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review 2017-11-04 00:00
Quarterback Sack
Quarterback Sack - Cree Storm Quarterback Sack - Cree Storm 1.5 stars
If this story had been written by a 13 year old and posted on a fiction site, I might have rated it as 2 or 2.5 stars, but I expect much more from a book I pay for!
To begin with the amount of typos, missing words and grammatical mistakes was ridiculous. Next, on a couple of occasions, the author forgot to change the names in the copied and pasted parts and on one occasion she makes a mistake whilst changing them. Then there are those sex scenes which were 90 percent copied and pasted from somewhere else. Just run a search on each individual sentence and see for yourself. And then she gets her facts mixed up, The great flying fox, like all Old World fruit bats, lacks the ability to echo locate but compensates for it with well-developed eyesight. Further more, as a psychological fact, people who are sensitive to swearing and use of proper language and manners don't have laud sex in close proximity of other people. That kind of behavior simply requires other personality traits. And finally Ricky's ignorance of scientific facts which are common knowledge, his manner of speaking and his ultra simple vocabulary belie his supposedly high IQ.
This review has gotten too long so I skip the less obvious problems of this book.
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review 2017-08-25 00:00
Sack Time
Sack Time - A.M. Willard Sack Time - A.M. Willard *Warning do not eat or drink while reading Sack Time. *
Rules have never been more fun to break…

Sack Time is the perfect mix of Romance and Comedy. I was hooked from the beginning to end. I laughed as soon I started reading this book. I enjoy reading Willard’s work. The story like was good and flowed well. This story was filled with romance, secrets, laughter, determination, sexy doctor, strength, kitty cats, crazy woman, lady balls and blue balls. Man, there is a lot of ball talk. Which makes it all that funnier. As I usually feel when it comes to Willard’s work, I’d love to see Sherry & Greyson's story continue. There’s no cliffhanger or anything, but I’m just an avid reader that always wants more. Thank you, Annelle for another entertaining, comedic, and swoon worthy story. I can’t wait to see what Willard comes up with next!
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review 2016-01-18 20:10
Black Lung by Joshua Dobson
Black Lung - Joshua Dobson

Black Lung by Joshua Dobson is a short erotic horror story from Comet Press and their Sex Files series. Comet Press have released some excellent titles such as Barbie Wilde's Venus Complex and a few Adam Howe stories, this was my first read from this author.


Gretchen arrives at the bus station of somewhere unknown, filled with the dregs of society, she's picked up by Spike the muscular female bodyguard and a gorgeous older woman of the supermodel socialite variety.


She's then taken to some overbearing digs where Gretchen knows exactly what's expected of her, its sex followed by party time followed by a bit more sex and a sprinkling of blood with the odd removal of specific body parts (mainly anything that moves).


There's some typical bloke writing erotica phraseology going on before we enter the horror section, stuff like 'Gretchen’s ample tit-meat' and 'meaty D cups'. There's lots of cringe worthy sex descriptions which stick in the mind, one of the most memorable being.


'her tongue paints an abstract impressionist masterpiece on Gretchen’s c**t.'


Wish my tongue could paint an abstract impressionist masterpiece, I’m gonna nip off and see what I can do ….. The horror kicks in over the last 10 pages and rescues things slightly but there's just not enough of it and its over far too quickly. Nice front cover though.

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review 2015-08-07 17:42
What's in Fox's Sack? by Paul Galdone
What's in Fox's Sack?: An Old English Tale - Paul Galdone

Genre: Animals / Folktale / England / Trickery


Year Published : 1982


Year Read: 2015


Publisher: Clarion Books









Wow! I have certainly been on the roll when it comes to reading Paul Galdone’s books! So, I just recently stumbled upon another picture book written and illustrated by Paul Galdone called “What’s In Fox’s Sack?” which is based off an old English tale and man, was it a pretty interesting tale!


The story starts off with Fox finding a big bumblebee in the ground and he decides to put the bumblebee into his sack. Later on, Fox meets up with a very little woman and he asks her to watch his sack while he goes off to visit his friend Squintum. After Fox had left, the very little woman looked into the sack anyway and out flew the bumblebee, who ends up being gobbled by the very little woman’s rooster. When Fox comes back, the very little woman confessed to Fox that she opened the sack and her rooster ate up the bumblebee after it flew out of the sack. So, Fox decides to put the very little woman’s rooster into the sack instead and he continues to travel across the village, meeting up with different women while getting many different creatures into his sack!


I have read many folktales that deal with tricksters trying to get want they want in various ways, but I have never read a tale where said trickster uses a normal sack to capture his prey in exchange for something much bigger and better! Paul Galdone has done an excellent job at retelling this ancient English folktale as it shows how trickery against innocent bystanders can have its own consequences and I really enjoyed seeing Fox going to different houses in each page and put something even bigger and better than the last prey he captures into his sack, such as putting a rooster from a little lady into his sack to putting a pig from a very big woman into his sack after the rooster escapes from the sack. I also loved how unique this story is since I had never read a story that dealt with the trickster tricking everyone he meets by taking their possessions and putting them into his sack while he looks for a much larger prey on his journey through the village. Paul Galdone’s artwork is as usual gorgeous to look at as the characters look so scratchy and yet they really convey the traditional sense of this story, especially of the images of Fox looking so sneaky whenever he is taking his sack to different places in the village.


Overall, “What’s in Fox’s Sack?” is a truly fantastic book about tricky animals and I am sure that children and parents will enjoy this book for many years! I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this book.


 Review is also on: Rabbit Ears Book Blog




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review 2015-05-28 19:08
Not Another Bloody Zombie Story by Michael Burnside
Not Another Bloody Zombie Story - Michael Burnside

Not Another Bloody Zombie Story by Michael Burnside is a pretty succinct title. I've never been a massive lover of zombie fiction, there are some gems out there of course but there's only so many ways you can inflict the fatal head cave in/decapitation/killshot etc and it can get a tiny bit repetitive and boring. What differentiates them is the characterization over the action every time, providing the story and writer’s style tick all the right boxes.


This story kicks off with a group of teenagers camping out and waiting for a party, the usual stuff associated with horny kids and alcohol begins. There's a smattering of character depth and a couple of humorous alterations before everything just plunges off into the deep-end encased in concrete boots. The zombies are eating people with no restraint, there's lots of them and they have red eyes, seemingly in a trance, chanting some weird cacophony.


What went wrong? Well, it felt like this story was the brainchild of a five year old with a little help from his mum on the punctuation when she'd got five minutes. The writing was absolutely terrible in places, missing words, spelling errors and bad prescriptive grammar. The difference between woo and woe might only be a letter but the meaning is instrumental, as is the numerous occasions were was used instead of where. A man who sharply flinched and then was still, this after getting his head blown off. I could give loads of examples of things that just weren't right. On a positive note, it made me laugh but I'm not sure every occasion was intentional.


There is a reason such animals as proof readers and editors exist, and this unfortunately is a perfect example of why.

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