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text 2019-10-17 20:24
Kindle Children Books Freebie Round Up
Little Squirrel Squish Gets His Christmas Wish - Ross Hammond,Semih Akgul
The Runaway Singing Horse- Children's Picture Book - Debbie Madson
Mariko and the Magic Mirror - Kristi Shimada,Eko Setiawan
Grumpy Dinosaur - Michael Gordon
Dragon's Breath - Michael Gordon
Locks and the Three Bears Rap - Bev Moncrief,Ronny Hardyanto
Brave Benny - Kristen Petersen,Anatasia Teslova
The Christmas Bunny's Wild Adventure - Alma Hammond,Zuzana Svobodova
Arial the Youtuber - Mary Nhin,Jelena Stupar

The best of this bunch are  - Little Squirrel Squish (3.5 stars) about a squirrel who wants to be a reindeer.  The Christmas Bunny (4 stars) about Santa's bunny helper, Brave Benny (3 stars) which is about animals getting ready for winter.  It has the best pictures but I don't understand how a deer pounced joyfully and at times the illustrations were too dark for the word printed over them. 


Arial YouTuber is nice because it has extras that would interest a child, including a recipe and how-to guide. (3 Stars)


Grumpy Dinosaur and Dragon's Breath (3 star) aren't bad but the lesson is a bit heavy handed.


Mariko and the Magic Mirror is a good look at grief and death for children, but feels off because of the use of culture that isn't fully explored or used. (3 stars)


The worst is the Singing Horse (.5 star) which uses stereotypical illustrations of Native Americans.  I mean, living in teepees in the desert bad.

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review 2019-05-30 04:53
Book Review for The Chase Series: Dom Diaries Anthology by Jax Hart
The Chase Series: Dom Diaries Anthology - Jax Hart



Let's say's this was one hot read from beginning to end!I have to say that this is a fairly new author to us and we are totally loving everything that they have written so far as they have created so many wonderful characters for us to fall in love with.
Selina and Rafe could be anything but compatible but, their sizzle and chemistry make them work.
We loved the Sassy Selina who was full of fire and determination and she was one strong and independent women who would never be tamed in or out of bed and a women who owns her sexual desires even if she may not want to be known as a dirty girl.
Rafe was bold ,determined,aggressive,a bad boy who was sexy as sin, a bit of a player aka playboy,possessive,protective,a dominate in and out of the bedroom but, also could be sweet and kind and caring when he wanted to be.
Rafe and Selina had some super hot chemistry and were super hot in and out of the sheets.Rafe who is a dom who wants a submissive and Selina may play the submissive part occasionally for him but, she will never make a perfect submissive and will never let a man totally dominate her so let's just saying it made for some interesting goings on in the bedroom and out of it.
Overall we love the chase and that Selena made the playboy work hard to snag her but, it was also a fun courtship if it could even be called that that made us laugh out loud a time or two and we really loved that.The story was fun and had a bit of suspense and a twist that we did not see coming and we loved that Rogue was part of this adventure and for the part he played in it he gave Rafe what he wanted to possessive all along so let's see if he is able to convince and keep it.
A engrossing tale that we loved from cover to cover and we could not put the book down until the very end.Goes into the keeper pile to be read over and over again.
Recommended read to all !
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review 2019-05-30 04:23
Book Review A Debt Owed by Clarissa Wild
A Debt Owed (The Debt Duet #1) - Clarissa Wild


Let's start off by saying this was one suspenseful read full of tons of chemistry.
We have to say we really enjoyed the characters both good and bad. Omg ! I hate cliffhangers!Note this book ends on a whooping one !
This was one of those stories that kept you on edge the entire time because you never new what was going to happen next.Charlotte was a captive and married to a monster because she was given to that monster to pay her father's debt. Charlotte want's to free of him and free from her family and will do anything to make that happen as she has never known freedom even when she was within her family as they always held the reins.What happens when you attracted to your captor and don't want to be? "Can you say chemistry off the charts.".....
Charlotte we found her to be determined,brave,clever and willing to best her captor at his own games.
Easton - We found to be a complicated character because for one minute you think the man has a heart the next minute he has you questioning your own sanity why you ever thought he had a heart in the first place.We found him to be clever ,played tons of mind games,sexy in that cocky bad boy way and was deadly as sin and is all about ownership.


Overall the story kept you engrossed in the pages and turning them the entire time .The story was dark and edgy and was filled with a ton of chemistry but, due to those circumstances it felt all wrong yet, was super hot and electrifying."Let's just say we loved that the player got played!"


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review 2019-05-09 16:10
Needs better relationships
The Viscount's Runaway Wife - Laura Martin

The fear is real. Yet another man who doesn't really listen to what his other half is saying. She ran away with his disabled baby because she was afraid of his reaction, but he really fails to hear the need for reassurance that she's begging for. Failing to hear that she's afraid that another child will be born disabled and will die quickly, like her first born child was. He's not hearing her fear and the fact that it's not irrational. That she's still grieving for her lost child and feeling guilty for not letting him see his lost child but also having to deal with her family issues. He needed to ask more questions and treat her like a fellow adult, he shows understanding and compassion for a lot of his servants but not for his wife. Okay, rant over. Deep breath. It was a good read but I would have loved to see him actually have a real conversation that wasn't him dictating terms. She needed breathing space and he failed to acknowledge it.

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review 2019-04-13 15:23
Runaway Heir (Westerly Billionaires #5) by Ruth Cardello
Runaway Heir (Westerly Billionaire #5) - Ruth Cardello



The last Westerly heart bites the dust and I have yet to reclaim my own. Runaway Heir is the sweetest ending to a breathtaking series. Even larger than life people are human too. We are not the sum of our mistakes, but the lessons we learn from them. Bryant is the best example of that. He may not be a Westerly, but he has the heart of one. This may have been Nicolette's journey, but it was a non Westerly that captured my heart. The allure of Ruth Cardello is that her tales are a look into our souls. She forces us to see the beauty and the pain and teaches us something along the way. If that's not SHOWSTOPPER, I don't know what is.

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