid Operating Room : New Technologies Transforming the Industrial Business

The global hybrid operating room market is projected to reach USD 1,174.9 million by 2022 from USD 652.0 million in 2017; growing at a CAGR of 12.5% during the forecast period. Factors such as technological advancements in the field of robot-assisted surgeries, increasing number of minimally invasive surgeries, and growing patient preference for affordable & effective surgical treatments are driving the growth of this market.

Ongoing technological advancements in the field of robot-assisted surgeries are expected to enable surgeons to perform surgical procedures with greater precision, accuracy, and shorter procedural time. The adoption of medical robots in a hybrid operating room setup is expected to rise during the forecast period. Moreover, recent advancements in the field of surgical treatments coupled with the advent of minimally invasive technologies have resulted in reduced hospitalization time, minimal patient injury, faster patient recovery, lower procedural costs, and higher therapeutic efficacy with lower chances of disease relapse (as compared to conventional procedures).

Based on components, the hybrid operating room market is segmented into intraoperative diagnostic imaging systems, operating room fixtures, surgical instruments, audiovisual display systems and tools, and other components.  The intraoperative diagnostic imaging systems segment is expected to grow the fastest (as compared to other component segments) owing to the increasing application horizons of hybrid operating rooms,  development of advanced diagnostic imaging systems (such as MRI, CT scaner, and angiography systems), and growing adoption of image-guided surgeries in effective disease management.

Download PDF Brochure:

The global hybrid operating room market is segmented into cardiovascular, thoracic, neurosurgical, orthopedic, and other application segment. The thoracic applications segment is expected to grow at a fastest rate during the forecast period owing to the rising number of thoracic surgeries across the globe coupled with growing awareness of healthcare professionals towards the cost & therapeutic efficacy offered by hybrid ORs.

Moreover, the hybrid operating room market is further segmented by end user into hospitals & surgical centers and ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs). The hospitals and surgical centers is expected to grow faster as compared to ASCs owing to rising patient emphasis on timely and effective disease management, rising number of diagnostic and surgical procedures carried out at hospitals, and increasing number of hospitals and surgical centers being set up in developing countries (such as India, China, and South Africa) during the forecast period.

Request Sample Pages:

Source: www.marketsandmarkets.com/Market-Reports/hybrid-operating-room-market-264471209.html
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text 2019-09-15 17:05
Reading progress update: I've read 367 out of 489 pages.
The Murder Room - P.D. James

I love it, I love it - it almost feels like a throwback to the Golden Age...except, the cellphone going off and alerting everyone present in the The Murder Room that there’s a body stashed there somewhere - that is not a throwback to the Golden Age.

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text 2019-09-15 02:44
Reading progress update: I've read 221 out of 489 pages.
The Murder Room - P.D. James

alright, that’s going to have to do it for tonight. this one glides along pleasurably when I get going on it, so I should have no problem finishing it in two long bouts of reading tomorrow. very happy with it.

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