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text 2021-09-28 11:45
Fantasy Cricket Software and App Development Company

As we all know that World Cup 2021 is about to start, IPL craze can be seen everywhere. People are looking to create fantasy cricket apps like Dream11 to earn money online. This is very true that fantasy sports has millions of fan followings and people love to play cricket online. In such a scenario, individuals, youngsters and businessmen are looking to create fantasy cricket apps like Dream11. 


There is no doubt that the fantasy cricket business has been reached about $100 billion and this is emerging as the best business opportunity. So if you are on the list of those persons who are looking for fantasy cricket software development services then choose Mobiweb Technologies as your development partner. We create unbelievable, robust and user-centric fantasy cricket software and app at affordable rates. 

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text 2021-09-24 13:34
Fantasy Sports Software and App Development Company


Fantasy Sports software includes various amounts of features that would be extremely higher for racing in more practical phases. Various choices are possible in cricket fantasy so that it is extremely more effective to get immediate entrance without any trouble. When you are thinking to get fantasy sports software and app then Mobiweb Technologies is a perfect choice that provides the right solutions to the clients. 


Looking for a Fantasy Sports App Development Company?  

At Mobiweb Technologies, we have a team of experienced fantasy sports software developers who have comprehensive knowledge building all kinds of fantasy sports apps, software, and websites. We are 1 of the best fantasy Sports App Development companies. Our fantasy sports web developers operate with cutting-edge technology to build solutions that are in line with current bearings. We spend close consideration to the requirements and demands of our customers. Our fantasy sports apps are easy to manage and operate, and they are common amongst users of all generations.

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text 2021-08-26 09:14
Fantasy Cricket App Development for T20 World Cup 2021

Everyone understands the developing craze of the IPL and T20 world cup these days, and with such an exciting and breath-taking tournament, you can perceive people making their fantasy teams throughout to increase the thrill. Whether it is one-day events or a T-20 world cup, the Fantasy cricket app development is a sport enjoyed by people of all generations. With so many events performed every year, apps like Dream11 are a large passageway to get money and contribute a fantasy cricket platform to the people.


In the 2oth centenary, cricket was just about listening and experiencing competitions on the television in your living room while observing the highs and lows of your national team. It gradually shifted away from being just a country vs. country competition as right cricket came into continuation in the first decade of the 21st century. It was a theory that was embraced by India and the other cricket-playing countries from the westward world. Online fantasy sports is another thought that was non-existent in India in the 20th century. However, today fantasy cricket app development for the T20 world cup and cricket is very common and the rate of cricket enthusiasts who play fantasy sports is expanding. 


Why 2021-2022 is The Perfect Year to Begin a Fantasy Cricket App?

There is a series of meaningful cricketing matches lined up in the forthcoming months and years, notably the World Cup 2023, which is the most significant motivational constituent and which in turn will commence to huge downloads and in-application acquisitions comprehensive.


  • ICC Cricket World Cup – 2022-2023
  • Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • T20 Cricket World Cup
  • BBL – Big Bash League (Cricket)
  • Caribbean Premier League
  • Barclays Premier League

Winding It Up

In the end, let us close by declaring that the rage for games is very well-known globally. Though the tournaments are created back the opportunities, people still have made the path to enjoying something, and on top of that, if you combine a mix of fantasy sports in the instructions, then there can be nothing more satisfying than that. Therefore, if you want to create a fantasy sports app, then you can contact us and kick-start your dream fantasy sports app development tour with us.


Source: www.mobiwebtech.com/fantasy-cricket-app-development
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text 2021-08-12 11:03
Is It Worthy Putting Money into Fantasy Sports Business in 2021-22?

Why not? It is more than worthwhile to start your fantasy sports business in 2021. This is a hard time of pandemic and people are looking for any distinct fantasy application with new suggestions and exciting financial benefits so they can pay in cash by it. What do you think regarding the customer base of the fantasy sports site? It is truly surprising. 


Fantasy sports software development platforms are allowed to download and authorised to take a benefit. It needs some chance to understand the victor in day-by-day fantasy sports. DFS provides you with the possibility to win 1 million dollars with a private stake of $10. A typical DFS member goes through $122 probably. A regular fantasy sports professional moves over $27 probably.

How do Fantasy Sports Businesses Generate Revenue?

Sports Competitions

A tournament director can settle collectively individual matches for the sports professionals where they require to give and participate in the contest. They apply their expertise, obtain the event and get a considerable amount. Such actions remarkably correspond with varied passage expenses.

Pre-Defined Sports in Sports

As there is just 1 winner, the game proprietary can provide handsome profit through an individual competition between only a few players. While you can include various contests and tables to provide the members to have some great events and besides choices to pay in cash. 

Interstitial Ads

You may have confronted and have seen changes overall manageable security generally in applications. You presumably won’t have a hint about the specific name of the ads, right?. It is called interstitial promotions and is an automatic and attractive advertisement that incorporates the whole screen of your movable screen.

Closing Lines

Thus, let us conclude that the fantasy sports industry is one of the leading professional models that you can jump in without any professional expertise in a particular field. Also, it can help you to create more income due to its high ROI and various income pipes described above. Excited to gain a chunk of money and become a flourishing contractor? Start your fantasy sports app with the support of a famous fantasy cricket app development company. 

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text 2021-07-19 09:54
A good quality video card is vita


If you love playing computer games, chances are Pu gaming chair with adjustable armrest for sale you've been thinking of a new computer so that the new game you've been eyeing doesn't run like a snail when you start to play it. Ever thought about building your own gaming computer? Besides saving a bundle of money, you'll learn a lot and end up with a high-performance machine suited to just your needs. The process involved in building your own custom gaming computer is quite straightforward. Let's take a look at what's involved and some points that you need to consider. Choose your individual components carefully so that they work together seamlessly, there are several installation guides and examples available on the Internet to give you an idea of what to consider. The basis for your new computer is the case and power supply. Make sure the case has enough room to fit your motherboard and other components, including any future requirements such as a Blu-Ray drive.

The power supply should be powerful enough to supply all components, at least 500W is recommended. The motherboard is the heart of your system and you will need to select this in conjunction with your CPU and memory. Make sure there are enough PCI slots for your future needs too. An inbuilt sound card is common, but you will probably want to add a dedicated sound card at some stage. If the motherboard is the heart of your new system, then the CPU is the brain. Choose between the two leading brands, Intel or AMD, and go for the best model you can afford. But make sure it is compatible with your motherboard. Buy as much memory as you can, you can never have too much! The latest type is DDR3, and a minimum for a decent gaming computer is 4GB. Again, make sure your motherboard supports this type and has room for expansion.

A good quality video card is vital, particularly if you enjoy the latest 3D games. Buy the best you can afford with at least 512MB of video memory included. If money is no object, then your choice of hard drive will be a new solid state drive (SSD), but for most of us a SATA drive, minimum 250GB, will be the best. Again, make sure your motherboard supports your selected drive interface. Complete your gaming computer with an LED or LCD monitor with a response rate of 5ms or better, good quality loudspeakers and you'll end up with a system that will give you a great gaming experience. Then you can start looking at those more esoteric accessories, such as a racing wheel or gaming chair. The sky's the limit - or perhaps the state of your wallet!


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